How To Guide ASUS ROG 3/ROG 5/ROG 5S fix fingerprint

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Mar 22, 2022
how to save it ? after i restart, the fingerprint is gone again, you need to calibrate again .

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    Many users have lost their fingerprints for some reasons, making the phone unable to register their fingerprints, and unable to use fingerprint unlocking and fingerprint unlocking functions. The tools and tutorials are now released, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

    How to calibrate can watch my youtube video:

    1. Download and install factory-test.apk

    ROG 3 uses rog3-factory-test.apk

    ROG 5/ROG 5S use rog5-factory-test.apk
    Tool download link:

    2. Enter the phone settings-set pattern unlock (must be pattern unlock)

    Click to add a fingerprint, it will prompt that the fingerprint cannot be registered.

    3. Go back to the phone desktop directly and open the factory test software

    4. Put in the FLESH FLAT weighing 600g, and then click the "NEXT" button

    5. Put in the BLACK FLAT weighing 600g, and then click the "NEXT" button

    6. Put in the FLESH CHART weighing 600g, and then click the "NEXT" button.

    If the prompt fails, it’s okay. At this time, use the task management to return to the settings and select "Add fingerprint"
    Then you can enter the fingerprint normally.

    At this point, the fingerprint calibration is completed. If you don’t have a fingerprint calibration tool, you can refer to the calibration methods of Red Devils and Nubia, which can also be calibrated normally, but the unlocking success rate is definitely not as good as using tools to calibrate.
    Same the 2nd one is older Unable to install !!
    both of them "apk not installed"