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Question AT&T 5g and unlocked Z flip 3 5g

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Aug 14, 2012
Has anyone here ordered an unlocked Z flip 3 from 5g directly from Samsung and currently using it on AT&T in the US? I am trying to confirm that the phone will be able to access AT&T's 5g network. I've seen conflicting info out there. I don't want to buy it if it won't get 5g.


Senior Member
Mar 11, 2009
Hopefully your 5g is better than Verizon's. I get significantly better speeds on 4g. The most I've seen on a 5g speed test (and ive done many from many locations) is 7Mbps and I'm in an excellent coverage area for Verizon... although when it comes to 5g you can't tell where coverage is because the map combines it with 4g.

Verizon also combines (I'm probably saying this wrong) multiple 4g data streams together and calls it 5g and from my experience it's terrible.

I actually asked Verizon if there was a sim card I could get that would just allow for 4g since there is no disable 5g setting on the Verizon version but there is on every other carrier...uhg.

Anyways they said yes, I got 2 new sims and... I still saw 5g and I still have the wonderful battery drain from the phone constantly trying to get a 5g signal. Terrible.


Jul 12, 2007
I have this exact same setup and I don't have 5g either, logo doesn't show up or anything. I went to the att store and asked about a sim card and they said that shouldn't matter, I had them look up my plan and apparently I don't have a 5g plan (I'm using a line on my dad's plan). It would be nice, but I've accepted it for now. I've gotten pretty decent battery life from the start and I think it might be because I don't use 5g


Senior Member
Nov 6, 2016
I have the Samsung unlocked model and am with At&t. When am out and about at the top I do see it says 5G but in Miami we have no 5G enable yet but it does seem like it would get 5G once that enable. Once in a while i do loose that 5G signal and it drops down to LTE but for like a few seconds only than it jumps back to the 5G signal.

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