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Artemis turns off during phone call

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Jan 28, 2009
my Artemis turns off every now and then and I'm getting a bit pissed off by the phone. Because it happens exspecially when I'm talking to someone. The error occurred first about two weeks ago and i tried to fix wit an hard reset, but that didn't worked out. I also don't think it has anything to do with the battery, since it also turns off while being connected to the charger.
If anyone knows help, I would be grateful.
My XDA Orbit is doing the same thing - randomly switching off when in use (either phone call or browsing the web). Its being doing this for over the last two to three weeks and I, too, am getting pissed off with it. My Orbit is over two years old so I'm suspecting the battery although the battery meter states everything is OK. I've just purchase a new battery on-line and, when I receive, I'll let you know if it cures the resetting issue.



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Jul 10, 2007
awesome.. i think most of us have purchase this amazing handset more or less the same time..
all of our devices loosing out on batt.... no bad..
can any one please update the price of a new battery ?
i am in india now.. will be going to singapore this month end to watch the formula 1.. are there any options to buy it in singapore to save some money on it ??

how much is the new batt ??


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Oct 31, 2007
I have over 200 of these devices in their various guises, and I can tell you that this is a very common problem. If you are lucky you only need change the battery and the device will be fine. If that does not improve matters then good luck as I am yet to find a solution when the problem is not simply the battery. At the moment my best effort is to flash the device with an upto date original ROM and change the battery. It seems to help but I can't say it fixes them as I have not monitored how the reflashed devices perform yet. I will post when I have used the reflashed devices for a few months and see how they go on


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Jul 9, 2006
I will post when I have used the reflashed devices for a few months and see how they go on

Hi radcarash,

do you have any findings? I got the same issue with one Artemis, and it seams the battery change doesn't help at all. I'm just wondering if you found already another solution to cure this world wide problem.