Are not-standalone (companion) Wear OS apps still allowed for submission on the Play Store, or are they always rejected?

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May 31, 2022

Our Wear OS application, which is not a standalone application (it is a companion app of our smartphone app, it cannot be used without the smartphone app) keeps getting rejected by Google Play Policy team for the following reason : "Your application requires phone interaction for the watch version to function." even if we have clearly explained in our Play Store description that it is not a standalone application and cannot work when the smartphone app is not available.

Our application was previously accepted and published on the Play Store but we suspect a Google policy change even if we haven't found it clearly anywhere (we have only found recommendations which encourage standalone apps).

=> Are not-standalone Wear OS apps still allowed for Play Store submission or must our Wear OS app include at least a standalone feature ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I am not sure, but I know there are some apps that are embedded in the phone app to deploy to a WearOS watch (like the Hyundai Blue Link App and the Genesis Intelligent Connect App). If your phone is paired with a WearOS watch, it loads the app onto the phone. Maybe you can try something like that.

Funny thing is the apps right now do not load the app to the Watch4. I think it is because the Watch4 is on WearOS4. I had a different watch at one time that was plain Jane WearOS and the app loaded just fine. I am looking for Hyundai/Genesis to correct this issue. I hope.

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Jul 7, 2022
I also got a wear os companion app update reject on 6.Jul. My last update was successful on 30.May.2022. Did not see any policy regarding to the companion app issue. It is just weird and I have also appealed to get more info. Did you appeal the reject?