Athena Project Black Dual by PK 3.0

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Dec 29, 2006

Well what do we call this one if we called the last one a beast?

This one i guess u can say is a animal. It is the Athena Project Black Dual 3.0 rom. It is the same base as the Touch version but many htc apps including ones from the dual. They have been made vga compatible as best as we could.​

Now whats different from the touch rom:

removed call firewall
removed group sms
removed syncrotime
removed pim backup
removed jetcet print
removed sprite backup
removed intellipad
audio mananger updated to 919.713 and my own skin for it is now standard
adobe reader updated to 288531
sim manager updated to 6.32
connection setup 1.0.30981 added and network wizard removed
adobe flash lite 0815715 added
camera album 1.0.906.717 added
action screen added and made vga wide
random access added but doesnt show the a-z scroll bar
htc home sprint added
ftouchflo added
pocketrar updated to 3.71
wm5torage upadted to 1.78
flashlight added in
ftouchflo config added in
wktask updated to
tcpmp updated to 0.81

Addons RAR includes:

MackDaddy theme
PK 3.0 Sounds
Cab to updated Midlet Mananger to latest version(latest version didnt want to fit into rom)
Sprite Backup
Jetcet Print
Call Firewall
Group SMS
PIM Backup 2.5
Remove x-black text
HTC Home Customizer by emunutz
Temp Comm Mananger for VGA
Task Mananger 2.0.30995
HTC Home 2.1.1005.722(best for 96dpi)
HTC Snapvue(yes from the htc shift. I TOLD U I HAD GOOD HTC SHIFT SOURCES!! HTC Home replacment for 128 and 192dpi. screenshot in post 10)
HTC Start Menu(best for 96dpi to make startmenu bigger and easier to use)

Tips/Updates (by ltxda):

- Save As enhancement. Go to Settings, System, select File Dialog Changer and check "Exchange Standard File Dialog". This changes out the standard Save As window and provides an enhancement where you can choose any folder/subfolder on your device and navigate the structure when trying to save files from any source.
- Battery/Memory indicators at top of screen. Each bar is started by its own file in the Startup folder. The "qwertyMemory.lnk" file runs the Memory indicator and can be disabled by deleting or moving this file out of the StartUp folder. The "dciBattery.lnk" file runs the Battery indicator which is the top bar and can be disabled by deleting or moving this file out of the StartUp folder.
- FingerTouch Keyboard: By default keyboard option 5 is selected. If you prefer QWERTY go into the input options and change the default keyboard layout.
- Messenger Mobile: The issues previously reported by other users and noticed by myself seems to have been "fixed". The MSN network sucks BUT Messenger Mobile seems to be dealing with connection drops and synching of contacts better than in previous versions/releases.
- Today Screen: All/default plugs have been deactivated. Just go to Settings, Personal, Today and go to the Items tab to reactivate what you want.
- Reminders: I'm annoyed by the constant reminder notifications after the initial notice. To disable this annoyance go to Settings, Personal, Sounds & Notifications, Notifications tab, select Reminders from the drop down and uncheck "Repeat". Not sure if this bothers anyone else but it really annoyed me and I've seen a couple of posts asking how to disable this.
- wkTask: Two nice features...of course they are in the get back to Today screen from any the area where the X typically is and drag left. This takes you right back to the Today screen. To minimize the current app, click-hold the X area and drag down. Very useful little program that has replaced Magic Button for me. Also allows per app control. Thanks Hirad for the recommendation! Also, This resides in the area where the X typically sits to close programs, etc. Start wkTask from Programs, click and hold the "X" area and go into preferences for wkTask. Make sure it's set to autostart by going to Startup tab and clicking the corresponding button. This is a great task manager.
- Vijay555's VJCandela aka Flashlight: It's been reported on other threads that prolonged activation of the flash light LED may cause it to burn out so use at your own risk. I have used it without problems. Comes in very handy. Also great for blinding your enemies before an attack! ;-p
- To get the look show above for htc home, please install htc home customizer and select alien ice clock, iphone-alt icons, transparent background, and stardock weather icons.
- HTC Home customizer that is in the addons has a problem where once u install it it'll look to download the cab for htc home but errors out with error "Plugin Not Found. Plugin was not installed. Please report this error." We included in the addons the cab for htchome found on emunutz's site. please install this cab first then start up the customizer.
- (added 10/29/07) to change default layout of teksoft's fingertouch please so to start/settings/input and click on options. change defaultkb to the option u usually use(1 for me).
- Action Screen if started in landscape after any reset/power off then on will not start. switch to portrait and then back to landscape and all will be ok.
- TCPMP starts in portrait and is used in portrait but after closing with X will make the phone go back to landscape. i use this as a oppertunity to activate action screen so it'll work in landscape.
- from looking quickly at the xml the sprint aka quicklauncher today plugin can be customized with new icons and new links. i believe u can also add to it via the xml.
- customizer for the ftouchflo can be found in system folder within programs. it is also recommended to put a shortcut into startup so ftouchflo is on always.
- wktask is missing the skins and will display a error message first time u start it. this was done because the default skin looks better and it mkes a few files less in rom.

To Upgrade (by ltxda):

- You agree that you do so at your own risk with absolutely no liability resting with xda-developers nor the maker of this fine ROM! And to be 100% clear, if you screw up your device it's YOUR FAULT. If you don't agree don't touch. ;-)
- Unlock phone using OliPro's unlocker or hardspl. This is needed even if ur phone is sim unlocked. the rom needs a cid unlocked device. cid unlocking is reached using olipro's hardspl or the unlocker.
- Install ROM...
- Done!
- Enjoy and report any bugs.\

Screenshots(more in next post):
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Dec 29, 2006



AP Dual 3.0 : Dual 3.0.rar
AP Dual 3.0 ADDONS : Dual 3.0 ADDONS.rar

Report bugs here :

Big thanx to darkforce for the build and chris for giving to me, cmonex for all her help, olipro for all his help, ltxda for all he has done, hirad for his graphics work on welcomeheads and splashes, nik and ron for testing and help, irus for the vga album skin, mack for starting the project and helping as much as he could in 3.0, and everyone else i forgot.

Note: this rom does not include a radio anymore. we recommend you update to the latest radio 1.50 before flashing this rom. Also remember to read the tips before asking questions about action screen and other programs.
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Dec 29, 2006
the rom and secret beast have been unleashed. the secret beast is whats in bold in the addon rar discription. btw posting at midnight. time to go to bed. night and enjoy


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Mar 31, 2007

Looking forward to seeing what that does.

Will it install on kaiser etc..?

Edit: Snapvue is the mutts nuts.

Edit: Doesn't display properly on kaiser (thought that might be the case)
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Aug 12, 2005
when i tried to install the snapvue the cab installation says unsucessful, neone else with this problem


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Aug 12, 2005
k i figured it out, the i soft reset before the extended rom could install. so the teksoft wasnt installed, ill try to redownload snapvue to see if there is ne difference


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Doubt it really matters but when starting wktask it gives an error about buttons_qvga.png missing.

u can use these skins included in zip and put them in wktask skin folder or any place in pda and choose throw menu of wktask >>>> skin and point the right map and it will eork again !!


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here are the skins from wktask main folder and the xp skin gives best view on 96 dpi. make a WKTASK skin folder in storage card and throw the prefrences of wktask choose this folder and choose the png u want here are the images downlaod and save them in a folder and upload them to your athena/ameo/advantage :


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Dec 28, 2005

I'm not sure if it's because I'm still half-asleep but even that snapshot doesn't really tell me what Snapvue is, other than that it looks like a slightly different today screen to the Kaiser's.

What is its functionality and what does it add?

Just interested.


I've just read the top post - it's a home screen replacement. SOWWY.
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