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Question ASUS ROG Phone 5 WW firmware

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    Views 354 ,,, not even one answer.
    Simply Yes or No will do.
    That's something you should already know by looking into any thread for any device : NEVER ever try to put a firmware from a different device. Lots of things a related to the specific hardware combination of each device.
    The first WW firmware of ASUS ROG Phone 5, and the international version of the machine is this firmware.


    https : //drive.google.com/file/d/14MDurYpjNcmTPb-prx20gGBRkVz9KbkI/view?usp=sharing


    Thank you I saved my phone thanks to you
    any tutorial for flashing rog 5 to WW?
    I bought online a ROG Phone 5 with global ROM but I didn't know it's Tencent edition (which was a bad idea). First day I held my ROG5 in my hand it worked for a few hours until I installed the "Find My Device" app, the phone was suddenly dead.

    So I tried to turn it on while it's charged and while it's not. Both times it didn't work. I tried to wipe data and reboot system in Fastboot mode with no luck and it's show something like "...your Android system is corrupted..." and gave me option to try again. When I tried to charge, the vibration, the charging light and the backlight didn't turn and it didn't show it's charging.

    The function of pressing up volume and power buttons together only worked when I plugged in the charging cable. Please enlighten me of what should I do next.