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ASUS Zenpad 10 (Z300C) multi-user accounts enabling

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New member
Dec 30, 2015
I recently bought an Asus Zenpad Z300C.

Apart from not feeling a strong performance improvement from my previous Asus MemoPad the most annoying issue is that the android-standard multiuser manager seems to be disabled.

The local technical support guys replied a very client-unfriendly: "device does not support that function". Even after told that the previous generation MemoPad had it supported...

If you own this device please complain through Asus support if you feel that they are removing basic functions from the core OS as I do.
If you are thinking in acquring one, beware of the fact that you will not be able to share the device with your family or guests in an sensible way.

I read this post explaining a workaround for a similar problem in other device,

it could be tested only if the Z300C can be rooted, but currently seems not clear how to do it... see link below


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