[AROMA]Recovery Switcher[2014-06-3]

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    Lets Stop Here And Say I DO NOT OWN THE DEVICE But A Friend Venomtester Has Tested This And Said It Worked So Here You Go
    By flashing this rom you take full responsibility to whatever happens on your device. The developer will NOT be held responsible to whatever happens on your device. Of course, this tool has been tested but whatever happens on your device will not be held against the developer.

    If you Want Want To See A Recovery That not in Here Just Ask

    Be Sure You Have A HTC One (M8)
    It Shoud Work On All GSM Phones ONLY GSM NO CDMA (Sprint verizon ) OR YOU WILL BRICK

    One day while on xda I saw a recovery switcher made by another xda user so I said to myself "hay I want that"
    so After Messing With Stuff I Was Done With my Own Recovery Switcher But Enough taking go ahead and flash and have fun IF you like my development please follow my project from desktop, by going on the first page of this thread and pressing from the top black corner the button telling you "FOLLOW PROJECT”.

    Recoverys In Here:

    • TWRP
    • PhilZ Touch 6.43.6
    • ClockworkMod Touch v6.0.4.8
    • Stock GPE Recovery


    • [*]Switch Pre Built Recovery Made For Your Device On The Fly

      [*]No More Flashing recovery's In Fastboot

    v1.0 - 4/14/14: <--- Lol
    Initial Release

    v2.0 - 6/3/14:
    • Added ClockworkMod Touch
    • AddedStock GPE Recovery


    MD5 a9dab3fb5df27880fa188d56a83e7461

    MD5 1d4079252ae079be3d6e8cf7bbb73146
    Don't forget to hit the thanks button, I have worked very hard on this

    1. Download the zip
    2. Boot into recovery
    3. Install It like you would with a Mod Or Rom
    4. Then Set The Check Box At the end With Reboot In To System
    5. Then Boot Back In to recovery and See your new recovery

    Thanks To/Credits:
    @amarullz - For Aroma Installer
    @CNexus - For The Idea (Lol sorry )
    @Phil3759- For Philz Recovery
    @jmz - For Twrp Recovery
    @mythi - For CWM Touch
    @graffixnyc - For Stock GPE Recovery
    Big Thank You To @Venomtester For Testing :D / For The Op Pictures
    Will this stay updated..
    6 Days Late but no h8 but...

    As seen in the newer version of twrp it didn't seem necessary to update(From the ability to flash imgs right from the recovery truly awesome) if you want to see one would need more the 3 people to say yes
    ok, so im slow, please take it easy on me

    So after you flash this do you essentially have 2 recoveries and then you can pick between the 2 when you load into recovery mode?

    Lol its OK we all are this is just a tool that will flash a different recovery then the one you have

    say if I flashed twrp and I had philz installed twrp would be installed and philz would not be installed because twrp was flashed

    Sent from my D2lte CandyKat
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