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Question Asus zenfone 8 , I purchased a new Asus zenfone 8 dual SIM 2weeks ago . But the battery life is just shocking. Had anyone have any thoughts on this ?

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    Got a p30 back, Jesus to say it is night and day I've used the p30 more than I used the zenfone and ended the day with 40% at the end of the day where I had to top up the zenfone. There is clearly something wrong with the design of the phone.
    Couldn't agree more with your statement! I'm going to sell mine zenfone 8. I've had enough so much promised so little delivered.
    Also works on my mazda 3

    I solved mine with another cable, for some reason the PD 30W cable I bought for the phone prevented connection to the Skoda, used an old type C cable it works fine. Android pay started working again randomly, seemingly after raised a case with Google themselves.

    I've given up the 120hz, Battery life is fine for me now (on auto) and I'm getting about 6 .5 hours screentime. Disabled Bluetooth and WiFi location scanning and renabled 5G. 90% charging limit.

    Mostly happy with the phone although Asus needs to be much more careful software updates.

    Hoping and praying
    I don't wake up with the phone bricked due to the ramdump issue. Keeping an eye on the Zentalk forum for how Asus deals with this ( may influence me to trade the phone in earlier, don't want a £600 paperweight)
    Going to be checking for the Xperia 5iii as I believe it has a bigger battery. Can't see anything else coming out which is compact-ish , high end and Android.
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    I got a root. After that, I changed the minimum frequencies of the processor (they are high in the drain, no matter what mode we choose). Chosen by a conservative governor. Removed all Google software. I set the refresh rate to 60 Hz. Disabled AOD. Sim one is 3g, the other is 2g. But I still get the same 5-6 hours. I have a suspicion that the reason for the fast discharge is the radio module.
    So I have Zenfone 8 since June and battery life is OK, I can get through a day. Saying that I am a pretty heavy user as I had to charge my pixel 3 twice in a day, while now when my father is using it, battery lasts for 2 days with 4-5h screen on time.

    Here is my accubattery estimates. They have gone from 6h 10min to 6h 48m in the last week, so maybe the adaptive battery is affecting this.

    Screenshot_20210805-201438569 (1).jpg
    5-6 sounds about right . That's very disappointing considering it's a 4000amh battery . I would have expected slot more hours.
    I think 5-6hrs with moderate usage is alright
    First of all it has an 888 and flagship socs in general are known to have an higher battery consumption plus the higher refresh rate (and depends if you use 5g all the time or if you get a better reception in your area and other usage)

    You can optimise some stuff in Asus autostart manager,disable aod (which consumes quite a bit of battery) and some other stuff and get slightly better battery life though

    But Asus might optimise battery further with otas though
    By the way, what SAR level ZF8 has?
    I have good signal 4G and 3G where my previous Note20 Ultra (865+) was often switching to 2G.
    SAR value (head): 1,412 W/kg, SAR value (body): 1,582 W/kg (source)
    I've attached the official SAR test report of the Zenfone 8, if anybody's interested.
    So, having used a few days now it has suddenly got much better. I'm off charge since 7am and am writing at 4pm and I'm at 80%. Not massive usage - 1 hour screen time with a little Pokémon go in between which seems pretty decent to me. I've disabled 5g, have screen on auto refresh rate and running latest firmware. I do wonder if low signal strength causes disproportionate power drain, the office saw me down to 30% by mid day work virtually no usage at all.