Are the corrupt SD Card and rebooting issues only happen to orbit?

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Dec 8, 2005
NO! - HTC reckon its a WM5 problem - see Trinity forum etc.....

I reckon its more of a HTC problem myself.....they have proved that they really are incompetent profiteering tossers.


Mar 28, 2007
Hi together,

first I beg to excuse my poor english - but schooltime is more years ago for me, than I was when I went to school :)

I'm also having the problem with often corrupted directorys of the micro-SD-card by the OS of my XDA Orbit.

After searching in some forums I found out, the reason for corrupting the directorystructure is the powerbutton-function that disconnects the cardpower before writing the drivecache-content completely onto the card.
This corrupts the FAT of the card.

HTC says as workaround "Better don't using the powerbutton. Instead of this you have to set the standby-time down to one minute and waiting each time after using the phone a while for the self-off of the powersave-mode".

I'm wonder how noone becomes a idea to program a small plugin that deflects the power-off-signal when pressing the powerbutton to the keylock-routine for avoiding the error as descibed by HTC.
With this plugin a pressing of the powerbutton would accomplish the keylock-function and the phone may be pushed immediately back into it's case or into a pocket without endanger a operating error by pressing a button unintentional while handle the phone after using.
When pressing the powerbutton again, the keylock should be released again.
I think, this could be a solution until HTC will fix this problem (if they will doing in all).

Unfortunately I'm programming in VBA only. So I am not able to write a code for the XDA as suggested. I don't have any API-declarations of the XDA also.

Is anyone in this forum who may program anything like this, perhaps?

If so, a lot of thankful XDA-users will pray him...