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Apr 26, 2018
Hey! I was now able to download because of this link! Thanks!

So I was in trouble with installing on TWRP because CWM doesn't start.
So my was was this:
1. Go to wipe and do a reset two times
2. Go to advanced wipe an check all to wipe
3. Now put the rom with PC, Phone etc. on the SD card and put it into your Tab
4. Hit Install on TWRP and choose from on SD
5. When the aroma ask to wipe choose wipe (YOUR SD CARD WILL BE SAVE)
6. Go to the installation process and wait!



No, there is other ROMs for the T113, you can search it.
Have a good day.

That's the thing. There aren't. There is one deodexed stock rom i managed to grab but anything else is a dead or removed link. I only ask because initially TWRP for the sm-t110 flashed on to the 113. As far as I knew they were newrly the same devices.

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Dec 28, 2016

Does anyone knows where can I download "Root Fix" from? I'm only missing this one to proceed...
And btw, will CWM v6.0.4.8 do the job or I need to get more recent one?

Thanks a lot.

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    Hey Guys,
    i present you my CrskeloROM for Galaxy Tab 3 T110.
    Why? Because my Mom need a cheap Tablet with a great Performance also i Present you my ROM.
    The ROM is the Best ROM for the model T110!
    Fast, Battery Friendly and Great!
    Try This and Enjoy


    Android 4.2.2

    Based on: [COLOR="Red"]T110XXUANC1 [/COLOR]Android [COLOR="red"]4.2.2[/COLOR]
    + Root
    + BusyBox
    + Deodexed
    + Remove all Dump
    + Flash Player
    + Black Youtube
    + intel Bootlogo
    + sqlite
    + Latest Xposed Installer
    + Latest GravityBOX
    + Criskelo Settings
    - Adjust
    - CpuSpy
    - Criskelo Weather
    - 28 Battery
    - Criskelo Explorer
    - App DPI Settings
    - Criskelo Contact
    - ReScan SD
    + OTA Updater
    + New Play Store with Paypal
    + Donate Me!
    + init.d Support
    - Performance Tweaks
    - Battery Tweaks
    - Wifi Tweaks
    + Build.prop Codes
    - Smoothness
    - Performance
    - Deep Sleep
    - battery
    - Wifi
    + SuperUserMOD by Me
    + Theme some little Things
    - SystemUI
    + Extreme Adblocker (host)
    + TweakZV7
    + GPS German
    + Blue Statusbar Clock
    + Slider Widget
    + Criskelo Wallpaper[/B]




    @C3C076 for GravityBox
    @rovo89 for Xposed Framework
    @JRummy Apps Inc. fot Root Browser (Themed and Modded by me CriskeloExplorer)
    @Tungstwenty for App Settings


    You need a ROM with CWM
    Flash my ROM in CWM with Full Wipe and Root Fix and Stock Recovery
    After first Boot you can Flash Via ODIN the Philz Recovery
    Info: This is the best way that you don't have Bootloop into Recovery


    Download CriskeloROM

    The download link is dead

    Here is the rom that I have saved on my Google Drive. If the Dev wants me to take it down I will and appologize for it. This is one of 2 roms fir this device that actually work well and that is the only reason for me sharing this link. I have nothing to do with this build and all thanks and credit go to the Dev of this thread. Use at your own risk.


    "Chance Favors the Prepared"
    guys im a little excited and somewhat confuse, i have a Galaxy Tab 3 LITE Sm- T110 is this the right rom for the Lite? sorry

    The Tab 3lite is your Tab SM-T110, so is this The right one for you.
    I don't understand nothing from your installation tutorial. Can you please make a noob friendly tutorial for people like me that never installed a custom rom before?
    Something like:

    1. U need to have a ROM with custom recovery.
    2. Boot into recovery and make a full wipe.
    3. Install ROM and supersu.
    4. Install stock recovery ZIP ( to not have a bootloop )
    5. Reboot.
    6. After reboot flash phills recovery via odin.
    7. Be happy ?

    I understand it that way ?

    Wysłane z mojego Nexus 4