Development ArrowOS 12.1 [android-12L | 12.1.0] for POCO X3 Pro (vayu/bhima) [OFFICIAL]

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Jan 22, 2022
Please add Per-app network isolation in A12. This is an important privacy feature.
Some other feedbacks:
- The thermal profile tab is broken, can not scroll to the last app in list. It always stop at [last app -2] or something.
- The Audio Balance pointer in Accessibility -> Audio Adjustment does not center at the middle of the bar.
- No Auto-Brightness toggle button on Quick Settings (usually it sits next to the brightness bar).
- When plugged in a wired headphones, the call ringtone will get INSANELY LOUD if Dirac Hifi is turned on (this one is A11, havent tested with A12).
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Nov 5, 2015
On latest version from 19th if there is lots of apps (about 15-20 or so) in "Recent app list" the list starts stuttering until you "clear all", can anyone else confirm?
I can confirm that. At my X3 Pro it sometimes even starts if I have 10 apps open that constantly use the background sync service. But I also had that on aOS 12 on my other device.


Jan 4, 2022
There are a couple bugs that are annoying me with this ROM, but this one is the worst of all so far - the bugged out phone unlock animation. Once in a while for some reason it will appear while I'm using the phone, permanently in the background as I scroll to the quick settings. Only way to fix it is to lock and unlock the phone, and then it will appear again after some time. It makes everything look confusing and glitched out. If anyone else is experiencing many issues with the animations, tell me if I'm not the only one here. Also, why is Lawnchair the default system launcher? And why is there no way to get rid of it if I don't want it? It's permanently there and it looks like it's basically built in and always turned on. I don't like that, but I don't know if removing it is gonna be good if the system relies on it.


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Mar 2, 2019
Hello. on every rom except miui I have a problem with displaying the contact name. I did not see the contact registered only my number for this my number. So the example calls me 48545345434 and when he tries to call him, besides this number is also added my number, i.e. 4854534543448676565454 and I call the number which is known is not correct. What can I do with this?
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Jan 26, 2013
How i can update this via recovery? I have only option for "Apply update", and there is only ADB option. How install from internal storage?


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Nov 5, 2015
anyone has issue with playing music?

have tried with every possible app, still not play correctly
Nah, I don't experience any problems with Spotify and Poweramp.
Maybe you mean the issue regarding Android Auto which doesn't always play sound unless you hot reboot your device.
Also, regarding the slow charging issue mentioned by other users before..
I'm using the 120w Xiaomi charger from my Mi 10 Ultra and it's charging normally.
No issues, no overheating, the only issue that I see is that it doesn't display that it's fast charging but if I use a certain Termux package, I can confirm that the phone is in fact using the "Charging Rapidly" mode.
Other than this, I don't have any other issues with this ROM


Jun 20, 2019
Hi, I have a question, I am looking for the network traffic monitor option in the status bar, but I can't find this option if it is available in the rom?

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