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Sep 3, 2009
Los Angeles
[Q] Will this work with T-Mo?

I've recently been debating a switch to Sprint so I could get an Evo. However, the Desire HD has stolen my, well, desire.

I'm wondering if this will work on T-Mo though. Here's what I got from the HD product page on htc.com:

* HSPA/WCDMA: 900/2100 MHz
* GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

According to wiki, T-mo "uses the GSM/GPRS/EDGE 1900 MHz frequency-band" and "1700/2100 MHz AWS Band for its 3G network."

So, forgive me for being a dumbass when it comes to network stuff. I see they match on 1900 GSM and 2100 HSPA. That means it'll work, right?

Also, HSPA+ isn't another band is it? I know the processor in the HD is HSPA+ capable.

Super excited about this phone. I just hope it'll work with my current service.


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Oct 27, 2005
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Apr 18, 2006
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The last time I bought a phone to Expansive, my Blackstone when it came to streets, they were selling it a bit cheaper than MRSP price and the same to the HD2...

But now, they are becoming a lot greedy and are selling phones at the same MRSP prices...

By the way, does anyone knows if there's going to be a page on the wiki for the best selling prices of the Desire HD??


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Apr 23, 2009
London, UK
According to a source, the specs of the device found in the official PDF in HTCLON it appears to be an LCD, while on the Desire Z they did mention it's SLCD.

Which website confirmed it's an SLCD?


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May 23, 2008
Play.com £469.99 due to release 11th October. Bought sgs for £400 will have to get on contract, My contract is coming to end in Oct hopefully will be available to T-Mobile by then. I hate Vodafone, terrible customer services.
Anyone know which network will be getting it first?


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Jun 13, 2010
According to GSMArena and HTC.com, it's a TFT 16M Colors display. Not AMOLED/SLCD or any other ****...

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    Gingerbread RUU - RUU = ROM Update Utility
    This has been posted in several places, but go to Settings/Language & Keyboard/Select Language. Select English even if already selected. It should stop the FCs

    Sent from my abucus
    To answer your question, after clearing all of the contacts then the first time you try to add a contact the phone asks you whether you want to save it as a Google or a Phone contact. If you choose Google then the contact will be synced with your Google account the next time you do a sync. Reversely, if you add a contact to your Google account then it will be added to your phone as well.

    However I too like to keep the two separate so I never add a contact as a Google contact. I do the Extract to SD thing (select Phone contacts) and it works fine for me, but I have no Facebook (I even originally rooted my phone so I could remove the app) plus, after rooting I installed a custom ROM and I am now on version 1.84 (stock phones only got up to 1.72 and now HTC has even taken that update down, all new phones can't go over 1.32 without a hack or rooting) so that might be the reason.

    However there's yet another way. I am not clear whether it's the HTC Sense system or Google but if you choose to have Google backup your phone (go to settings -> privacy and then tick both options) then the following things will be backed up:

    Your wallpaper
    Your ring tones
    Your settings across the Android system (no app-specific settings though)
    The apps you downloaded from the Market (again, just the apps, not their settings).
    and your Contacts.

    These things are saved every time you do a full sync.

    After hard resetting when the setup wizard asks you to, connect to the internet, add in your Google and your HTC account and then there's a screen where it asks you whether you want to allow Google you back up your settings. If you allow the phone and if you don't do ANYTHING with the phone that affects ANY of the above (like accessing the market or manually changing a setting, just don't use it at all just to be sure) then as soon as it connects to the internet you will see all of the above being restored.

    I have installed various ROMs at least a dozen times by now and the one thing that makes it so easy is that I don't have to do all of the above every time I do so.
    I still keep a backup of my contacts just to be sure though.
    SD Maid may be able to help you.
    How can I delete the contact backup from the SD?
    I recovered them after a phone hard reset and they seem to be muddled up. They are not more that 30 so I would like to register the contacts again and have a new backup.
    Hey, the backup on the SD is a simple vcf file (e.g. pcsc_pcsc_00001.vcf) in the SDs "root" (the beginning of the SD, nothing to do with rooting the phone).
    All you need to do is put the SD in a PC and delete it or, download a file manager from the Market (I like ES File Manager) and delete from there.

    Now, as to how to delete the current phone book, go to People (Πρόσωπα) press the Menu button, choose Delete (Διαγραφή), again press menu to close the keyboard and open another selection and then click choose all (Επιλογή όλων). Finally hit Delete (Διαγραφή) to delete all of the old phone book.