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Same 'refresh bug' with v2.4.5 last evening.
Have to re-open the app to get theme back.
Not an issue, but 'yes' liked previous post, something seems had changed on server side.

By the way, and may be a noob question, but how long (approximately) do the update usually take to be available on f-froid?

Thanks again for the great app!



New member
Oct 16, 2017
Same 'refresh bug' with v2.4.5 last evening.
Have to re-open the app to get theme back.
Not an issue, but 'yes' liked previous post, something seems had changed on server side.
FYI, I'm seeing the same problem, but I can get the theme back by tapping on the icons (Feed, Most Recent, Notifications, etc.) instead of pulling down to refresh. Still a minor annoyance, but less disruptive than having to close and re-open the app.


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Apr 21, 2013
Hey all. I'm probably going to archive this thread just because I'm no longer able to keep up with all forms of communication. I've removed slack and emails as well, so the main source of communication will be through GitHub issues, where everything will remain public and searchable:

with that said, Frost will still be in development (or more maintenance, given how often things break).

Messenger is broken for those in EU, and is my top priority now (https://github.com/AllanWang/Frost-for-Facebook/issues/1732)

I'm not sure what is up with themes not sticking, but I've had those issues (temporarily). If I can fix it I will look into resolving.

It's been a good run (over 3 years on XDA for this thread!), and I'll see some of you again on GitHub :)

"yup", same as previous post -> just source code available for last v3.0.0 GitHub release.
Theres no download link of the apk in github

@asdfasdfvful :
Did something change for v3.0.0 ?
Or it's just a unsuspected delay --- Maybe will be push in couple of weeks in f-droid ?
Or Do we need to look how to compil it by ourselves or will you be able to share a signed apk ? (like past releases)

Thanks again for all your work here.

And see you in GH


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Apr 21, 2013
Releases should all have signed apks. If they aren't there within an hour, create an issue as I missed it. I did say I'd lock this post, but as far as I'm aware, XDA either moved the option or I can't do it (I can only edit the title). If a mod sees this, feel free to lock, and for now I'll update the first post
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    This thread is no longer maintained. Please go to GitHub for future issues and discussions


    Welcome to Frost for Facebook!

    Notice on Play Store removal

    Main web page

    Downloads through Github

    Frost for Facebook is also available through F-Droid

    Frost is a fully themable, fully functional alternative to the official Facebook app.
    While being a web wrapper, Frost contains many unique and native features such as:

    True multi user interactions - More than just an option in a settings menu, Frost's account switcher is right in the drawer. You are one tap away from switching accounts, and everything refreshes on the switch so that you can view other accounts instantaneously. Furthermore, the notification service will fetch notifications from all accounts, and will let you know which account has the new notification.
    Better multitasking - Frost contains an overlaying web browser that can be drawn on top of your foreground task. Open links and notifications with a full screen view, then swipe away to get back to your previous task.
    Contextual awareness - Frost integrates additional features via long presses. Need to copy a block of text or share a link? Long press the text. Need to zoom into an image or download it? Long press the image!
    Material Design - Built for lollipop and up, Frost focuses strongly on a beautiful and functional UI, and embraces material transitions and dimensions.
    Complete theme engine - Frost contains very comprehensive themes that customize all components of the app. Frost is also the only app to support transparent themes.
    Fully opened - Nothing speaks for privacy more than being open sourced. Frost is proud to be one of those apps, and can be found on github (Link in the app's about section)
    Fixes the little things - Frost is community driven, and many tweaks are added to address minor inconveniences and give a full native experience, despite being a web app. To list a few:
       • Focusing on a text input will prevent refreshing, so you don't accidentally swipe and lose your progress.
       • Horizontal swipe can be enabled along side the viewpager swipe with a simple long press
       • Automatic bug reports are sent when a crash is detected, so even if you don't contact the devs, you are helping contribute by using the app.

    Mandatory permissions used and why:

    • Internet, Network State, Wifi State - Frost fetches the pages from Facebook's mobile website. It also needs the network state so as to limit internet usage when you are on a metered network.
    • Receive Boot Completed - Frost notifications persist on reboot, and need this permission to be added each time.
    • Vibrate - Needed to vibrate phone for notifications; this can be toggled in the settings
    • Billing - For purchasing pro and unlocking all of Frost's features

    Optional permissions used and why:
    (these are only requested when they have to be, and are disabled until then)

    • Read/write external storage - Needed to upload photos in a new status and save photos when prompted
    • Fine/coarse location - Needed for the check in option if users wish to search for their location

    • That's it! No privacy intrusion and no extra demands.

    Permissions NOT used and why:

    • Wakelock - Frost takes advantage of Android's Job Scheduler, and lets the framework decide when to run background services. Frost therefore doesn't need to constantly run in the background, nor does it force your phone to stay awake.
    • Retrieve running apps - Frost has no need to access external apps or see what else is running
    • Identity - Frost manages its accounts internally and uses it solely to give you access to your account. We don't depend on other personal information and we don't even save your email.
    • Camera - While the camera permission can be added to allow you to directly take photos and upload them, we've decided that it would be best to allow you to do so externally and then share the photo with Frost

    * Frost is a third party app and is in no way affiliated with Facebook Inc.*



    Hey all,

    As you have noticed, Frost has unfortunately been pulled down from the play store due to violations of forwarding traffic to a particular site (m.facebook.com). I'm not sure if this was picked up by the Google team themselves, or if an opposing app decided to flag me for this reason. It is pretty upsetting that only I have been flagged, but either way, it seems quite unlikely that it will go back again. I considered filing a request to address this, but I feel like it would be a never ending battle, and frankly not worth my time.

    The good news is that the app is fully open source, and that I have an apk source you can download from:

    The version above is the latest release as of this date.

    The bad news is that pro will no longer work, since it isn't bound to the play store. For existing users, it should be just fine, so long as Google continues to honour the payments.

    So what is going to happen with Frost? As of now I'm not sure. I'm a full time university student and I haven't been able to devote as much time to Frost compared to the summer, but it's not a project I plan on ditching soon. I still use the app myself, and Facebook is a relatively important means of communication. For now, the most likely route seems to be a main release to F-Droid. This will mean that I have to remove crashlytics, the bug tracking (closed source) library, but it may also mean that I will go fully FOSS and release everything for free with donation options.

    Given that Frost has become quite mature, and continues to live on Google Play for those who have downloaded it, I think the pro version will continue to be a worthy purchase for those who got it, if even to support the development. However, if you feel like this change affects your decision and you've bought it after March 1, 2018, you can feel free to reach out to me with your purchase token and I will refund you.

    As a final note, Frost was never meant to be just for the money. Unlike some of the other applications, I don't inject ads in the free version so I can benefit from the user base. Frost has always been about offering a better solution, and in helping other developers in the process. My activity here will increase again when summer break is here, and for those of you who stick around, prepare to see more great things to come.

    Frost is primarily distributed through XDA Labs (and no longer through the play store). The app is completely free and open sourced. All that I ask is you rate the app if you like it and give me feedback if there are issues so I can improve it :).

    Alongside the release builds, there are automatic builds which are generated with each commit. Use this at your own discretion.
    Try this test release.

    Everything should be fixed here. In the future, I will try to set up a download manager within the app so updates are fetched automatically
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