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Oct 10, 2011
Attached: SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones.exe (23mb)

As I am traveling, I wanted to use another computer to use Odin/ADB. For establishing the USB connection I looked for the USB driver only, but did not find it. Ultimately had to download Kies_2.2.0.12014_18_8.exe (88mb) on the data plan!

So uploading the USB driver only from the Kies package if you need only the USB driver for Odin/ADB, but not Kies.

Tested working from Galaxy S2 with Odin and ADB, should work for other Android phones too.


Download links - (if this site is up, you will get all the links below from here)
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Jan 27, 2011
Thank you so much! I had been scouring the internet/XDA for an hour before I found this. Did not want to get the whole KIES suite as I knew I didn't need the whole thing.

Confirmed working ADB on CM9 :)


May 27, 2012
I can confirm that the file uploaded is also present in Kies_2.3.1.12044_18.exe.

SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones.exe (version
MD5: c725d36d0f62df9a88b3930860caa79f
SHA1: 9342c095cdd2beaf5f8cd14cf3362780f797166c


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Feb 14, 2012
Soft Bricked galaxy S2 Sprint Rom

Ok so i have had windows install all the drivers before.Than I accident I tried flashing the wrong rom,After that i was stupid enough to restore my computer.Thinking KIES would recognize it.....I had not selected emergency recover firmware before when I saw the device in the list because I used ODIN to flash the rom.Than tried updating the firmware to the device with Kies.(RETARTED,I KNOW-/Palm 2 after I recovered Windows the option to emergency recover my phone was no longer in the list.Nor could I see the dev on usb.Now its identified as UNKNOWN/USB on the several different connection types tech uses these days.Other than finding another s2 that's sprint rom to plug in and let windows 7 actually install the adb driver.How am I going to get the computer to recognize the device after plug in?>I know the steps in the process are delicate with this phone,take battery out>wait 1m>insert battery>go to download mode>plug cable into pc>plug cable to phone..but even that wont do it.Also i have been unsuccessful at every other angle I approach from.Any one out there smart enough to help Me,Because I am falling short on my ability to get this flashed to Cricket for a friend and now i have ruined her mom's phone /Frown
PS Don't KEEP KIES installed before you try using ODIN for anything will or may soft brick your Samsung

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