AT&T simple mobile sim

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Mar 24, 2011
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Ok, so we know that AT&T stopped with simple mobile, but does anyone have any idea where to find these Sims? . I know that if you have 4g hspa+ on the phone you can get their hspa + and you can get their utms and edge. AT&T phones get edge as is.

I wish AT&T let them use their towers so we wouldn't have the T-Mobile issues as that is what they're using now.

Ideas? Thoughts? :confused:

I'm gussing no one knows anything more about this....

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Dec 17, 2012
i guess it depends on where your at. here in Detroit you can go to most stores that have multiple phones and services for sale and get them for about 10 bucks plus tax. i can sell you 1 for 5 bucks if you leave me your info and we make arrangements.
i know this is an old message but thought id still reply.