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ATOTO S8 Gen2 Standard Amp problems? (No sound)

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New member
Aug 13, 2021
Just finished installing my Atoto S8 last night in my 1996 Lexus sc300 (bypassed original amp, kept factory sub amp and 10" sub) everything was working great last night and today. But tonight a couple of hours ago I lost all sound output. Nothing not even a hum from the speakers or sub.

Dead amp in the unit?

Also, the sub would constantly slightly move at like 20hz or lower even with the key off and out (enough to barely hear but below it's real response range) since the install. I used the car harness ground instead of a dedicated ground for the head unit, so maybe that is what killed it?(I know. Stupid)

Also, the sub would pop about 15 seconds after the car was shut off and it almost sounded like a power surge when it happened.

But when the sound went out, no odd pop or anything. Just like I muted it.

Just needing thoughts. Really don't wanna rip my dash apart again.