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Jun 30, 2010
Hi there,
just ordered my Asus Memo Pad HD7 and I didnt find a single Thread about it, am I just blind or are there none?

I am looking for Custom Roms etc, guess it's just a little early for that, but maybe just rooting works?

Is there a Thread or sub forum for the Memo Pad HD7 ?
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Nov 13, 2013

Superdragonpt I thank you with all my heart because you were the only one so far that has worked and is working on this device, improving it even more even though it is already in the top :) if you actually made the hope of all of us, to have a support and a development that would meet all our needs endless :) I admire you deeply and I can not wait to try out your new work increasingly flawless ;) good luck to all :) anyway sorry for my bad English :D good job ;)


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Jan 10, 2011
Hi, sorry if this question has already been asked. I'm on 4.2 rooted, removed a few system apps, and i read few posts ago that in my configuration it will be impossible to upgrade in the futur.. Do you have a solution for this, flashing stock rom without an unlocked bootloader is only possible ?
Thanks in advance :)

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Jan 10, 2011
Hi guys,

Please can someone upload /system/app for ME173X_WW_user_4.2.4.31212_20131030 firmware ?

I've removed somes app and I'll be stuck for futur upgrade, asus doesn't propose tools or stock rom.. :mad:

It would be great, thanks :)


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Sep 26, 2008
the official ROM has no support for OTG why ?

Because there is no proper hardware support. You can use otg already if you provide additional usb power supply for external device. Without this additional power otg can not work with memopad hd7 regardless of firmware version.
It is not possible to change this with software upgrade or modification.

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Nov 21, 2013
As stated in the recovery/rom thread: There has been an update.

I also just installed that update a few minutes ago.

I'm now on build-number: ME173X_WW_user_4.2.4.72702_20131128
(probably built on 28/11 according to the built number.)

It's still android 4.2.2
Thus far I only noticed a new icon for settings.


Sep 1, 2013
MeMo Pad HD7 Discounted Heavily in Canada

The MeMo Pad HD7 16GB is starting to be discounted heavily in Canada. The BestBuy site has it for $120 CDN (only $113.21 US) with free shipping to Canada...) :good:
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Sep 1, 2013
Disconnecting battery

My MeMo pad HD7 just failed to boot, no custom rom installed, but it was rooted. When I followed the instructions to open the cover screen size up, a 1.5" x 0.25" flexible strip of rubber fell off also. Where should this strip mount back on the board?

Looking at the back cover, the strip seems to fit and insulate the power and volume buttons from the copper board on the back cover. Not sure, but I will try mounting the strip with the two jutting out sections standing up and away from the copper board...

Whoa, that strip -is- the power and volume buttons!

Fixed.. Just as a helpful hint, from the other posts of people who have done this, remove the uSD card first before removing the cover. To remove the uSD card, just gently push down on it, and it will pop up. The gold teeth on the uSD card face the back cover when you later reinstall it.
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Oct 9, 2013

Superdragon FINNALY DID IT

FULL AOSP 4.2.2 ROM for our tablet

You can check on his rom thread:

Still in beta, and of course with some bugs left to be fixed, but its really AWESOME

And since he doesn't have an working tablet right now, he really needs our support now.
Im gonna use it for an few days (or maybe for ever, love this rom), and taking notes of the bugs

have an look
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    CUSTOM Rom - Beta Stage

    Guys Good News !

    The very first Custom Recovery (CWM Based), is Now fully functional.

    But...... wait.... there's More

    Since i got some time today... i Just finish the very first Costum Rom for our TAB :angel:

    CWM Flashable, of course.

    So i will need some testers, since my time is VERY Limited.
    So PM an message if you have the time to test, and i will reply you back with all instructions and Download links.
    I would like to have at least 2 testers.

    Best Regards
    Custom Rom / Recovery RELEASE

    I have (FINNALY) made the Thread.

    You can now enjoy the FULL Android experience.

    Custom ROM and Custom Recovery are now Released.

    Official Thread here :

    (I will finish the OP Tomorow), Still need to add The "Usefull Tips" Section, but i need to sleep, gona work in +- 5 hours ...

    RECOVERY ---> DONE !!! :victory:

    Just need to test all the functions now, but its looking good so far :)

    Big Thanks to shoxxy for some hints, and specialy for our Russian Friends for the Files


    Recovery is upside down (thats normal in this resolutions), still throwing some errors, but those are not the hardest... Now all i need is time ;)
    [Howto] Unbrick memopad HD7

    HowTo "Unbrick Asus Memo Pad HD7"

    Note: The Files and the Knowledge in this tut, are from , and not from me

    Original Thread 4pda: Thread

    Many Thanks to: Enriki from


    Use The Flashtool only its Show"n in this HowTo, otherwise you risk to Brick your Device

    What we need:

    Driver : SP Drivers 1.5
    Flashtool: ULK173_20130618_2123_CSC
    Firmware: ME173X_WW_user_4.2.4.06716_20130918

    Step 1 : Install The Driver See this Thread

    By: kumar abhishek


    Step 2: Unbrick
    Unrar The Flashtool and open the Flash_tool.exe. (1) Klick on Scatter_Loading and choose the "MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc" from the "signed_bin" thats inside the Firmware Folder.
    (2) At Flashtool klick Window and choose Write Memory

    Next, klick Write Memory, Open Raw and choose the "sro-default-lock-sign.img" file from the "signed_bin" Folder. Memory Settings must be "EMMC"

    Before Flashing: Everytime when you klick Button to Flash , the Memopad must OFF and DISCONNECT from the PC. After you klick the write memory Button Connect the Pad to your Pc .Nothing more !!! You dont have to push any Button on the Pad!!!
    The Flash Progress should beginn, when it succesfully Finished A Green Ring is shown.


    Disconnect The Pad from PC​

    Klick: Special Format #1 Settings see in the Picture, and Start the Flash Progress shown above !

    Disconnect The Pad from PC​

    Klick: Special Format #2 Settings see in the Picture, and Start the Flash Progress shown above !
    Disconnect The Pad from PC​

    Now The Pad is Unbricked !!! Last Step Install Firmware:

    Go to the Flashtool main Screen klick "Scatter_loading" this Time choose the " MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc " from the " ImageME173X " Folder. Its in the Firmware Folder. (See next Picture)


    Start Flashing with the Download Button, Connect Pad to Pc , When The Green Ring is Shown:

    Your MemoPad is Rescued

    ps: Sorry for my Bad English, i hope i can somebody help to Unbrick his memopad !!!!!

    Greetz Shoxx​

    This HowTo is Fast made, because i had No Time at moment !!The Pics would be Changed tommoroe!!!
    you could wait an couple days, as I'm planing to release my ROM during this week, the beta ROM bugs are now fixed. I'm now optimizing the build to be faster and adding some custom scripts

    B . Regards
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