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[Ask Any Question] Clone Phone Question Thread [Newbie Friendly]

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Mar 13, 2017
Hi, I wanted to buy a goophone i7 plus. Is it worth it to buy? Thanks

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Do you know a trusted online shop where I can buy a Goophone i7 Plus? Thanks

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    This is a question thread for people who have Clone Phones by HDC, Goophone, Tengda, iHD, and other manufacturers' phones that are based upon an existing phone by a major manufacturer.

    The design of this thread is equal to this

    Make sure to read the Forum Rules before posting

    Anyone can answer.
    All questions are welcome! :)
    i don't understand the technical details though , but again thanks for your patience and your help , i don't know what to do , as i can hope and pray now . thank you brother , please let me know if you found anything. :(:good:

    Okay, may have found something. I have no idea if it will work, but try holding the home button down when you press enter to execute the "su" command.

    I tried to use the ext4 un packer once more but after 10 seconds it crashes , i even left it for more then three minutes but it crashed again . also i don't know how to use pearl scripts i only downloaded the files which can be downloaded the rest was codes and commands . also the the third link also had files which i downloaded but i only downloaded the 32 bit versions files from there, as my windows is 32 bit. i really don't know how to use these to much technical stuff , sorry to bother you again but need your guidance to move further now.

    1) move the partitions you have extracted from your phone to the same folder as your perl scripts.

    2) To use the perl scipts, open command window in folder where you have stored the scripts by holding shift and right-clicking on the folder the scripts are contained in.

    3) To unpack the partitions, type this, changing the name of the partition img each time:
    ./unpack-MTK.pl mmcblk0p4.img
    This will unpack the partition IF it is a boot.img, recovery.img, or a logo.bin.

    4) After you figure out which .img file is your boot.img and which is your recovery.img, we will be able to start reconstructing your stock rom :)

    note: if the scripts don't work, then that most likely means you do not have perl installed. you can download here if need be.

    This is the right link of my phone, and i wanna install a better rom on that phone, because the original it's s.cks. I hopefully , you can help me.

    So, you actually have the Jiake V10. A Clone Phone and no-name brand. I've attached an apk for you to install and run. It should tell you all about your device. Post the screenshots here, and we can continue when we have more information. I believe I have found the stock ROM though. :)
    I found the stock rom, but the Stock rom is bad. REALY. The smartphone own system not strong enough to support itself. REALY. THIS IS NOT A JOKE, OR SOMETHING.

    And yeah, on the internet: NO OTHER ROM ( CUSTOM ROM) FOR THIS SMARTPHONE. Hell YEAH.

    And okay, i install the cpu-z apk, and post screenshots. ( How can i do in this phone? Or, maybe with this CPU-Z can i do screenshots on the phone?)

    I'm not denying it's bad, most clone phone stock ROMs are. :)

    To take a screenshot, try holding the power and home button at the same time.

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