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Are things like the MsmDownloadTools for OnePlus common for other phones now?

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Jul 5, 2011
So I just got a OnePlus 7 Pro after having used Nexus/Pixels for the last 8-9 years. The T-Mobile splash screen on boot convinced me immediately I needed to unlock that bootloader and get to flashing.

Long story short, having been out of the loop for a few years at least I managed to royally screw up the process and hard bricked my phone bad.

Having the MsmDownloadTool let me unbrick it within the hour and if similar tools are available for other phones has me really interested in using T-Mobile's JumpOnDemand program to try out a wide variety of phones this year, but only if I can safely root them, **** up, and return them to their original vanilla/locked state, so can anyone tell me if the current state of things would allow this?