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Jan 19, 2007
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Thx, but i know the official AICP site. I thought there could be an inofficial version like for the xiaomi redmi note 4 (NOT redmi 4x, which is officially supportet), which is a bit difficult to find ...
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Jul 1, 2016
OnePlus Nord
Hello I had an issue that I'm facing. I'm current using the pixysOS 5.0 BETA version and I wanted to upgrade my room. I tried flashing a recovery via adb but I'm unable to boot into the recovery. It's like I'm stuck in a boot loop of the recovery. My phone shows the recovery logo, goes black and shows the recovery logo again. This is repeatedly happening and I would really appreciate some guidance as to how to fix it and safely flash an updated version of this rom. Thanks in advance!


Aug 30, 2022
I'm running PixysOS (v5.16, Android 12L) custom ROM on Nord with firmware from OOS 11. It lacks 5G. On the other side, the recent OSS12 update (AC2001_11.F.16) brings 5G compatibility for my network carrier.
Is it possible to fastboot flash modem and/or other files from the new update file directly to get the 5G compatibility?

I heard almost all Nord custom ROMs are built upon OSS 11 or older (firmware-wise). I'm not sure if I can directly flash specific images of OSS 12 or not.

So, is there a solution to this? Can I flash the modem.img from OOS 12 directly? If yes, what files should I flash along with modem.img?
If not then, well, thank you!


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Apr 20, 2012
Asking some details.
This phone born with android 10. OTA updates seems to upgrade to 12, correct ?.
Is there any super partition change between 10 and 12 ? On 12, using a GSI, i get system_ext missing. Why ?

Also, device looks to be A/B layout, but it has also recovery_a and recovery_b, why ? Should recovery in A/B layout, be in boot ?


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Dec 1, 2007
Have the unlocked 64gb n200 5G. Tried flashing LineageOS, failed and wouldn’t boot. Finally got back into Fastbootd to reflash an OTA package but think the partitions are screwed. Tries to flash several img files (odm, product) come back as can’t resize, outta space. My question is, anyone have a list of partitions and their sizes? Thanks

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    Hi XDA,

    I've used the OnePlus Nord for nearly 3 weeks now and did a review of it for XDA:

    If you have any questions about the device, ask them here and I'll try to answer them to the best of my ability.
    Really confused between this and other options like realme x3 ... Only the developer support is swaying me towards nord as x3 wont have as good developer support..

    The Snapdragon 855+ in the Realme X3 SuperZoom has better CPU and GPU performance. The Realme X3 SuperZoom also offers better camera versatility with its telephoto lens and a better primary camera sensor. It also has a higher refresh rate display (albeit it's LCD and not OLED if that bothers you). However, you're right that long-term support of the Realme X3 SuperZoom is a lot iffier.

    Nord has dual-frequency GPS, i.e. support for L5/E5 signals and bands that could give meter precision (compared to about 5m without).
    How is the GPS quality?

    Sorry, with COVID-19 and me working from home, I can't really give you any detailed tests on this.

    So what do you have a European version or Indian and are you using it in the U.S. if so does mobile data work well, I have thought about importing one. Also I own the pixel 4 XL and I love and appreciate all your coverage on pixels and the Android developer previews and betas.

    European version - using it with my T-Mobile SIM card in the U.S. I don't use mobile data much but everything "works." I can't tell you how well it actually works in big downtown areas or in every city - check the supported bands to see how well it'll work in your area.

    One simple, two other questions

    How broad is this phone, could you use it with onehand? If i grasp my current phone my thumb can't reach past the middle of the screen. I don't enjoy that.

    How many googleapps are on this phone? I didn't like they use googlephone and messages instead of their own.
    Then news said googlefeed is on the phone if you swipe left, can you turn this feature off or is it baked in oxygenos?
    Is this phone for someone who does not use google a lot?

    Last question; can you disable paralell apps feature and use your own app for it ? (Like island for sandboxing apps.)
    ty so much for your time.

    Yes, I can use the phone in one hand. However, OOS really needs to bring back its one-handed mode that appeared in an earlier OOS beta for the 7 series...that would help with reaching buttons on the top.

    In addition to all the Google apps present on all GMS-certified phones, there's also the Google Phone app and Google Messages as the default dialer and messaging app.

    Google Feed can be turned off in OnePlus Launcher settings. The Shelf is thankfully still accessible with a swipe down gesture (it's no longer available on the minus one screen to the left where Google Feed is, though).

    Well, you don't have to use Google apps if you don't want to. You can change the default dialer and messaging apps and pretty much everything else.

    For Parallel apps: You don't have to use it, so yes, you can use Island or Shelter or whatever other work profile/sandboxing app you want.
    Can you check if display tint issue is present like in OnePlus 8 series?

    Nope, no green or purple tinting issues at low brightnesses and with black/gray colors showing on screen. My unit seems normal.

    Please upload the all screen shot of camera 2 api probe compatibility test so that I can know the video frame rates etc..
    And also please do the free filmic pro evaluater test (it is free in Google play) and share the screenshot.

    Filmic Pro Evaluator and Camera2 API Probe results:

    Do you have screen tinting issues like in this screenshot ?: (at low brightness)

    As mentioned above, no screen tinting issues. I've read the Reddit and OnePlus forum posts and do not see any green or purple tinting at low brightnesses.
    hello any problem with notifications ? i am missing a lot, only appears when i unlock the phone. I try to disable battery smart optimization but nothing. :(
    Speaking of that, I'm confused between k20 pro and Nord.
    Considering, K20 pro is set to get official Lineage soon, development is good and at the same time every piece of hardware on it is better or at least on par while costing less about 6k in the upcoming sale.
    What would you prefer personally for a person who uses a device for about 5 years ? For now, nord doesn't seem promising in terms of dev support as there isn't any dev seeding program from oneplus for this device and we already saw what happened with almost similarly priced 7/7T without that program. I guess barely any recognized developer would get the nord out of his pocket for that price unless I'm wrong. What's your suggestion and take on it ?

    OnePlus does have a dev seeding program they just don't publicize it. The Redmi K20 Pro is a great phone and I can't recommend against it. It already has proven it will have a thriving developer community. However, its official support won't last as long as the new Nord, so make of that what you will.

    Is OnePlus Nord supporting full Camera2API ?

    This should have all you're looking for:

    Is there a possibility to use call recorder on the OnePlus Nord? I have been looking for days now and could not find it. I know the nord has the google dialer, is there a possibility to use the OnePlus dialer with joneplus app?

    Google Phone app does support call recording but not in all regions and not enabled on all device models. I live in the U.S. where it's not enabled, but I can't tell you about Europe or India.