Asus rog 3 charge bybassing feature

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  • Mar 27, 2019
    Hello, i did notice this strange issue with this feature Screenshot_20210516-153653562.jpgas i read about this feature here in xda, and that it preserve ur battery life without charging or discharging it but instantly powering up ur motherboard, i did notice that it is not true, ican't show u in this pic the charging icon because if i tried to slide the screen the worning will go, but still, when i play games, i notice that the charging happens at a slower rate, its like the charger is charging the battery and the battery is powering up the device but because it do charge and give, it charges slowly with fast 30 watt charger, so the concept of bybasscharging is fake or what do you think guys, i wont accept the death of my battery with issue iam not aware of since this feature is here to delay battery death, but that is concerning me, and a situation should not be happening is happening when this feature is turned on!
    Iam starter at english so please forgive my bad english!
    The device is (Asus rog 3)