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Apr 25, 2016

Sound Systems™
Auditory Research in Sound Enhancement™

Greater than the sum of its parts...

A.R.I.S.E. Sound Systems™ is an established and renowned Android audio development project known best for its cutting edge sound systems and trendsetting techniques, perhaps known even more for its unmatched support and assistance for users and its unrivalled community, breaking XDA records for activity - accolades only possible by doing things the right way, every day.

Many contributors make this project possible by managing the various groups and communities outside of XDA, providing the highest level of courteous assistance available anywhere. These contributors, many behind the scenes, are the backbone of this project and allow us to grow day by day in every aspect of the project. They are recognized as contributors towards the bottom of the OP. And of course, the entire ARISE™ family and community, the lifeblood of the project and an exemplary example of a forum's thread at its finest.

link --> Magnum Opus™<-- link​

Magnum Opus™ Objective:
  • To provide the most advanced and comprehensive collection of audio enhancement solutions available within a single package, with full transparency of sourced content, and fully supported by one of XDA's most helpful and respectful communities:
    • 300MB of exciting Android audio content from a variety of devices with which to create a unique audio enhancement solution tailored to your needs.
    • Jellybean through Oreo support.
    • 32/64 bit Qualcomm™, Mediatek™, Kirin, and x86 chipset support.
    • Full support for SELinux Enforcing mode and Root.
    • Magisk support

      Provided by the incredibly talented Zackptg5 and his Magisk Resource. :good:
    • Sources of all content are provided via a collection of build.prop's from the sourced firmware.

Magnum Opus™ Modular:
  • The Modular solution prepared for Magnum Opus™ allows nearly everything to be installed or uninstalled multiple times, saving the user a substantial amount of time by eliminating the needs to wipe partitions or flash rom zip's in order to try a different sound system combination.

    This Modular solution is possible through the use of a user-prepared instruction set (/sdcard/arise_customize.prop) of the desired installation or uninstallation of the available modules along with other module components like configurations, presets, scripts, and audio_policy manipulation. This file may be extracted from the Magnum Opus™ zip, placed directly in /sdcard, and then prepared using a text editor before the initial installation.

    If not found, the installation will abort with Error 1 along with the necessary information on what to do next as well as automatically place this file in /sdcard for user preparation.

  • We opted for this dependency upon the user to make at least one edit to /sdcard/arise_customize.prop before a successful installation is possible due to our insistence on familiarizing the user with not only the ability to control the installation, but to make the user aware of the enormous assortment and flexibility of available modules.

  • The Modules:

    • Core System module (required once during initial installation)
    • ViPER4Arise™ module (optional)
    • ViPER4Arise™ module (optional)
    • ViPER4Arise™ Profiles module (optional)
    • Dolby Digital Plus™ module (optional)
    • Dolby Atmos™ module (optional)
    • AM3D ZIRENE® module (optional)
    • Sony™ Xperia XZ Music Suite module (optional)
    • Arkamys™ Audio module (optional)
    • ICEsound™, presets, and configuration modules (optional)
    • Esira™ Media Player module (optional)
    • ViPER4Android XHiFi module (optional, not recommended)
    • AOSP MusicFX module (optional)
    • Dirac™ Power Sound module (optional)
    • deep_buffer removal module (optional)
    • SD Card permissions repair module (optional, can add 3 - 5 minutes to the recovery session)

  • The Options:

    • Below, is the arise_customize.prop file as found in the Magnum Opus™ zip. This file will be placed in /sdcard during the first recovery install if not already present and the installation will end with an Error 1 and its informative text print out. This step can be avoided by extracting arise_customize.prop to /sdcard, manually editing the file for the desired installation result, saving the changes, and finally flashing the Magnum Opus™ zip in recovery.

      # ARISE Sound Systems™ 20170424
      # Magnum Opus
      # /sdcard/arise_customize.prop
      ## !! This archive contains 300MB of data.
      ## !! Navigate to /system to ensure
      ## !! sufficient space is available in
      ## !! /system before flashing.
      # Module description and information can be found in META-INF/getting_started/modules.
      # The ARISE™ modular installation zip works by using this file (when present in /sdcard as /sdcard/arise_customize.prop) to determine if any modules are to be installed by a value of "true" for each line below.
      # Any value other than "true" is the same as a value of "false".
      # Add a value of "true" to desired add-on(s). Example:
      # The Core System module must be installed at least once and only once. Once the core module is installed, the value of "true" should be removed for future customization installing, uninstalling, or executing scripts and modules.
      # If a rom update or system wipe is performed resulting in the need to reinstall the sound system, edit /sdcard/arise_customize.prop to include a value of "true" for the core module to complete your sound system installation, followed by removing the value of "true" from the core module once booted.
      ## START ##
      # Select either ViPER4Arise™ version below to be installed or ignore to not install ViPER4Arise™ at all.
      # Add a value of "true" to any modules below to install.
      ## Qualcomm™ Audio Effects Configuration START ##
      # Qualcomm™ devices have the ability to select from four audio effects configurations using Android O (default), Asus, DAP (native Dolby Atmos), Huawei, Sony, or Stock /soundfx libraries.
      # IMPORTANT!!
      # If installing an audio effects configuration on a currently installed sound system, BE SURE TO INSTALL THE CURRENTLY INSTALLED MODULES AGAIN USING THE APPROPRIATE VALUES!!
      # Installing Core is not necessary, but any other module IS NECESSARY so that those modules' entries are written to the new audio effects configuration!!
      # As a reminder, any preferred or custom audio effects configuration can always be automatically installed during the Core System module installation by placing it directly in /sdcard named arise_effects.conf to result with /sdcard/arise_effects.conf.
      Example: install.qc.ef**cts=ANDROID_O
      ## Qualcomm™ Audio Effects Configuration END ##
      ## ICEsound™ START ##
      # Add a value of "true" to install the ICEsound™ module:
      # The following ICEsound™ configurations are available below. a value of "None" will remove an existing ICEsound™ configuration to use no ICEsound™ configuration. Values 1 (default), through 6 select the ICEsound™ configuration of the same number.
      # Although, the available ICEsound™ configurations can have a substantial impact on sound quality, the different versions are provided to find the configuration most compatible with the rest of the installation with incredible sound quality.
      # Because of the unpredictability of this file's impact on audio and functionality, descriptive names for the different ICEsound™ configurations are not logical and are simply numbered as they are Example:
      # The following ICEsound™ presets are available below. A value of "None" will remove an existing preset to use no ICEsound™ preset. Enter a value of the preset name exactly as shown below. Example:
      BATHSALTS       =01
      DEEPBASS        =02
      HOLYSH*T        =03
      KRAZY           =04
      MOVIE           =05
      MUSIC2          =06
      OUTDOORS        =07
      PURE (default)  =08
      PURESH*T        =09
      SHAT            =10
      WIDECLARITY     =11
      Default (pure)  =12
      None            =None
      ## ICEsound™ END ##
      # The ARISE™ modular installation zip works by using this file (when present in /sdcard as /sdcard/arise_customize.prop) to determine if any modules are to be UNINSTALLED by the value of "true" for each line below.
      # Any value other than "true" is the same as a value of "false".
      ## END ##

    • Once installed, remove the value of "true" from the "install.core=" line in /sdcard/arise_customize.prop for future recovery sessions when installing or uninstalling any of the available modules.
    • This allows for the modules to work in a "plug-and-play" fashion, otherwise, installing the Core System module again will replace audio_effects with the basic template - breaking functionality for every installed module with audio_effects entries.

  • The Fine Print:

    • Huawei™ Nova Plus Qualcomm™ DTS™, SRS™, libraries, and effects.
    • Huawei™ P9 Plus Huawei processing, libraries, and effects.
    • Huawei™ Mediapad M3 SWS processing, libraries, and effects.
    • Huawei™ Mate 8 libraries and effects.
    • Asus™ Zenfone 3 Ultra dynamic range compression, surround sound 3-mic processing, libraries, and effects.
    • Asus™ Zenfone 3 Deluxe libraries and effects.
    • Asus™ Transformer Advanced Linux Sound Architecture.
    • Vivo™ Y37 MaxxAudio™, BBESonicMax™, Speaker Boost, Spectrum™, and SRS™ processing, libraries, and effects.
    • Wiko™ Robby Auro 3D™ effect, libraries and effects.
    • Oppo™ R9S apt-XHD Bluetooth™ codecs.
    • Sony™ Xperia XZ libraries and effects.
    • ViPER4Arise™ module:
      • ARISE™ themed version of ViPER4Android's latest DSP application with pre-installed driver. All ARISE™ artwork is the work and property of @churapa.
    • ViPER4Arise™ module:
      • ARISE™ themed version of ViPER4Android's DSP application with pre-installed Super Quality driver. All ARISE™ artwork is the work and property of @churapa.
    • ViPER4Arise™ Profiles module:
      • A comprehensive collection of ViPER4Android profiles created by ARISE™ Team Members and Contributors.
    • Dolby Digital Plus™ module:
      • Dolby Digital Plus™ system for Marshmallow - Oreo. Ported and themed by @thereassaad from firmware to be determined.
    • Dolby Atmos™ module:
      • Dolby Atmos™ Ported by @worstenbrood from Lenovo™ K4 firmware.
    • AM3D ZIRENE® module:
      • AM3D ZIRENE® system ported by @ahrion from Sharp™ firmware. Themed by our friend, D-rey.
    • Sony™ Xperia XZ Music Suite module:
      • A comprehensive port of Sony's Xperia XZ Nougat music system prepared by @guitardedhero from the latest official firmware featuring:
        • Sony™ Music 9.3.6.A.1.0 Beta
        • All music plugins
        • DLNA Home Network
        • SoundEnhancement
        • MusicFX (if not already installed)
        • Podcast
        • TrackID
        • additional Sony™ libraries, effects, and codecs
    • Arkamys™ Audio module:
      • Alcatel™ Pixi 4 Plus Power Arkamys™ Audio system ported by @guitardedhero from the latest official firmware.
    • ICEsound™ module:
      • ICEsound™ service and effect from SonicMaster 3.0 ported by @guitardedhero from the latest official Asus™ Zenfone 3 Deluxe firmware.
      • ICEsound™ Configuration module:
        • A collection of different configurations of the file used by the ICEsound™ service. This file has substantial influence on how the ICEsound™ service performs and functions with existing effects on the device.
        • Six ICEsound™ configurations prepared by @guitardedhero & @williwood from which to choose as well as an option to use no ICEsound™ configuration at all.
      • - ICEsound™ Presets module:
        • An incredible assortment of individual ICEsound™ presets meticulously prepared and tested by @secone00 using the native ICEsound™ presets file.
        • Preset options to use either the native, original ICEsound™ presets file or to use no ICEsound™ preset at all.
    • Esira™ Media Player module:
      • Esira™ (ARISE spelled backwards) is the official ARISE Sound Systems™ media player created by @Roi007leaf.
    • ViPER4Android XHiFi module:
      • The final version of ViPER4Android's "sister" DSP application no longer in development.
      • Provided more for historical value rather than intended use.
      • A very high-maintenence and temperamental application that performs best with /system BusyBox and SuperSU installations.
    • AOSP MusicFX module:
      • Automatically installed with Dolby Digital Plus™ and Sony™ Xperia XZ Music Suite modules when not already installed, this DSP application can improve compatibility and harmony of numerous applications and effects.
      • Disable MusicFX within Android Settings for best results and the ability to choose among available DSP applications through the Equalizer option of many music and media players.
    • Dirac™ Power Sound module:
      • Dirac™ Power Sound ported by @guitardedhero from the latest Oppo™ F1S firmware.
    • deep_buffer module:
      • A one-time script executed to remove the deep_buffer sections or entries from various device audio policy configurations.
      • When beneficial, it extends the processing capabilities of the ViPER4Arise™ and Dolby Digital Plus™ DSP applications during playback of streaming media.
      • Recommended only after testing with untouched device audio policy configurations.
      • A copy of the untouched device audio policy configuration is saved in the same directory with the extension ".backup" for convenient restoration at any time, if desired.
    • SD Card Permissions Repair module:
      • When needed, this amazing script by the Android shell guru @osm0sis is a life-saver when it seems as if your file manager is suddenly playing tricks on you.
      • This scenario is characterized by several peculiarities not limited to:
        • Sudden disappearance of /sdcard or its contents.
        • Sudden inability to create/delete content in /sdcard.
      • Even though we do our very best to handle and manipulate your device in the most responsible and respectful way, this scenario is unavoidable sometimes when writing content to /sdcard. This is the remedy for such occasions should they occur.
      • Be aware that selecting this module will increase the recovery session time by up to 3 - 5 minutes as the process of this script's execution does take some time.

Magnum Opus™ Installation:

  • Extract and examine the contents of any zip thoroughly before flashing in recovery.
  • Dirty flash your current ROM according to the ROM developer's dirty flashing instructions if any other sound mod is currently installed.
  • Ensure that sufficient free /system space (300MB+) is available.
  • Boot to recovery
  • Install > Magnum Opus™ zip
  • Advanced > Copy Log
  • Reboot

Magnum Opus™ Auditing:

  • We encourage our users to assess the installed sound system using tools freely available to all of us. Our goal has always been to empower the user with knowledge and transparency with the changes made to the device. There is no reason to just "take our word for it."
  • Dumpsys Utility:

    • The dumpsys utility is our most valuable asset in sound system and audio effects configuration development and is the perfect way for a user to assess the proper installation and availability of the /soundfx libraries deemed appropriate by the installation script along with any modules installed by user input or instruction.
      • Examine /system|vendor/etc/audio_effects.conf or have it easily accessible for reference.
      • Launch Android Terminal to open a new terminal window.
      • Type one of the two commands, tapping Enter after the command. Be sure to grant root access, if necessary:

        su -c dumpsys media.audio_flinger
        dumpsys media.audio_flinger
      • Examine the generated output and compare the list of loaded libraries to the entries located underneath libraries { in audio effects configurations. An ideal installation provides /soundfx libraries that are compatible and usable with a device's firmware.
      • Scroll further into the dumpsys output to assess the different effects-chains created for the audio session(s). An effects-chain requires at least a service apk or service library and the corresponding effect library. Examples include ViPER4Android, Dolby™, Arkamys™, ICEsound™, SoundEnhancement, etc.

  • Log Filtering:

    • Log filtering is another valuable asset in development and is an easy way for a user to assess real-time status of any effect of interest. Log filtering simply means to narrow down the viewable log output by inputting a set of characters that must be present in any displayed log output.
    • We use and recommend MatLog.
      • Launch MatLog and grant root access, if necessary.
      • Tap the arrow towards the top right to expand any log entries on the screen.
      • Tap the search field to filter the log output by entering the characters that spell an effect/application of interest. Examples include ViPER4Android, Dolby, Arkamys, ICEsound, etc. Log filtering is not appropriate for library assessment without a corresponding apk in most cases.

Magnum Opus™ Updates:

  • Unless specified with an announced update, no wipes are necessary to update the A.R.I.S.E. Sound System. Different sound system "books" are recommended to be installed on a clean /system or after a ROM zip flash.
    • Boot to recovery
    • Install > Magnum Opus™ zip
    • Reboot
  • If any undesired result or behavior occurs, dirty flash your current ROM according to your ROM developer's dirty flashing instructions and try again.

Magnum Opus™ Uninstallation:

  • No uninstaller zip will be made available due to the amount of overwritten /system files.
  • Uninstall the A.R.I.S.E. Sound System completely by dirty flashing your current ROM according to your ROM developer's dirty flashing instructions.


  • Code:
    [B]## Magnum Opus™ 20170506[/B] -
    - More booted script corrections/enhancements.
    - Enhanced the $SDCARD variable during recovery.
    - Android O LDAC Bluetooth™ codec reassigned
    as a satisfied scenario component.
    - Experimental build with arisesound_setprop
    disabled, enabling requires name change from
    arisesound_disabled_setprop to arisesound_setprop.



  • Thanks to @viper520 & @zhuhang for the glorious ViPER4Android™.
  • Thanks to @churapa for the awesome ViPER4Arise ViPER4Android theme.
  • Thanks to @ahrion for Dolby Atmos™ porting proficiency.
  • Thanks to Arkamys™ Audio for their awesome, original audio library.
  • Thanks to @thereassaad for the Dolby Digital Plus™ port.
  • Thanks to @smeejaytee for sharing the HTC™ 10 /system, the catalyst for the entire sound system and made Genesis™ what it is and for managing, maintaining, and researching the tweak.prop component.
  • Thanks to @sonophilos for managing, maintaining, and researching the tweak.prop component.
  • Thanks to @nericollin for the official website and imagery.
  • Thanks to @Paschfire for maintaining and managing our Google+ presence.
  • Thanks to @Roi007leaf for creating the official ARISE music player - Esira and for maintaining and managing our Telegram presence. A true multi-tasker, for maintaining the Aroma Installer version as well.
  • Thanks to @wrongway213 for maintaining and managing our Google+ and Telegram presence.
  • Thanks to @Zackptg5 for his ARISE-level of Magisk™ proficiency and top-shelf support. :good:
  • Thanks to @Shadowghoster for maintaining Magisk™ support.
  • Thanks to @BSDgeek_Jake for the highest quality IRS files on XDA - here.
  • Thanks to @kl3 for the tweakprop script.
  • Thanks to @J.E.N.O.V.A. for the Profiles & Convolvers thread.
  • Thanks to @Yoinx for the invaluable assistance and support.
  • Thanks to @osm0sis for the awesome sdcard permissions fix script that is a lifesaver for those that experience loss of /data operations from flashing zips that improperly write to /data. This and many other scripts can be found in his thread here.
  • Thanks to @dingermtb for the official ARISE Spotify community radio and for diligent testing and feedback, but especially for just being the person he is.

Thanks to YOU! for always providing feedback and never settling for anything but the best!

A brief installation video for Magnum Opus by @Roi007leaf:


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A.R.I.S.E. Sound Systems

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Apr 25, 2016
Pertinent Information

Mission Statement
The ARISE mission objective from the very beginning was to create the go-to resource for the most comprehensive collection of unique and independent sound systems. Each uniquely named sound system is its own entity and not an update or a recycling of a previous, differently named sound system. The only evolution is our research and knowledge along the way.

We understand that sonic perception and preference is among the most subjective of life's joys. To maximize our abilities and resources, the vision is to have a growing database of unique sound systems written from scratch from which the user can choose and experiment with the different available sound systems.

There is no denying that the many different variables combine to create different experiences for different users and different devices. Providing individual sound systems instead of maintaining and updating a single sound system also eliminates the itch that is being on the latest and greatest version even though the user may prefer the sound of a version several iterations previous to the current one.

Remain confident knowing that it is certainly expected that many users will prefer one sound system overall even over the course of several new sound systems afterwards. Never feel disappointed if unsatisfied with a newly released sound system or feel pressured to be satisfied with the latest offering. Remain confident knowing that those that have curiously optimistic experiences could very likely have had a less than satisfied experience with your favorite sound system. Furthermore, the two different viewpoints may intersect at several other sound systems. The near limitless variables provide near limitless results.

However, one objective remains a constant: To provide the best quality sound experiences from installation to fine tuning the adjustable settings to create a tailored sound profile seemingly made just for you. Only the latest and the greatest components are used and any legacy components used are those that have proven time and time again to be the absolute best available at what they do. All you have to do is extract and examine the contents of our sound systems and compare to all other sound mods available. You will quickly realize why our sound systems stand out among the rest and why all the others sound similar to one another and have similar issues.

Finally, the community vibe and quality support are second to none and the lifeblood of this project. This project's growth and success is the result of many, many users not mentioned in the OP. We also take the condition of your property extremely seriously. If we are to recommend a user to modify their device by installing our sound system then we assume the responsibility to exhaust all available resources to ensure that the intended experience is obtained - no compromises.

That is why you'll never see a disclaimer saying that you are on your own after installing any of our sound systems and that we are not responsible for any catastrophic results. We thoroughly research, test, and dissect everything we make available to you in order for us to locate and eliminate any unexpected obstacle in the way of experiencing a sound system as it is intended.

ViPER4Arise™ Setup
Open ViPER4Arise™
Menu > Show Notification (block if desired by long pressing notification)
Menu > UI Setting > Expert
Menu > Save Effect Profile > New Effect Profile > "Stock" (this will help you find your working v4a directory if using ViPER4Android or below)

Begin playing audio file
Open v4a
Uncheck Enable v4a
Check Enable v4a

To use the Audiophile™ Profile with ViPER4Android's default directory path simply extract the Audiophile™ Profile zip and paste/merge the /ViPER4Android folder into /sdcard, /storage/emulated/0, or /data/media/0.

Paste/merge /ViPER4Android into the directory where /ViPER4Android/Profile/Stock exists if using ViPER4Android or below.

Possible location paths using ViPER4Android and below are:

Audiophile™ Profile ViPER4Arise™ Settings
ViPER4Arise™ > Enabled

ExtremeBeats™ Perfection EQ Preset > 3.5, 4.5, 5.0, 3.5, 1.5, 1.0, 3.5, 4.5, 5.0, 3.5 (Enabled only on Speaker)

Convolver > Enabled
Impulse Response > DFX Hip Hop Modern.irs or DFX Metal Rap Big Bass.irs
Cross Channel > 0%

Dynamic System > Enabled (Headset only, when needed)
Listening Device > Common Earphone v2
Dynamic Bass > 14%

ViPER Bass > Enabled
Bass Mode > Natural
Bass Frequency > 40hz
Bass Boost > 13dB

ViPER Clarity > Enabled
Clarity Mode > Natural
Clarity > 6dB

tweak.prop source

Preparing an /sdcard/tweak.prop file before flashing gives the user complete control over any entries to /system/build.prop and is purely optional.

One or more tweak.prop presets will be included in the sound system zip for the user to utilize if desired so always extract and examine for any updated entries. Typically, a suggested and an alternate tweak.prop preset will be included. If /sdcard/tweak.prop already exists, the user can simply copy the contents of the desired tweak.prop preset, paste over the same section in the existing /sdcard/tweak.prop, and save changes.

If the user does not wish to utilize tweak.prop but wishes to use the provided build.prop entries, a simple copy of the desired entries from the tweak.prop preset and paste into /system/build.prop is certainly an acceptable option. Save changes before rebooting to test the effect of any new or removed entries.

Our research is heavily dependent on knowing the properties of as many devices and roms as possible. The properties of your device and rom can be displayed by typing the following into any terminal emulator on your device after a rom flash or before installing the sound system:

Tap Enter and the full list will then be displayed which can be copied to a new .txt file named using your device model and operating system. You can contribute by adding yours to the A.S.S. getprop Database linked just below under Downloads.

The /extras/setprop folder holds one or more setprop files that execute during boot when placed in /system/su.d with 0755 permissions. It is recommended to "Enable SU during boot" in SuperSU's settings and, of course, SuperSU is required for this activity. When executed, the setprop script will add or modify build property lines until a device reboot to local.prop instead of permanent lines in /system/build.prop. This has the same effect as modifying /system/build.prop, but is less obtrusive and allows the user to boot to TWRP, in the case of a bootloop, and do the following:

Mount > System
Advanced > File Manager
Navigate to /system/su.d
Tap the recently placed setprop file
Tap Delete and swipe to confirm the deletion
Mount > uncheck System

This is an easier maneuver than searching for a backup of /system/build.prop that was created at an earlier time, copy it over the bootloop-causing /system/build.prop, set 0644 permissions, and reboot. This is why /system/su.d is the recommended location to place a setprop by any name with 0755 permissions and not /su/su.d, as /su is inaccessible via TWRP'S File Manager.

The Numbers™ sound system will automatically install arisesound_setprop, (the same one in /extras/setprop which is only there for easy reference), during the Numbers™ sound system installation. However, at the very end of the installation, the installation script will search for /sdcard/arisesound_setprop and, if found, copy it over the default arisesound_setprop. This operation indicates that the user has decided to use a setprop other than what is provided by the sound system by default.

If an automatic installation of a custom setprop is preferred, the setprop must be directly in /sdcard and named arisesound_setprop resulting in /sdcard/arisesound_setprop. Again, this is only necessary if the user prefers the installation script to handle the entire custom setprop operation.

When a custom setprop is manually performed by the user, the setprop can be placed in /system/su.d with any name and 0755 permissions. It is important to ensure only one setprop is in this location so delete any other if existing after placing the preferred custom setprop.

Finally, setprop will only execute if in a proper script format beginning with a "she bang" header:


Comments to describe or provide information should always begin with "#". A line that extends wider than a device's screen will always be viewed as a single line until Enter on the keyboard is pressed, ending the previous line and creating the next line, even though it may look like multiple lines exist on the screen by the time Enter is pressed. Only a single # is necessary at the beginning of this "comment line" and can be confirmed by viewing in landscape unless the single comment is a very, very long single comment line which extends further than the width of the device's screen even in landscape.

The third and final component is the command section of the script. The setprop script begins with the command, "setprop" if following, at any point, a "she bang" header:


Following the setprop command is a space ( ) to indicate that the command is decided and ready to accept an "argument", which is essentially just data or content that is in a compatible form to be used by the particular command and space ( ) immediately before the argument. The setprop argument is very similar to the /system/build.prop lines when viewed as text. The only difference is that setprop follows the format of getprop, using a space ( ) in place of the equals sign (=) that is likely more familiar to most and almost always what is found when researching build property lines online.

To convert a resourced build property line to a single setprop script line using the necessary command and argument is shown below:

Typical build property format found online:


Format to be used for the setprop command/script:

#!/system/bin/sh (only once at the very top)
setprop qemu.hw.mainkeys 0

To maximize ViPER4Android processing, edits to /system/etc/audio_policy.conf, /system/etc/audio_output_policy.conf, or similar file(s) are often required. These files and the necessary edits vary from devices and entries so providing a one-size-fits-all script to achieve this is not currently available that meets our standards. Our solutuon to this is to tackle each file one at a time to personally prepare it ourselves and make it available to our users.

Inside our audio_policy Database is an audio_policy Submissions folder that is intended for the user to upload the necessary file(s) for us to examine, prepare, and make available for use when placed in the audio_policy Downloads folder. We ask for the following format to be provided when uploading your rom's stock audio_policy file(s) to the audio_policy Submissions folder:

/(Device name and OS)/(Correctly named).conf

Once uploaded to the audio_policy Submissions folder, the prepared audio_policy can be found in audio_policy Downloads once finished and downloaded for use with the sound system at any time. After verifying everything is working properly with the prepared audio_policy, keep this file safe and accessible on your device any time you need to place it in your /system following a rom install or update. The audio_policy Database is linked below.

Please remember: The audio_policy Submissions folder is for you to upload stock files. The audio_policy Downloads folder is for us to upload prepared files for you to download and use.

Downloads & Links

Older Builds

A.R.I.S.E. Sound Systems™ Profiles & Convolvers

A.R.I.S.E. Sound Systems™ getprop Database

A.R.I.S.E. Sound Systems™ audio_policy Database

A.R.I.S.E. Sound Systems™ on G+

A.R.I.S.E. Sound Systems™ on Telegram
For now, please Private Message any team member with your Telegram profile name to gain access to the ARISE Sound Systems™ Telegram group.

Bug Reports Form

ViPER4Android Support:
A comprehensive collection of ViPER4Android information and support can be found at the ViPER|Audio™ series thread linked here.


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Jul 3, 2017
ARISE Sound Systems Deuteronomy 2.2.3 Mac 'n Cheese Edition

Mac 'n Cheese Edition! This is essentially my Classic Edition, which includes ViPER and its Super Quality driver by default, plus my most up-to-date setprop that's been cleaned up for compatibility across more devices. This is an alternative to any other ARISE build and should not be installed alongside any other ARISE build. This is compatible with @ahrion Atmos builds and AM3D as long as Mac 'n Cheese Edition is installed first. This is NOT compatible with Magisk; SuperSU only, I'm sorry to say. Hope this helps! :good:

Link updated 7/23/17 to point to FINAL edition with new slimmer setprop.
Mac 'n Cheese Edition


ARISE Sound Systems Deuteronomy 2.2.3 Black 'n Cheese Edition

Mac 'n Cheese Edition with a special all-black ViPER4ARISE cooked up by the blood, sweat and tears of our @Roi007leaf and put under intense scrutiny by myself. It is to be considered 'in beta' and has a visual quirk when pressing a selection in the lists, because it is built on the Holo design language which is not as receptive to theming as Material Design. If you're using an inverted CMTE or Substratum theme you likely have no need for this, as many such themes cover ViPER4Android/ViPER4ARISE. See the original release post for a demonstration of both the black theme and the quirks.

Link updated 7/23/17 to point to edition with new slimmer setprop.
Black 'n Cheese Edition beta


ViPER4Arise Black 'n Cheese Edition

ViPER4Arise apks with a custom pure black theme cooked up by @Roi007leaf. They are compatible with all ARISE versions, just choose the apk corresponding to the version of ViPER4Arise / ViPER4Android FX you have installed inside the archive.

NOT flashable; extract and replace the apk where it's installed (probably /system/priv-app) with the one inside the folder corresponding to your ViPER4Arise version, inside the extracted folder. Then set 0644 (rw-r-r) permissions on the replaced apk, and either kill ViPER and reopen (it will probably FC the first time you try to open it) or reboot and open ViPER after your reboot to see the beautiful inverted theme.

See the original release post for screenshots demonstrating the Black 'n Cheese themed ViPER4Arise looks.

ViPER4Arise Black 'n Cheese Edition


Sonophilos Databases

Sonophilos Databases for getprop, Profiles and setprop

These are hosted on my Drive and I'll be updating the Profiles and setprop folders with latest versions as they come. My files for the ARISE Sound Systems Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy releases have been revised and uploaded. GH, Ben and smee have access also, and may make use of these as they see fit. (Anyone else on the Team is welcome to message me on Hangouts or PM me with your Gmail address for access.)

Without further ado,

getprop database

Profiles database

setprop database


Sonophilos FAQ/INFO
This information is relevant for the Exodus and Leviticus releases; may or may not apply to Numbers/Deuteronomy+
Q: I installed one of the ARISE versions including DTS and when I boot I get this popup: "Unfortunately, DTS DCC Service has stopped." Every time I tap OK it comes back! What can I do?
A: Reboot into TWRP, mount /system if it's not mounted already, and delete the DTSClientController folder from /system/app. Reboot and install the APK normally - if you used the AROMA (for Exodus releases), it's in /sdcard; otherwise extract the ARISE zip and it's in /system/app (or, for Numbers/Deuteronomy, /numbers/priv-app or /deuteronomy/priv-app, respectively) inside.

Q: Dolby/Atmos force closes! What can I do?
A: First, ensure you have SELinux set to Permissive; Dolby Atmos only works properly on Permissive setups. Then, if the issue persists, check /vendor/etc for audio_effects.conf and remove it if it is present there - if this is your issue it's most likely a 0b empty file.

HTC One M8 users, if you're using Boomsound DO NOT install ARISE without making a backup. M8 users have reported bootloops/stuck at "Starting Apps" on Boomsound setups.
Workaround: use HK. ARISE is reported working on M8 with HK.
Thanks @smeejaytee for bringing this issue to light.
Thanks @necktru for confirming the HK workaround.

HTC One M9 users, if you're on an AOSP ROM such as CandySiX you might experience issues with ViPER/ARISE. (Driver install issues, processing issues, volume issues)
Leedroid ROM with Lee's kernel might also experience issues. (Cracking, popping, skipping, even with Ondemand governor and raised min CPU freq as recommended by Woody)
ViperOneM9, linked in my signature, has no such issues, however M9 Sense users will have a known issue with Atmos where the service does not start on boot and doesn't persist, meaning it can be killed by minfree or from the switcher. This is a limitation of HTC's audio system on Sense MM and may affect M8 / 10 Sense MM users as well.

This post is under construction and will receive ongoing updates with new information and new versions of the attached/linked as they become available. Please check the Database links at the top of this post for the latest versions of profiles and setprops. This FAQ/info section was last updated to reflect its relevance for the Exodus and Leviticus releases; information may or may not be relevant or up to date for Numbers/Deuteronomy+.


Sonophilos Kit
Presenting the Sonophilos (Lover of Sound) Kit!
To achieve an identical configuration to the one I listen and test with:
First wipe /system and /cache in TWRP, then dirty flash your ROM and any other installs to /system you may have. You may want to back up /system before you install ARISE so you have a quick restore point for future versions that may require wipes to work properly. I've done this and it's the difference between a 3-minute restore or 20+ minutes of installers. You shouldn't need to wipe the dalvik/ART cache as no installed apps should change during this process.

Then, flash either the latest ARISE Sound Systems for your Android version, check under Newest Uploads here:
A.R.I.S.E Sound Systems AndroidFileHost developer profile

OR flash my preferred ARISE Sound Systems Deuteronomy 2.2.3 Mac 'n Cheese Edition, here:
Mac 'n Cheese Edition

Then, follow the instructions in the setprop and Profiles sections (optional). (If you're using Mac 'n Cheese Edition you have my lastest setprop included already.)

Download the latest Lover of Sound setprop from the Google Drive database linked at the top of this post. Rename it to arisesound_setprop, and place it in /sdcard. Flash any Numbers/Deuteronomy zip (all have the setprop installation script built in, and it's okay if you already flashed it). This will replace the default arisesound_setprop in /system/su.d with the Lover of Sound version, which you can confirm by examining the file in that location after installation. As long as you have arisesound_setprop in /sdcard, it will continue to overwrite the default one with future installations. Anytime you modify or replace this file with a new one make sure you reboot - setprop properties are applied on boot, as opposed to entered semi-permanently into your build.prop. THIS IS THE PREFERRED AND OFFICIALLY SUPPORTED METHOD since Numbers, and I have officially stopped development and support for the deprecated tweak.prop method as of Deuteronomy 1.4.

To confirm setprop is fully operational, first examine the file in /system/su.d to ensure it's the Lover of Sound version (it's clearly marked as such), look for some unique properties that you know for sure aren't included in your default build.prop, then enter the command 'getprop' in your terminal emulator of choice and look for those properties in the output (which is helpfully alphabetized). If they're there, it worked! If something in setprop causes you issues, please let me know so I can troubleshoot, and in the meantime delete the arisesound_setprop file from /system/su.d with a root file manager or the TWRP File Manager in the Advanced section if for some awful reason you're unable to boot after using setprop (PLEASE let me know if this happens.)

Make sure V4A has Storage permissions in Settings -> Apps so it can read and write to the Profiles and Kernel (Convolver/IRS) folders. Toggle these off and back on if you're having issues - the usual symptom is that the Audiophile profiles installed by ARISE by default will not show in the Load Effect Profile menu, and/or that the numerous IRS installed by ARISE by default will not appear in the Convolver menu.
** Many users have been able to fix permissions issues by installing V4A as a /data app on top of the default ARISE /system install. To do this, extract an ARISE zip, look in /system/priv-app (for Exodus and Leviticus) or /customize/app (for Numbers and Deuteronomy+,) and install the V4A APK inside. It will appear to be an "update" since there is already an install in /system. Install, reboot, test to see if IRS/Profiles show up. **

To use my V4A profiles, extract Lover_of_Sound_Profiles_(version) and place the two folders inside (Sonophilos-Headphones and Sonophilos-Speakers) in your V4A Profiles folder. If you're not sure where to find this folder, check OP for possible locations. (It's probably either /sdcard/ViPER4Android/Profiles or /data/media/legacy/ViPER4Android/Profiles.) If you see the Audiophile profiles, you're in the right place. Mine (was) in a very unusual place, which is part of why I (was) having issues uploading before:
To get the full intended effect of my Profiles:
Set Lock Effect Mode to Headset in the V4A menu to cause the settings applied in the Headset tab (which has the most options available to it) to apply to all audio outputs - aux/headphones, device speakers, Bluetooth and USB. I use two separate profiles because both are configured differently on the Headset tab.
Use Sonophilos-Speakers for device speakers, aux output, Bluetooth or USB speaker output. Use Sonophilos-Headphones for wired headphones or Bluetooth headphones, or headphones amplified through a USB DAC.
I encourage you to configure the Headphones profile to reflect your headset model and personal taste - by default it's set for my testing setup on ATH-M50s.

tweak.prop (DEPRECATED):
Extract the ARISE zip and look in the Extras/TweakProp folder for the tool itself. DO NOT use the; it is nonfunctional at the time of the last edit to this post. My most up-to-date tweak.prop (up until Deuteronomy 1.4) are available on the Google Drive setprop database linked at the top of this post. tweak.prop is technically intended for use with Exodus and Leviticus only; Numbers and Deuteronomy+ use 'setprop', which is NOT equivalent to or compatible with tweak.prop - use one or the other, not both. (Theoretically, you could apply some properties with tweak.prop and then add some more with setprop, but this defeats the purpose of setprop which is to have an untouched build.prop. Setprop properties will overwrite tweak.prop properties on boot.) I no longer support, test with or use personally the tweak.prop method, as setprop appears to be fully functional on my device. Remove /system/su.d/arisesound_setprop if you intend to make use of my tweak.prop.

Then, rename sonophilos_Lover_of_Sound_(version)_tweak.prop (or your chosen/configured tweak.prop) to just "tweak.prop", and place it in /sdcard. You can safely replace the default ARISE tweak.prop with mine, mine will include all the same props/options included with the version number shown. Remember to remove /system/su.d/arisesound_setprop if you intend to make use of my tweak.prop with Numbers or Deuteronomy+.

Dolby DS2 is ON by default in my tweak.prop since in-dev release Exodus Several users, including myself, experienced no audio from the aux/headset port when using in-development Exodus versions with Dolby DS2 ON, however this issue was fixed (for me) as of Exodus and DS2 continues to work (for me) with the ARISE Sound Systems Exodus release, Leviticus release and Numbers release. Comment these lines out from tweak.prop before flashing if you want to try with Dolby DS2 OFF, or set them to "false" if you need to disable them after already flashing a tweak.prop that has them enabled.
The Dolby DS2 information is probably no longer relevant; DS2 has been fully operational (for me) and I've heard no reports of issues since Exodus was in development. DS2 is even included in the default setprop for the Deuteronomy release.

** Make sure you have no files named "tweak.prop" except the one you intend to flash, or the might use any file with that name in /storage! **

To apply tweak.prop (on Exodus or Leviticus, or optionally Numbers/Deuteronomy+), flash (inside the Extras/TweakProp folder in the ARISE zip) to amend the props in /sdcard/tweak.prop to your build.prop.
You can watch the output in TWRP to confirm it's working, to make sure the correct file was selected, and to check which props were overridden (ie present in your default build.prop) vs added.


Special bonus for those of you who actually read this entire post: my Spotify playlist I've been using to test each build. The theme is heavy, low bass presence with detailed, dimensionally deep treble, to listen for balance, presence and space of the sound mix overall. I may or may not add to it as I find more that fits that theme. Enjoy!
Sonophilos - Zone

Another bonus for the thorough reader and those who returned to my OP after my return to XDA July 2017: my newer playlist. Focus is on complex rhythms and melodic basslines.
Sonophilos - Cusp

Another special bonus: fixes to two of Android's most annoying behaviors with audio can be found here: Don't Pause and SoundAbout - I am aware that, noticeably, since this posting, SoundAbout's feature that fixes the issue noted has become a paid feature. :confused:

As ever, I hope this helps! :good:
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Sep 29, 2013
So I've been thinking hard for some time what I might add to the Op that hasn't already been covered lol,
so I came up with the idea why not make a database of all the good music players available on Android for us music enthusiasts to test and play with,
So here it is I think I've pretty much covered the most important ones,
These are some of the best music players that I've come across if you think I may have left one out please let me know so I can share here for everyone to test and enjoy thanks.

More to come as and when I find them enjoy!!!
High quality Music player with Equalizer and Music editor
Discover and play millions of songs with the Google Play Music app.
The new Minimalistic Music Player
Includes Tag editor, equalizer and much more
Pulsar is lightweight, intuitive and powerful music player with material design.
Powerful Music Player for Android
Music player with one of a kind design and powerful equalizer.
jetAudio is a free mp3 music player with reverb, bass boost, graphic equalizer.
Music Player for Android, music for your active life.

This music app comes quite highly recommended @arnabnx
CapTune - Your Music. Your Way

Here are some up and coming players from xda.

Here is @guitardedhero s Sony music and album suite this was a must lol.

Minima player. By @BKR APPS

mplay pro by @jugaadmama

Ghost music player by @AndroidRockers

Xenoamp music player, this is awesome by @ssuukk

I will also use this space to keep you guys updated with my feel the bass toolbox, I will post a link here to my latest version for your convenience.

So I was asked multiple times why people were getting errors when trying to flash my toolbox lol,
The problem was it wasn't a flashable zip, it needed to be extracted and the files places in they're correct locations,
Well this got me intrigued as to whether there might be a possibility of it actually being flashable,
So i had a discussion with the team to see if we could make this a reality and guess what we did it.

At the moment my v4a profile is flashed to sdcard VIPER4Android so some of you might not be able to use it 100% for the moment due to the fact there are quite a few locations where the v4a profiles are placed but fear not this will be resolved very soon and i will notify you.

With this flashable smeejaytee toolbox zip comes a new method for using my tweak prop, it is now flashed to system su.d as a setprop script,
rather than having to place the tweak prop in sd card root then renaming and flashing the tweak prop zip.

This method is also much more user friendly as it no longer writes permanent lines to the build prop instead setprop places temporary lines that are only activated upon boot time, you can tell if the script is working by opening a terminal emulator and typing su enter then getprop and you'll see the added build prop lines scattered throughout the list of build prop lines,
Also if it's causing you any issues you can just delete the script from your roms system/su.d folder to return your device to stock build prop.
The zip will also flash a tweak prop to sdcard incase there is any problem and if you want to continue the old fashioned method lol, to activate it just flash the tweak prop zip from the arise version zip you are using as usual and the lines will be added to your build prop as it was in the past!!!

The su.d script i feel is a step forward in the way of user safety and I'd like to thank @ahrion for bringing it to my attention and convincing me to try it out,
I'd also like to thank @yoinks for helping out with some scripting and @guitardedhero for approving the use of the script.

so here it is with special thanks going out to @Roi007leaf for building the zip.

Old versions.

OK so with this version comes something quite special,
I've included the alsa processing from dragon-fi audio massive thanks @ZeroInfinity for giving me permission.'

New srs.conf thanks @Ben Feutrill
Updated v4a profile.
Changed up tweak prop.


This has been brought to my attention for some users after flashing my feel the beats toolbox Thanks @kyzn
Can I not add new profiles when the new method tweak prop is used ? I can't seem to write anything in storage/emulated/0/viper4android/Profile. :confused:

If you experience this issue please flash this zip
Please be patient as flashing might take a while
Also remember to allow storage permissions in settings of your Rom, thanks and hope this helps.
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Jan 4, 2015
san jose, ca
Custom/Tuned components.

Here you will find many useful files including but not limited to:

  • x86 optimized files including the v4a x86 driver, neutron x86 libraries for replacing the arm NEON optimized ones included in the mod (not required but improves SQ and efficiency if you have a zenfone 2 like me), etc
  • Various IRS files for use with viper's convolution feature, including the DOLBY tech IRS files that I normally use. While obviously dependent on your listening hardware (speakers, headphones, coffee cans connected by a long piece of string) these are excellent tools for refining your sound. If you guys have any questions about these concepts or need advice with convolution, which given that it's really complex math being applied to your audio, please feel free to PM or find me active in the thread to ask, i'm happy to help.
  • Links to some IRS files hosted on other drives
  • NeutronMP folder. This folder is for those who use Neutron as their media player and want to try out some presets I've created for the almost laughably powerful parametric equalizer. Keep in mind they probably won't sound good for everyone (much like any of the other custom build presets or modifications provided by userrs or the rest of the team, since obviously nobody is gonna be using identical hardware or phone software, but I digress) FYI: my DSP path is Source: Zenfone2 stored files ranging in quality from 320kbps mp3 to 16/24bit FLAC/WAV @ 44.1/48/96kHz and variable bit rate lossless CDR -> DSP by ARISE/V4A/Dolby/Neutron output either in digital via usb host or analog via aux (3.5mm headphone jack) -> Creative Soundblaster E3 portable DAC and Headphone amp (hnnnnggggg) -> aux-in via 4 pole analog (basically a standard 3.5mm aux cable except it has an isolated ground pole to help prevent ground loops) Mazda3 Premium 6 Speaker BOSE surround audio system -> my ears and those of any driver within a 20 yard radius usually ;). You can also find an xml file that will skin your neutron player in the same theme that I've built and can be seen in my videos. To make this work, first you must create a folder on /sdcard (or whatever your phone calls the fuseFS mirror of your internal storage) called NeutronMP. Then, either kill and relaunch Neutron (meaning kill it for real, either by disabling the option within neutron to leave a backround service running or end that service manually) or simply reboot and relaunch neutron at which point it will populate your folder with all of it's settings and configuration files, including all your playlists saved as .m3u8 format which means they can conveniently be used with many other players. On the other hand why would you bother with any other player, I mean for real... anyways, then you can copy the folder in my drive over your existing and populated NeutronMP folder and merge them. Now you'll have my theme as well as the prebuilt EQs available within your neutron, accessible via the Equalizer presets menu.I will very likely continue to add to this as time goes on.
  • TUTORIAL VIDS. Well, there's other resources in this folder as well, such as some ultradope spreadsheets that you can use to calculate parameters for the EQ like say, what's the affected frequency range of a band defined with a center freq of 765 (one of my favorite bass bands to use) using a bandwidth of .4 octaves? the spreadsheet will calculate that and many other parameters if you wish to learn more about how to really fine tune your EQ this way.
  • THE PLAYMUSIC EXPORTER APK.This amazing application (huge thank you to David Schulte, the creator of this app) allows you to circumvent the encryption used on your music files stored and downloaded from the Google Play Music store. For those who don't know, when you download your music from play music, it's always been possible to access those files for copying to say an external SD card and playing in other media players, since they are downloaded in mp3 format. While they hide these files well (/sdcard/android/data/ they make it even more lame by encrypting the id3 tags which means your files will be more or less unidentifiable (they will be titled random numbers instead of their actual titles and have no artist or album info). This application can decrypt the files on lollipop and in marshmallow simply circumvents the encrypted database by copying the songs while they're stored in your cache, complete with intact id3 tags and even your album art. To do so, you'll simply have to play the songs you want to save in google play so they'll load to cache, then select them in this application for copying. Make sure you set the stream quality to high in google play first so you get 320s. You're welcome.
  • Ephexxis' TWEAK.PROP builds. I've now organized these on a per project basis. So at this point I've seperated the EXODUS builds from the LEVITICUS builds, and there's another folder for experimental (the most up to date and sometimes silly) builds that I'm currently working on. You'll also find versions in here, like the universal prop that should work with Exodus, Leviticus and theoretically even Genesis though it hasn't been optimized. This one might be useful for those who bounce between versions and don't want to have to keep up with the tweak prop component on top of the flurry of test builds for the mod itself. -shrug- hey I just like building stuff, there's bound to be builds that show up that make 0 sense, but I won't post anything that doesn't sound good, at least on my setup. NOTE:I have not tested whether or not these flash properly with the tweak.prop zip. This is because I always am manually adding, deleting, or otherwise modifying my own build prop componenets using JRUMMY's build.prop editor avaiable on the playstore. I actually recommend using this method instead because you'll naturally be better acquainted with the various modifications being dropped into your build.prop file, but if you have issues flashing you should also just sack up and use this method as well. I spend a ton of time researching and testing this component as well as optimizations for Neutron itself, I really can't dedicate the time to figuring out and troubleshooting the tweak.prop installation itself. Apologies.
  • NOTE: Feel free to make requests for anything I may be able to provide whether it relates to ARISE projects themselves or system tools in general. For instance, I've been experimenting with a modified dax-default.xml configuration which is used to tune the various effects used by the latest Dolby Atmos implementation in Leviticus. I may start including this file for those who may be interested in trying it out. I initially explored its contents in search of a way to globally disable the volume leveler and dialog enhancement effects in DOLBY, because I've observed that regardless of your buildprop effect definitions explicitly enabling or disabling these effects, if you use any presets (e.g. Music) or define a "sink" (e.g. Speaker) which is really a definition of a number of available discreet output parameters that influence a plethora of settings, you will activate or deactivate those effects anyways because they're defined as part of those presets. I was experiencing really annoying ducking that I couldn't pin down until I went through and disabled these two effects for each preset in addition to disabling them from even being available effects in hopes of preventing anything else from overriding my settings. Ducking solved. Since then, considering I can't help myself, I've been playing around with the many many many settings defined within this file in part because obviously I haven't ever been able to use the atmos GUI. It seems like there's a lot more to be configured within this file however, so it may be something to check out after I've landed on a few awesome configs that I feel are sharable. Just another way to bring you guys closer to hearing what I'm hearing, when I stumble upon those ridiculously good configs, you know? Just an idea. Enjoy, you barbarians.
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Sep 5, 2010
Presenting the A.R.I.S.E Community Radio stations for Spotify. All playlists are set to collaborative, so anyone can and are encouraged to add your favorite songs to your favorite playlists.

For those that are new to Spotify, you can download it free from the PlayStore or Team Black Out has a really nice black version. Click on a playlist link, then follow the playlist. Then just search your favorite songs or artists. Then click on the three dot menu on the right of the song, then add to playlist. Then choose the appropriate playlists. Also, please, do not delete other user's songs.

If there are any certain genres you would like to see, but are not listed, please, do not hesitate to ask and I'll add it.

Spotify is just a starting point. Other ways of music sharing on a large scale will also be explored. A.R.I.S.E is a sound mod for your music to sound it's best. We are all here because of our love for music and wanting it to sound it's best. So, I'll also be looking into other alternatives, so everybody will be able to share music, not limited to Spotify.

A.R.I.S.E Community Radio


Local Music Scene


Rap/Hip Hop









Classic Rock







House Music

UK Hardcore






Blues Rock


Classic Metal



Hit of 2000's

90's Radio

80's Radio

70's Radio

60's Radio

50's Radio

Your Favorite Test Songs


A.R.I.S.E. Community Radio Video-Sharing Edition

The video sharing community is now live. Due to category restrictions, not all radio categories were able to be added. There is a General category if you can't find one that fits your needs.

Google+ Wallpapers and NavBars Community Page

Switched my Collections Page to a Community Page to organize easier. Feel free to upload your own and share as well as I have created a user upload section.

My Google+ Collections page for A.R.I.S.E. Wallpapers and NavBars. I'll keep uploading as I make them.

Now I'd like to share my new Zombie Speakers profile series for speakers. Yes, this is tweaked for the phone speaker as I do not use headphones...Neighbors and wife be damned

Huge thanks to @Ben Feutrill for the eXtremeBeats profile, which I used as a base for the Zombiefied profiles.
Huge thanks to @churapa for all his irs files, which he created himself.
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Jan 17, 2012
Little Rock
Family, I see that much speculation has resulted in being far from an accurate take on the series of events in 2017 and I feel you guys are owed clarification, even after the repetitive brain-washing attempts of docnok63 to convince me and the team that XDA and our community mean absolutely nothing and should be abandoned entirely. Much of what we had to listen to from this individual is absolutely sickening and the little light I just shed for you should make you sick as well.

Much of the feud between docnok63 and myself personally was over this very community and was a reason for the decrease in my presence here, but never once was my attachment to you guys affected in any way.

Such an opportunity when proposed, is easily dismissed or alarming when it and the individual proposing it are met for the very first time and at once. This opportunity was proposed to me from a member within our team, and after much work and time had passed already by that point. I hope it can be seen that this scenario posed one affording the most trust and faith on our part. I've said numerous times that I have never felt a reason to believe someone would be dishonest with me. I've always lived my life and operated in a way that people simply see no reason to do so and the rare events it occurs are nowhere near enough to alter my outlook on my interactions with anybody and everybody. I never see a reason not to trust someone 100% unless they force me to do so. This was from a member of our team having already been through the trenches more than once through several build iterations.

By trusting 100%, I'm able to give 100%.

What you guys see in this forum, essentially would not exist to the business entity had it evolved that far. Nothing.

Our initial plans were to, create from scratch, a proprietary audio library -, if you will, that would be tweaked around our best sound system profile in use with a media player application followed by a dedicated digital signal processing algorithm reaching outside a single media player application.

The assumption that we may have possibly tried to benefit monetarily from what you guys enjoy here today is an insult to us and to you all. Even if it were legally feasible, no justification could be made to me to authorize such a dastardly and greedy maneuver. I would have quit had I been forced to make such a decision.

The vile and filth thrown at my face by docnok63 regarding you all as being anything less than our greatest asset was despicable, horrendous, and the greatest untruth throughout this entire experience doing everything we could to show docnok63 we were worthy of his proposal, but in no way whatsoever, did it have any impact on the entire team how crucial, important, and precious every single one of you is.

If nothing else, especially since many of the details are already out there to save me a lot of breath, know this: docnok63 never appreciated you. docnok63 never valued you. docnok63 never loved you. And docnok63 never deserved you.

docnok63 never would have been ARISE with such gross misguidedness, we merely wanted to to take advantage of any positive resource he had left to bring you guys more than what this XDA forum allows us to offer.

Everything was always about you. Everything has always been about you. Everything will always be about you. :good:
Man, where do I even begin? Perhaps, 268 days ago when this thread was created and this project was officially announced. It's surreal thinking back to that day with so much unknown at the time except for the ambition and determination of three individuals to push the Android "sound mod" further than it had ever been pushed. To shake up the stagnancy of an area of Android development that suffered the most ridicule and dismissiveness of likely any other area.

And rightfully so, if you care for a brutality honest opinion. The majority of available audio mods were hardly more than recycled versions of previous recycled versions of the same 2 - 3 year old handful of files, many files falling embarrassingly short of their hopeful contribution to a packaged product.

The prevalency of ineffective, renamed, and/or crippling libraries and binaries had amassed to a percentage that was destroying the integrity of all files circulating among the sound mod scene. After six months of ViPER|Atmos™ development, it was clear that something needed to happen: a complete redirection to self-sourced content from current and relevant firmware and an entirely new mindset to how users' devices were handled and respected.

And so began that day in May, the 15th of 2016. With a prototype build of our Genesis™ sound system, named to identify our first endeavor, our focus was to research and test in a manner and seriousness that had never been executed previously. At the time, the idea of multiple sound systems wasn't even a consideration or a plan. We simply wanted to prepare the absolute best sound system in all of Android's existence.

If successful, the results still fall well short of where we are today. What ARISE Sound Systems™ has accomplished in 268 days is nothing short of remarkable and even the most optimistic likely feel a bit embarrassed by what now seems like a most conservative outlook.

To provide just a little perspective: this thread is on course to amass more pages and user input in one year than the official ViPER4Android thread could muster in 4.5 years, the undisputed king of Android audio mods.

Consequently, this monumental achievement is not just the result of incredible success in maximizing content and knowledge. It is absolutely the result of unmatched community spirit and helpful, positive interactions between all who choose to pop in and have a take or seek assistance with a frustrating issue preventing a satisfying experience. Everyone with one or more posts shares ownership in the success and value of this project and community. In contrast, the official ViPER4Android thread during this same time has sadly fallen into a sense of dismay and a source of unhealthy amounts of misinformation. To no fault of current visitors and members over there, it just is what it is.

That is the value no one could have guessed back in May, that separates us from the rest. In all my thousands of posts, I've never spent one to say "Go read the OP!" or "Search the thread!" For us, your time and interest to participate or ask a question is a privilege. We value you and your time to stop at nothing to exceed whatever you may seek. One of my favorite sayings is, "Well, if we provide a direct and appropriate answer, that just increases the number of helpful search results!" We do this because we love audio, but we love helping you experience it even more. :good:

What we currently have is absolutely incredible. Deuteronomy™ has been a long and grueling journey for countless members here. We've learned so much with each sound system, but our knowledge from Deuteronomy™ 2.3.3 to Deuteronomy™ 2.68 is absolutely staggering and is the sole reason so much time was required to arrive at 2.68. We can easily guarantee that nothing has been tested, dissected, and scrutinized as much as this build. So much so, that this is easily the last sound system from us in this fashion.

We are not calling it quits by any means, we have simply maximized what we can do with this type of sound mod and far exceeded our hopes of creating the best sound system for Android ever made available. Our passion and yearning for knowledge simply demands us to evolve further into research and device manipulation outside the scope of what these sound systems provide. We think you will agree that there is absolutely nothing lacking from our final effort.

Deuteronomy™ 2.68, a version number recognizing every single day of learning, of growing, of failing, of succeeding, of making new friends, of being a family, is our dedication to all of you.

What you will find are two zip archives of 300MB of uncompressed sonic bliss. It may be easy to dismiss much of the contents as fluff or unnecessary weight. We assure you, every single file has been heavily scrutinized over substantial periods of time.

We call these two zips "Modular" as they incorporate everything we have to offer in a "plug and play" system. One zip utilizing the popular and convenient AROMA Installer, the other zip utilizing the use of /sdcard/arise_customize.prop, what we like to call the "wishlist" before installing as the file allows you to instruct how the installation is executed - very much like the user input using the AROMA Installer.

As usual, our methods and ideas are usually new and unfamiliar so it is difficult to fully quantify the tools we've provided for you to use at your disposal, you'll just need to dive in to fully quantify what Deuteronomy™ 2.68 brings to you.

As always, we are here to ensure the most successful and satisfying experience possible so don't hesitate to voice a concern or seek help if stuck somewhere during your installation. More and more detailed information will be provided during the posts following this one. This post is mostly our desire to acknowledge each and every one of you and congratulate you all for a job very, very well done. Deuteronomy™ 2.68 exists because of each and every one of you. Likewise, each and every day of these 268 has been crucial to where we currently stand. :good:

I remember here times when ARISE was in early state. Sonophilos and smeejaytee were on the stage. Alphas and RC's were rolling out. The whole community were the testers. Everyone could enjoy every build made by @guitardedhero and his great team. Flashing stuff wit Tweak.prop configs. Damn, those days were great.
But now..
Betas are hiding, RC's aswell. Ordinary people can't even have a teste of what's baking. Some kind of closed Telegram groups were people are getting banned for not replying in desired speed.
"Do's and Dont's" on every corner.

Normally devs could drop stable betas at least for people to enjoy and follow the development. But nah...

Thank you @guitardedhero and your crew for this great opportunity to truly enjoy the beauty of music beats.
...and again: After Testung a bunch of Headsets, BT-Boxes, Amps and Car-radios with different profiles, irs, and more with the new Deuteronomy 2.0, I have to say: It's totally awsome. I don't know how to improve this further, cause it is perfect! I' m singer and songwriter, so called musician, and I've heared a lot of Sound Systems, modules, Sound Engineering. The times, where u need exspensive Hardware to produce good sounds, ended with this A.R.I.S.E. Deuteronomy 2.0. (If I could write in german in this Forum, I could explain it a little better, in English, my dictionary is a little small)
But for perfection, u don't need any words. Or just two:
A.R.I.S.E Deuteronomy!

Thanks a lot for this great work to the whole team.
Just one Last question: where I can donate u guys for this?

Greetz and kisses :D from Mr. I-will-never-flash-any-other-soundmod- brockn

[Edit]: One example: No other soundmod until now, was able to manage, in the last bridge before the last refrain, in the Song 'Lonely Day' from System of a Down, that the guitars are clean and clear. Before Deuteronomy 2.0, for good ears (hello sound-engineers;), there was always a little crackling in it. No Matter, which Hardware, no Matter which soundmod. Now, it sounds how it should be. Thank you, guys:eek:
What's up ARISE users? Have not been on XDA much this week, I have truly been buried in Telegram any time that I am able to get on either a computer or even my Nexus, so trust that I have done anything but forget about this project:good: Several things:

Tag, you're it! @sonophilos we gotta get you on Telegram bud. you are the missing piece of the core of the team right now. Also, you are missing out on all the TLC going into Atmos right now. Speaking of, thanks to @Yoinx for all the help in recent days regarding Atmos and in general. I am also truly about 85% sure my pal @daveyannihilation doesn't even know what this project is and is always willing to help when I bother him with a question :p Just to name a few people who I felt deserve it in the past days... really couldn't not mention Yoinx's help though. Fixing the main apk in Leviticus is a pretty big help:p

And now for the novel, get your reading glasses folks:

This Team gets a whole lot of love from the Android community - it is really pretty amazing. As someone who hangs out around the places projects are being discussed, planned and shared I can honestly say that the way we have been treated by friends and others in the development world has been something special. It's been a huge boost both to the actual work on the project, and moreover to the morale of everyone involved to have the backing of a slew of helpful friends, some of whom being just random people who have gotten involved to others being "kind of a big deal" types who have been kind enough to take time to help us with some tough issues.

I'm amazed at how many people who are not audiophiles like us ARISE users have provided help and don't even care about recognition or anything - I truly enjoy playing a part on a Team in the Android community that is looked on in a kind enough regard to be treated like that. We appreciate all the help we get from friends of our many members to users who enjoy audio enough to find their own helpful things to contribute or to help us hunt down bugs to even our fellow sound modders who give us a reason to strive to differentiate ourselves and provide a truly unique experience. Thanks for all the help, everyone - I feel like this project gets much more TLC from the community than you would expect at such a young age. The genuine interest in the proect and passion of both the contributors and the users boosted by the strength of leaning upon friends when needed has me feeling very positive about the state of this project right now. For those of you who don't get to see a lot behind the scenes, I hope after reading this novel of a post, you will too.

TL;DR We can feel the love the community is giving to this Team and I sincerely hope you can all feel that same love going into the project :good:
It's been a long long time, isn't it? Since I wrote my last post.
It's harvesttime. So I got no time, but so much more to do. And like Ephexxis would write, no money. [emoji2]
It's happening so much here, but I read every post and got so many ideas in mind. Sadly, my english is very poor and even my time, so I will write a little summary.

We closed a book. Exodus is done. The Final release is good. But I feel it is to rounded up. I mean to slick. No corners, no ups and downs. Only perfect. Maybe a little bit to perfect.
Anyway, to be a part of this writing was something special. It brings our Arise community more together. It was a great fun. Every morning a new build. New sound, new feelings. And in the evening? Wow, another one. What a great time, isn't it? Counting the test numbers... Versions like Unbelievable...
Thanks for this much fun. We learned so much.

Then starts a new book. Leviticus. The first posters didnt talk about the quality of sound. They got angry about the names. We began to discuss about religion. I was so surprised. Hey, it's XDA, no church. The names are funny. And if you believe in God and good music, this can't be better, to be apart with A.R.I.S.E. and if you are not with God? Every child needs a name. And Exodus, Leviticus and Genesis, are special names for an extra special audiomod. Otherwise, to all this problems. What is religion? It's the faith, the truth in something, or someone. Trust God, trust guitardedhero and his youngers. Trust in your mom, or dad. Trust in God music. We all believe in something. Maybe we can call this religion? Even guitardedhero isn't a 100% atheist, as he wrote. He wrote before, there will always be a way to get it better. We shouldn't lose our hope. So, it's good like it should be. Everyone her/his own religion or like she / he would call it.
The next book is called numeris. I'm wondering what people will write about this name. [emoji6]

So back to our Leviticus. As a bible book it's boring. It's full of law. No adventure. Some intrigue and problems... Boring for me.
And A.R.I.S.E. Made it the same... In the beginning. I wish, there was a little Pause between Exodus and Leviticus. Maybe two weeks. Of course I missed it, waking up and download a new version. But Exodus deserved it. Never the less, we are here to work. The first versions were good, but nothing special. I was a little bit disappointed. Disappointed about the fast releases and the sound. In the morning, I saw 0.2 in the evening we had 0.8 or something else. My disappointment goes out to this fast releases. With Exodus, we were a team. The community tested, the devs, created. We wrote our feelings and problems. The devs worked hard for the next steps. A.R.I.S.E. arised with us all. Very good. Very familiar. Leviticus rised more or less alone. The devs, made me versions... A little disappointing, yes.
Otherwise, the statement of us testers got very bad. I reat so less real critic. No, this is a great sound. No, Wow. Only FC hear, FC there... So this goes out, to us testers. Be more precise, give a true and real feedback! Me too, of course! Not everyone has the time to test. They read our statements and flash, like we sad the sound would be good. They enjoy, and that's good. But those people can't flash and enjoy, if we didn't wrote good critics.
So back to Leviticus. I tested, but was bored. Maybe about my less time, or the discussions about FCs and kernels... Or about the fast releasing without many input from us testers...

But after all, then... The real awakening came upon me. Leviticus RC7.5 What a blast. A bomb. Fantastic.
If you need it bombastic, greater, higher and more volume. RC7.5 is your friend. After such a long time an real earopener again. The volume of the deep is the biggest till today. But not muffled. So many nuances to listen to. In a precise art. Genius. Also the RC7.5 isn't only coming with a great bass. It's got a very big big big room for the mids. They unfolding... Speechless! The highs are clean and stay at the right place. The drums use their new stage of a big mids and play with the deeps. Guitars roaring around my head, try to be dominant, but there is so much volume. No chance for the guitars to stole places from other instruments. That's so great!

So in the end. Let us enjoy music. Enjoy our work. Exodus is been so good, because we all worked together. Let us shine Leviticus as much as Exodus and Genesis. We get a great team, we are a great community, we are A.R.I.S.E.
Well that was an interesting read. At one point, this thread was full of complimentary people helping and learning from each other. As time progressed and the mod got more popular, dark sides started to emerge around competing sound mods. And yes, some inside the ARISE team and UserBase are included in that statement. With the rapid fire updates and multiple redundant posts, I have to admit that I stopped reading and flashing with any regularity. It just got to be too much, too fast and too many people who are self-entitled "experts". Just because you can flash something and it works for you, doesn't make you a aural master who floats on the notes of babes. I'm talking about the UserBase here.

All the time I heard how this was a great community and this thread is full of people who don't mind helping and for the most part, that is true. It is the ones who think that they are holier-than-thou who are ruining it for the rest. Think about the person who comes into this thread for the first time, maybe from a previous sound mod or not. They ask how to install this and what are the "best settings". We all know that what sounds good to me and you can be completely different. Before it was just a simple explanation and maybe some slight handholding. Is it that way still? Not sure. Reading back the past 50 pages (which is only a few days worth of posts-:eek:), it seems to be slacking off a bit and the keyboard warriors are popping up more and more.

So you ask yourself, "Why is he talking about the good old days?" It's because in those days, things were tighter and cleaner in the thread. With great popularity comes the people who either envy the sound mod or those who think that it may take over theirs and want to bring it back down to Earth a few notches. Reading the other thread(s') post for that past few days, I can see this (I can read all the deleted posts). This isn't the first time that ARISE and another sound mod has come to blows and for the most part, they have been worked out amicably. It'll happen again for sure; it's the nature of the beast around here. What you can do as an ARISE user is to make sure that you are 1) conscience of what you are saying and who you are saying it to, 2) be patient with people and their questions/issues and 3) maybe not think that things are much bigger than they really are. In the grand scheme of things, does your BOLD LETTERED POST really matter? This is the internet and as much as I am typing here, someone is typing some puffy-chest post somewhere else.

Lastworditis, ePeen and ego will destroy any thread on this site. Don't let it do that here. If you like ARISE, great. If you like some other mod, great. Kang claims withstanding, there's no need to spill any of those 3 afflictions anywhere else.

Edit: Oh and we have a Report button for a reason. Use it instead of typing a post that could essentially get you infracted.
I wanted to take a minute to thank the entire team for V4A A.R.I.S.E.,the Dolby Atmos add on and all the guys responsible for the IRS files ,audio policies, and profiles. Thought the years I have used Viper on my devices and as a musician I cannot live without it! This latest release of Deuteronomy is amazing. I have a stock stereo in my Monte Carlo and with all the tweaks and playing I have done My car blows my mind and when my friends get in and I show them the difference with the mod on or off their jaws drop to the floor. The ability to grab an album and queue it up and hear things in it I've never notice before blows my mind. Keep up the great work and thanks to all of you for your hours and hours spent crafting and making this project what it is today!! I look forward to future releases keep up the amazing work fellas!

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My favorite XDA post of all time! :victory:

First I would like to apologize for any misspellings especially for the Dez because being legally blind I rely on Google Voice typing, and Google Voice typing hates me lol. Okay, first try searching back through the thread to post number 3091. Good-hearted hero had made a modded version with his Viper package and in that version has placed max audio in the data folder and this might work for you but not sure. After that I would go to good hearted heros thread and flash one of his diaper packages as it has the latest updated viber app that was just released. Also with the new version of this mod I believe it supposed to have better compatibility

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Ugh...guitarted hero is the death and it is obviously supposed to be Viper not diaper or viber again I freaking hate Google Voice typing it is absolutely horrible

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Ahhh, my blind post, literally. For the newer people that don't know me, at the time of that awesome post, I was blind. In 2014, I lost my eyesight due to a rare form of cataract so I had to rely on Google Talkback and Google Voice. I had to speak everything I wanted to type and Google hated me, lol. In March, I started a series of 4 operations that got me my eyesight back, so just a few months ago was the first time I. actually "saw" the post I made, lol.
:highfive: :highfive: :highfive: :highfive: :highfive: :highfive:

All ARISE™ artwork is courtesy of our very own @churapa :good:


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@guitardedhero Hey buddy, you did it! I just graduated high school last Friday, and now have finals to deal with, but I haven't forgotten about my contribution. I'll get straight to work on my custom V4A profile after finals this week. Again, this will be the first time I've ever made a custom V4A profile, so I hope it turns out okay, and I'm completely open to constructive criticism and recommendations! I'll have the first release ready in a few weeks. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to even more great things from you, because I know this is only the beginning! Again, great job so far!


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Nov 17, 2012
Thank you so much for starting this thread. Having been waiting for a long time for ARISE to go official and it finally happened!!! Excited to see whats to come.
What version is the ARISE Genesis linked in the Dow loads section. Is it .9.4 or later?
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