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Nov 6, 2012
I honestly searched multiple forums but have not seen specific answers to the following two questions:

1. Is resale value of international version of Samsung Note 2 significantly higher/lower than carpet branded version (ATT in my case)?

2. What about warranty/tech support? I know where to go if anything happens to a phone branded by the carrier. Is there US version of international Note 2 (I do not think so)? If not - where do I go when "stuff goes wrong"?

I am aware of course threes is no LTE in international version, and other obvious differences (such as absence of carrier bloat). These are the only two items where I lack accurate and final answers.

Thank you!

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Dec 4, 2011
Unlocked international are usually worth the most. Not always for some reason but you can't go wrong with the note2. Maybe after the note3 comes out, there could be an ~equal value on open market for those looking for an lte enabled note2.
Warranty is usually non existent in USA. Your reseller would have to be willing to take it back for you to send to country of origin warranty center. Some resellers will do this and then of course many more won't. You're really on your own answering that question as the variables are too many.

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