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May 16, 2012

v1 to v16.5 are for Android 4.2.2 Stock-based Sony ROMs only
v17 to v23.5 are for Android 4.3 Stock-based Sony ROMs only
v24 and onwards are for Android 4.4 Stock-based Sony ROMs only


Gamma Control - HOW-TO
DoubleTap2Wake - HOW-TO
Sweep2Wake - HOW-TO
GPU Voltage Control - HOW-TO
(Only v18.5 and below)
Advanced Xperia Recovery - HOW-TO (Only v23 and above)

Based on 10.4.1.B.0.101 kernel sources (for Android 4.3)
Based on 10.5.A.0.230 kernel sources (for Android 4.4)
Updated to Linux 3.4.10 kernel sources
CPU overclock upto 1.944 GHz (ONLY in v23 and below)
Built with Linaro 4.9.1 toolchain using -O2 optimisation
Updated Prima WLAN drivers to
Thermal control with custom thermal (Developed by me)
Interactive GPU governor
Uses CODEL NET Scheduler
Additional CPU governors - Preservative and SmartMAX
Tweaked SIO and added FIOPS, Zen, VR block schedulers
USB force fastcharge
Sound Control 2.0
Dynamic Clock scaling of SD-card and storage
MP-Decision by showp (For Android 4.3 and 4.4)
Additional Network Congestion protocols for better network performance
Updated Ondemand governor
Compressed kernel using XZ
Tweaked voltage regulators

Installation instructions (Simple)

Flash in CWM/TWRP and follow the AROMA instructions
By default, Advanced Xperia Recovery can be accessed by tapping the screen when the phone vibrates and the "Blue" LED pops up.
During the installation process, this behaviour can be changed.

Installation instructions


1 - Reboot to recovery
2 - Flash the Zip. You'll be presented with the AROMA installer
3 - Click next and continue the installation process
4 - Select Advanced Xperia Recovery for best compatibility
5 - Select the recovery you need
6 - Uninstall DualRecovery, if prompted
7 - Reboot

Un-Installation instructions

Use the AROMA installer to uninstall the kernel


Sony - I love what they do and only wish they got more recognition. They deserve it.
faux123 - For almost all kernel features including exFAT Open Source drivers
DoomLord - For the RAMDISK
Stratosk - For undervolting tweak
Championswimmer - Native D2Wake + FOTARecovery




Don't like what you see?

XDA:DevDB Information
[Stock-Kernel] XzKernel-26 [Linaro-4.9.1], Kernel for the Sony Xperia Z

alnikki25k, Tommy-Geenexus
Source Code: http://bitbucket.org/nikhiljan93/xzkernel

Kernel Special Features:

Version Information
Current Stable Version: 26
Stable Release Date: 2014-08-02
Beta Release Date: 2014-01-10

Created 2013-09-09
Last Updated 2015-04-28
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May 16, 2012


Gamma Control


Instructions for Gamma Control - More info

1. Download FauxKernel Enhancement from the play store

2. Adjust your desired color and gamma settings, then press the "apply color" button.
3. If you decided to change your GAMMA settings after you've already adjusted them, you will NEED to RESET by pressing the "reset gamma" button, then proceed to adjust your new gamma settings again!

Discuss Gamma Settings here



v16.5 and above now uses a different method that is slightly more easier to implement

Trickster-MOD has been updated to include better control over intelli-thermal. Here are the recommended settings for a good thermal-performance balance


Frequency Throttle Limit : This is the maximum temperature after which the frequencies are throttled
Core Offline Limit : This is the maximum temperature after which the CPU cores are turned off

Frequency throttling cores : The cores which are throttled after hitting the Frequency Throttle Limit
Offline cores : The cores which are turned off after hitting the Core Offline Limit

Example -above

Frequency Throttle Limit : 85 C
Core Offline Limit : 75

Frequency throttling cores : Cores 0 & 1 are throttled when they hit the thermal limit
Offline cores : Cores 2 & 3 are switched off when they hit the thermal limit
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May 16, 2012


XzK - Eventual



XzK - 27

Brightness Boost
Gamma Control through X-Kernel App


XzK - 26

Ondemand update from Xperia Z Ultra
Remove all hotplugs
Tweak Preservative CPU governor
Tweak Interactive GPU governor

Previous releases

XzK - 25

Revert back to 3.4.10
Replace MSM-MPDecision with AutoSMP hotplug
More debugging code removed
Lowered latency in SMP code
Added TripNDroid IO Scheduler - Now default
Interactive governor update from CAF
Fixed SuperSU issue
Enable Quad-Core statistics

XzK - 24

Update to KitKat sources - 230
Linux 3.4.93
Enable NEON-mode kernel resources
New AROMA options
Fixed Audio Stuttering Bug in KK
New exFAT driver
F2FS Support - New File System (Read More)

XzK - 23.5

Linux 3.4.92
Smaller recovery images
New thermal control
Replace Intelli-plug with MP-Decision (Experimental)
Remove many governors
Fixed camera reboot issue
Remove CPU Overclock
Updated Prima to
Fixed MAC-Address Issue (Thanks to @pabx)

XzK - 23

Intelliactive CPU governor
New! Advanced Xperia Recovery Bootloader
Linux 3.4.82
Fix USB Tethering
Better battery - Fixed Stamina Mode
Fixed exFAT Mounting

XzK - 22.5

Fixed WiFi
Fixed Touchscreen freeze

XzK - 22

Sony 10.4.1.B.0.101 sources
Linux 3.4.80
Enable Intelli-plug by default
Switch to Cortex-A15 2014 Linaro toolchain
More tap2wake fixes - Wake-up now uses evgen method
Added optimised BFQ v7r1 (IO-Scheduler) and set as default
Lots of unnecessary debugging removed to improve speed
Fixed FM Radio
Temporarily Disable Multi-ROM
Use XzDualRecovery and reduce kernel size
AROMA Installer
Fixed Reboot to Recovery

XzK - 21

Single version release with better Tap2Wake control
MultiROM Xperia for Xperia Z - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9f9gG1sRNog
- Initial implementation. Not functional. Just testing boot.
Linux 3.4.78
Interactive GPU governor
Remove Simple GPU governor

XzK - 20

Revert back to 4.3 Battery/Power-Supply Drivers and fix (Thanks pabx)
Updated Prima to (CAF)
New Adreno Driver
Remove showp's MP-Decision
Ramdisk tweaks
Switched to recovery sources by [NUT]

XzK - 19.0

Sound Control 2.0 - Fixed
Wifi Deep Sleep - Fixed
Display Bug - Fixed
Updated Kernel to Linux 3.4.77
GPU Overclock - Removed
GPU Undervolting - Removed
Stable fix for exFAT-SD-Card mounting

XzK - 18.5

Completely fixed deep sleep issue(Sony better pay me for this :p)

XzK - 18.0

Bugfix! A mmc1_detect wakelock is causing a suspend_backoff (Partly Fixed in the next release)
Fixed Gamma control turning screen white
Fixed Gamma control not loading in Faux's App
Fixed "Snake Charmer" in FauxKernel App
Fix 'Data Usage' (Finally!)
Update kernel to Linux 3.4.76

XzK - 17.0

Android 4.3 compatibility
Gamma control ported
Snake charmer in FauxKernel Enhancement App
Fully replace intelli-thermal with Fransisco's Algorithm
Sony Stamina mode ported and updated from Sony Z1 sources

XzK - 16.5

Tweaked Interactive Governor - Much better Performance
Updated MP-Decision
Replaced intelli-thermal with Fransisco's thermal patch
Updated to 3.4.75
New Linux Power-Efficient Workqueues - Battery savings
Updated freezer settings - Better Deep Sleep
CPU-Boost is now back as "Touch-Boost": Integrated with interactive governor

XzK - 16.0

Remove CPU-Boost driver
Disable unnecessary debugging for better battery
Quieter kernel startup - Reduce kernel start-up time
Initial patches for "Project Optimus_Yuga"
- Kernel Trimming
- Disable Profiling
- Switch to automatic CGROUP Scheduler
- TCP Early Retransmit (Fully Backported from Linux 3.5)
- Remove stale power aware scheduling remnants

XzK - 15.0

Update intelli-demand + intelli-plug
Add CPU-Boost driver
Update to Linux 3.4.74 Kernel sources
Fix Screen Blanking
Fix CPU Overclock not sticking
TCP: network speed tweak

XzK - 14.0

Add GPU Voltage Control
Completely remove SIO+ entries
Update kernel to 3.4.73
- Much better deep sleep
- Improved performance
Add 1.89 and 1.94 GHz CPU overclock steps
Switched to Linaro 4.8.3 - December 05 Toolchain
Enable compiler optimizations specific to the Cortex-A15
Add new CPU governors
----abyssplug, abyssplug v2, adaptive, asswax, and wheatley
Upgrade interactive CPU governor to Google Kitkat sources
Moderately boost I/O

XzK - 13.0

Enhancements to stability
Support for serial-modem comm

XzK - 12.5

Update Intelli-plug hotplug governor
Re-work Ex-FAT code
Create a version without touch-wake
Patch touch-wake version to fix touchscreen freeze

XzK - 12.0

Update RAMDisk
Introduce additional CPU frequencies
Enhance Vibrator intensity
Lower initial display brightness at boot-time
Fix SLUB compatibility with Linaro 4.8 - Should be more efficient than SLAB
Optimisation and fixing to SLAB/SLUB/SLOB allocators
Much better deep sleep
Removed SIO+ scheduler
Fixed MAC Address Issue

XzK - 11.0

Fix touchscreen freeze issue (Final)
ex-FAT mounting fixed (Thanks to @m0b for testing)

XzK - 10.0

Switched to Stock boot logo
Update linux to 3.4.63
Fix touch in CWM - Thanks to Phil!
Switched to MP-Decision in-kernel - Much better performance
Fix screen freezes
Updated SmartMAX governor
Switch to -O2 optimisation (-O3/Ofast broke inline functions)
Switch back to XZ compression to reduce kernel size
Free Up Some RAM

XzK - 9.0

Two-finger Sweep2Wake - HOW-TO
New Boot-Logo
CD-ROM emulation
Update CWM to Philz-Touch Advanced CWM - Touch Not Working yet
Update to 10.3.1.A.2.67 kernel sources

XzK - 8.0

Double Tap 2 Wake - HOW-TO
Updated TWRP - Thanks to monx
Switch default CPU frequency to 1.5 GHz

XzK - 7.2

Fixed Screen Flickering

XzK - 7.0

Speed up sync by 7-8x on busy file-systems - Back-ported from Linux 3.11
Suspend: Enable freeze timeout configuration through sysfs
GPU overclock removed.
Fix extra clocks reported in voltage table
Updated recoveries - Thanks @jeroenqui
Add Async-IO
Updated kernel to 3.4.62
Add support for architecture generated random numbers
Compiled with Linaro - September release GCC
Re-worked Gamma levels to be closer to stock, but still better than stock.

XzK - 6.0

Re-applied gamma/color tweak
Added additional CPU governor - Ondemandplus
Tweaked voltage regulators
Added CPU frequency limiter - This makes the overclock/underclock stick in all the cores
More efficient battery usage
Default maximum CPU frequency set to 1.7 GHz
Update kernel to 3.4.61 upstream
Removed in-kernel MP-Decision
Add randomness(RNG) from hardware sources

XzK - 4.5

Reverted gamma/color tweak
Fix black screen issue
Screen OFF CPU frequency regulation
Switched to motley's thermal control
Add exFAT open source module

XzK - 4.0

Re-based on XzK 2.0 for better battery and stability
Add CPU overclock upto 1836 MHz
Re-enabled MP-Decision for now
Disable dancedance governor
Screen-going-full-retard fixed
Better Deep Sleep
Disable ZRAM

XzK - 3.0

Introducing MP-Decision by showp
Unlocked additional Network Congestion protocols for better network performance
Updated Ondemand governor
Fixed issues with gaming
Added Intelli-demand governor
Added SIO+ IO-Scheduler
Compressed kernel using LZ4
Added GPU overclocking to 487 MHz (Might not stay at 487 for long)
RAMDISK tweaks

XzK - 2.0

Updated Prima WLAN drivers
Replaced thermal control with Intelli-thermal by Paul
Added Simple GPU governor
Uses CODEL NET Scheduler
New CPU governors - Smartmax, wheatley and dancedance(maybe unstable)
Tweaked SIO and added FIOPS and zen block schedulers
Added USB force fastcharge
Added Sound Control 3.0 by Paul
Added Dynamic Clock scaling of SD-card and storage.
Added ZRAM for Android
Added Intelli-plug hotplug governor
Tweaked Sharp panel's gamma - Let me know if this change is good or I should revert to stock

Developer Message

Also, I would highly appreciate any donations for my contribution in helping you enjoy your device better. I am currently hoping to a buy a developer tablet, but don't have the funds for it. So, you could consider buying the following donate app "XzKernel Configurator" from the play store to keep me going ;)


You could also use the ad-supported free app, here

Thank you!



Previous releases






















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May 16, 2012
Advanced Xperia Recovery

What is Advanced Xperia Recovery?

This is a new method to boot into the recovery, bootloader or simply power off the phone. It is a modified binary of multirom.

How does it work?

During bootup, the system uses the FOTAKernel (which is useless for unlocked bootloaders). This partition contains the recovery that the user wants.

Advantages -

1 - All kernels that support the FOTA method can use a single recovery. Currently all CM/AOKP/PAC based kernels support FOTAKernel Recovery. Thus, even when you use another CM-based ROM, you can still retain the same recovery.

2 - Reboot to recovery from the ROM works perfectly without the need for any additional app or user interaction

3 - The kernel RAMDisk no longer contains the recovery, thus making it faster during kernel de-compression

How do I install it?

Just follow the instructions in the AROMA setup. Additionally, you can refer to this thread to learn more about FOTAKernel Recovery.
Thanks @championswimmer

How do I use it?

Initially, just tap on the screen when the phone boots up and the "Blue" LED comes up and the phone vibrates. While installing, you can configure whether you want to use the power-button or the volume keys or just use the touch-screen.

Remember! This is a single recovery solution as including multiple recoveries is not the aim of this project.

About CPU/GPU Voltage control

Setting custom CPU Voltages

The easiest method would be install Trickster Mod and perform the necessary changes.

Trickster Mod:


Setting custom GPU Voltages via sysfs(Only for v18.5 and below)

- Safe lock is present on MIN/MAX values:

#define GPU_MIN_VDD 900000
#define GPU_MAX_VDD 1200000

The default GPU voltages are:
+ [VDD_DIG_NONE] = 0,
+ [VDD_DIG_LOW] = 945000,
+ [VDD_DIG_NOMINAL] = 1050000,
+ [VDD_DIG_HIGH] = 1150000

Verify the actual settings:
cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/gpu_mv_table


Adjust to desired values and verify:

echo "930000 1000000 1100000" > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/gpu_mv_table
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May 16, 2012
About DoubleTap2Wake/Sweep2Wake

If you want to toggle DoubleTap2Wake execute this command on your phone (adb shell or directly), you can also add it to an init.d script

To disable DoubleTap2Wake
echo "0" > /sys/android_touch/doubletap2wake

To enable DoubleTap2Wake
echo "1" > /sys/android_touch/doubletap2wake


If you want to toggle Sweep2Wake execute this command on your phone (adb shell or directly), you can also add it to an init.d script

To disable Sweep2Wake
echo "0" > /sys/android_touch/sweep2wake

To enable Sweep2Wake
echo "1" > /sys/android_touch/sweep2wake



Use Trickster MOD

Note: Sweep2Sleep is not supported by this kernel (atleast for now). You can only wake the device up.

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Oct 24, 2012
Nice to see a new stock kernel, looking forward to seeing what features you can implement on this, hopefully will be as good as cyanX

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May 16, 2012
If no one is interested, I might as well close this thread.

If anyone is still willing to try, I have a bunch of updates pushed to my git sources, which I will release as 2.0 only if necessary.

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Dec 30, 2011
If no one is interested, I might as well close this thread.

If anyone is still willing to try, I have a bunch of updates pushed to my git sources, which I will release as 2.0 only if necessary.

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well I tried it out and it worked well , but I went back to Doomkernel. Not because yours wasnt good , i think doomkernel was just more frequently updated and had more features like fast charge etc . But i do love your work with cyanX roms and all.


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May 16, 2013
Will try it later and report back with some feedback.

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Jul 30, 2008
Pls. keep on improving your work...

If no one is interested, I might as well close this thread.

If anyone is still willing to try, I have a bunch of updates pushed to my git sources, which I will release as 2.0 only if necessary.

Sent from my C6603

It's nice to have several alternatives (kernels) to choose from! Your kernel works fine and I've been waiting for the next release to test it again.

Keep up the good work, my friend! :good:

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