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Question Asus zenfone 8 , I purchased a new Asus zenfone 8 dual SIM 2weeks ago . But the battery life is just shocking. Had anyone have any thoughts on this ?

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Sep 2, 2021
Just received an OTA update .22 which supposedly improves 5G battery drain when downloading and system performance, we'll see.


Nov 15, 2021
As others said, it's about 5-6 SoT.
After installing LineageOS on now I got 8+ SoT.

Due to the clean LineageOS, 60Hz screen refreah rate, battery saver always on, no google spying services installed, 100% google free,no blotware, no whatsapp no facebook...

Phone now lasts me comfortably a full day of work (sometimes day and half).
I use it for work not as my playstation.
I'm super happy.

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    I got a root. After that, I changed the minimum frequencies of the processor (they are high in the drain, no matter what mode we choose). Chosen by a conservative governor. Removed all Google software. I set the refresh rate to 60 Hz. Disabled AOD. Sim one is 3g, the other is 2g. But I still get the same 5-6 hours. I have a suspicion that the reason for the fast discharge is the radio module.
    So I have Zenfone 8 since June and battery life is OK, I can get through a day. Saying that I am a pretty heavy user as I had to charge my pixel 3 twice in a day, while now when my father is using it, battery lasts for 2 days with 4-5h screen on time.

    Here is my accubattery estimates. They have gone from 6h 10min to 6h 48m in the last week, so maybe the adaptive battery is affecting this.

    Screenshot_20210805-201438569 (1).jpg
    Just wondering if anyone who has an Asus zenfone 8 are having trouble with the battery life ?
    I'm not sure about everyone. I heard from some people on stock about 6-7 hours SoT, but i don't know how. 5-6 sound much real)
    I'm not sure about everyone. I heard from some people on stock about 6-7 hours SoT, but i don't know how. 5-6 sound much real)
    5-6 sounds about right . That's very disappointing considering it's a 4000amh battery . I would have expected slot more hours.
    Also works on my mazda 3

    I solved mine with another cable, for some reason the PD 30W cable I bought for the phone prevented connection to the Skoda, used an old type C cable it works fine. Android pay started working again randomly, seemingly after raised a case with Google themselves.

    I've given up the 120hz, Battery life is fine for me now (on auto) and I'm getting about 6 .5 hours screentime. Disabled Bluetooth and WiFi location scanning and renabled 5G. 90% charging limit.

    Mostly happy with the phone although Asus needs to be much more careful software updates.

    Hoping and praying
    I don't wake up with the phone bricked due to the ramdump issue. Keeping an eye on the Zentalk forum for how Asus deals with this ( may influence me to trade the phone in earlier, don't want a £600 paperweight)
    Going to be checking for the Xperia 5iii as I believe it has a bigger battery. Can't see anything else coming out which is compact-ish , high end and Android.