Question Asus camera app, video recording, frame drops

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Mar 20, 2023
If I am recording video in pro mode 1080p 60fps H264 codec (ISO auto, shutter speed fixed value, white balance fixed value, image stabilization ON, hyper steady OFF), camera app or android OS set the CPU frequencies too low, which causes frame drops.

I don't know why only on 1080p 60fps CPU freq. are automaticaly lowered to ~710MHz/840MHz for big cores and ~1.3GHz for small cores. I can help myself if I set also ISO to fixed value...then the recorded video is almost frame drops free, but it is still on the edge (cpu utilization almost 100%).

I am using high performance system mode. Also try set min. freq. to max. in 3C CPU manager, but 1080p 60fps pro video mode always set them lower.

If I enable hyper steady(requires more performance), camera app does not touch cpu frequencies and recorded video is smooth without frame drops.

Android 13(WW-33.0210.0210.210), rooted.
On screenshots how it looks like during recording.

Can someone confirm this issue?


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