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Question Are you keeping the Pixel Buds?

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Jul 13, 2010
I'll probably gift them or sell them once the surge of people selling them goes down. Already have my Sennheiser TW 2 and the Pixel Buds won't even compare in audio quality.
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May 21, 2013
I'll keep them in a drawer for spares. I haven't found a pair that combine decent sound with the excellent fit I get from Samsung Buds Plus. I sleep with them in a few times a week and they rarely fall out, and I'm a tosser and turner.
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    I really don't need another pair of earbuds... is it worth keeping? Are you selling them? How much do you think I can ask for? Thinking of Craigslist or facebook marketplace...
    In the UK we get Bose noise cancelling headphones worth keeping. They will replace my old Sennheiser. I don't like the buds, of any manufacturer, so I would sell those.
    As someone else wrote in another thread, I may pass them along to the gf since she has real trouble finding a comfortable pair and these don't seem to really lodge themselves in the canal and were comfortable for the few minutes I tried them.
    If you aren't planning on unboxing them I would just list them for whatever they cost in the google store and see what offers you get. Just indicate they are new and unopened. You can always gradually lower the price if you don't get any bites.
    I'm slightly on the fence but leaning towards either selling them (if I can) or gifting them. My wife and I bought Samsung Buds+ a year and a half ago. I quickly didn't like them, but my wife loves them. I also, unfortunately, washed the buds inside their case inside my jeans within a few months. Buds survived fine, case is toast.

    I don't like these types that only rely on the ear to stay in. Since my experience, my brother and my sister both have come to the same conclusion (regarding competing manufacturers' similar products). I prefer the old Samsung Level U with a neck band. When/if the ear pieces fall out, they don't go far, and the whole thing is unlikely to be stuffed into my pants and forgotten about, and washed.

    I might be curious enough to try them since Samsung's are the only ones I tried, but that depends on if or how much they will reduce the resale value - as I said - if they have any resale value at all.

    Update: My wife now tells me she'd like to keep at least one as a spare, so now maybe I won't get rid of them. Can't sell them on Swappa besides including them with a phone, and I'm not too crazy about eBay these days.