Attempting to complete a TWRP custom recovery build for the A90 5G

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Hey, I'm gonna keep this short and sweet, and not go on some convoluted paragraph or anything. I've been watching this devices threads for a while, noticed that the device has yet to have had TWRP developed for the device.

I currently have the build working in recovery on my model, and I'm working out all the bugs prior to any intention of release.

That said, the fact that I'm attempting to work out any bugs, should not prevent anyone else that is either working on it, or wanting to work on it. If you was, I'd love to request that you carry on with it. I'm just wanting to try my hand at it.

Attached is a proof of concept, on the A90 5G, riddled with bugs though that I have yet to work out.
Currently it does boot to system with it residing in recovery, Boots also with Magisk


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As its my first time building anything, had tested with some pieces cherrypicked from a sibling device(Just to get my bearings and see how things fix/break under what changes) will be reverted and attempted from own vendor, unless unable to replicate the resolve, in the case cherry-picking is official, maintainer of cherrypicked device will be credited.
No longer in cherry-pick state.

Blocking checks
- [] Correct screen/recovery size (Correct, although, needs to adjust for clock to accommodate notch)
- [] Working Touch, screen (Touch responds as expected, no lock/unlock required)
- [] Backup to internal/microSD (Tested, Works)
- [] Restore from internal/microSD (Tested, Works)
- [] reboot to system (Boots to system as expected)
- [] ADB (ADB is present)

Medium checks
- [✓] sideload (Have not attempted)
- [] UI colors (red/blue inversions) (Colours present)
- [] Screen goes off and on (Tested, responds as expected)
- [✓] F2FS/EXT4 Support, exFAT/NTFS where supported (F2FS/EXT4 Supported, Exfat supported, NTFS needs investigation)
- [✓/✘] all important partitions listed in mount/backup lists (Listed in Mount, not yet in backup, need to adjust fstab)
- [] backup/restore to/from external (USB-OTG) storage (not supported by the device)
- [✘] backup/restore to/from adb (Closed) (
- [✘] decrypt /data (Unsure, will investigate on a new compile)
- [] Correct date (Date is correct, time may need to be assessed)

Minor checks
- [✘] MTP export (Failing to init)
- [] reboot to bootloader (Reboots to Download Mode, BL disabled, as expected)
- [] reboot to recovery (Reboots to self as expected)
- [] poweroff (Responds as expected)
- [] battery level (Tested, Visible)
- [] temperature (Tested, visible)
- [] encrypted backups (Yet to notice if encryption is occuring)
- [] input devices via USB (USB-OTG) - keyboard, mouse and disks (not supported by the device) (OTG storage and Peripherals(Tested, Keyboard/Mouse/Disks can be present in TWRP)
- [✘] USB mass storage export (Currently failing to init)
- [] set brightness
- [] vibrate (Tested, Can be disabled in settings)
- [] screenshot (Tested, verified to dump on data)
- [✓] partition SD card (Tested, can be partitioned)

Currently bootable without Magisk as a TWRP Recovery bootable to system.
Also bootable with the same TWRP, flashing magisk zip within, to boot to system with Magisk, accommodated by a patched vbmeta and disabler by corsicanu.

Releasing img if and when satisfied with the quality of the above criteria and have thoroughly tested internally, I'm one for quality and wouldnt want to lay risk or bad quality on the end-user.
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