Audio [MOD][10/28] - Harman / Kardon Sound Mod v7 BETA! / All M8's - ADSP v54.2.2

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Jul 29, 2012
(bootloader) version: 0.5
(bootloader) version-bootloader:
(bootloader) version-baseband: 1.25.214500021.06G
(bootloader) version-cpld: None
(bootloader) version-microp: None
(bootloader) version-main: 4.16.401.10
(bootloader) version-misc: PVT SHIP S-OFF

Good to flash?
Thank you Sir!

Thank you Sir,


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Feb 14, 2010
Santod. Wondering if there is a workaround to get this to work with latest viper 6.0. Thanks beforehand. Need my Hk

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    Audio [MOD][10/28] - Harman / Kardon Sound Mod v7 BETA! / All M8's - ADSP v54.2.2

    Welcome to the New Harman Kardon Conversion Thread!


    Latest Update, v7, by Steve0007!
    Thank him HERE!

    You cannot dirty flash v7 over v6! You MUST dirty flash ROM to remove v6 then Dirty flash v7. If not you will not get ANY sound!

    Prior ADSP version does not matter.

    WARNINGS - READ before you proceed further!
    • Must be S-OFF or you WILL BRICK your phone!
    • Must be using latest TWRP recovery. No exceptions!
    • Does NOT work on GPE ROMS or any AOSP / CMx / PA, ETC. Sense 6 ONLY!
    • Must be on a 3.x+ fimrware base with Android 4.4.4!
    • If you are not sure about something ask!
    • By downloading any file in this thread you are explicitly releasing me of any liability to anything that could, may, and or will happen to your phone. Although these files were all tested there is always the chance something could go wrong! That is like anything in life!
    • All new posts start here for must current version: New Posts

    • Ensure you are S-OFF!
    • Download either the file you need! See Specific file list below!
    • Flash them in Latest TWRP recovery (others may work or may not work)
    • Reboot and Profit!

    Change Log
    • v7 - 10/28 - BETA Package rebuilt by Steve0007 based on a 4.4.4 H/K Base ROM. Has some issues with FLAC and Bluetooth streaming. Therefore it has been downgraded to beta.
    • v6 Verizon Remix 10/26 - Updated the settings APK for Verizon 4.4.4 Base.
    • v6 - 9/15 - Added additional sound files per @steve007's suggestion. Updated ADSP installation method suggested by @Captain_Throwback. If you were running @steve007's unofficial 5.1 there is no need for you to use v6. They are the same. V6 does varry from my prior version 4.3
    • v4.3 - 9/14 - Corrected script issue. There are no sound changes from 4.0 to 4.3
    • v4.2 - 9/13 - Updated all files, including Verizon to be 4.4.3 based now. There are no sound changes from 4.0 to 4.2.
    • v4.1 - 8/3 - Updated install scripts courtesy of EarlyMon. There are no sound changes from 4.0 to 4.1.
    • v4 - 7/25 - I took over for baadnewz. Update to ADSP 45.2.2-00542-M8974-HM.0422 with latest sound and library files.
    • Older Versions by baadnewz
    • v3 - Updated script to disable boomsound when enables HK
    • v2 - added 24 khz to audio config
    • v1 - initial release

    File List
    1. HK-V7-Verizon - This is all library and sound files and ADSP and the Settings.apk for Verizon based 4.4.3 Sense 6 ROMS.
    2. HK-V7 - This is all library and sound files with ADSP. Should work on all 4.4.3 Sense 6 ROMS other than Verizon!
    3. Remove-HK-V7-VZW - This removes H/K for people on VZW 4.4.4 base.

    Hit Thanks! Its just as easy as downloading!

    XDA:DevDB Information
    MOD][9/14] - Harman / Kardon Sound Mod v4.3 / All M8's / ADSP 45.2.2 / Sound Mod for the HTC One (M8)

    scrosler, baadnewz, benny3, @EarlyMon, @Steve0007, @Captain_Throwback

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Audio [MOD][10/28] - Harman / Kardon Sound Mod v7 BETA! / All M8's - ADSP v54.2.2, Tool/Utility for the HTC One (M8)

    scrosler, baadnewz, benny3, EarlyMon

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: Version 4.1
    Stable Release Date: 2014-08-03

    Created 2014-07-25
    Last Updated 2014-11-04
    Updated to 4.4.4 Rom ! Mod V 7.0.0

    I have updated the mod with the latest Original Harman packages available in the latest 4.4.4 rom.

    As usual make a nandroid backup before flashing the updated mod, incase you don't like the new sound or if you run into issues.
    It includes the HK ADSP firmware package too from 4.4.4.
    This is a standalone package, no need to flash anything else
    It will/should work with most if not all 4.4.4 Sense Rom base (M8)

    Test it, enjoy it. You don't like it, revert back to your nandroid backup or reflash your Rom on top without wiping.
    Would be interesting to share your new sound experience.

    Carefull to flash either:
    All M8:
    MD5Sum: e0a31a0402e0d614ecb71b2b14968346

    or if you have Verizon (US):
    Verizon M8 only: HK_7.0.0 -
    MD5Sum: f7f485834b072aca261c7a2010a17eec

    Thanks to kwolf for providing the necessary packages from the HK 4.4.4 Rom :good:
    Aroma HK / BS Switcher 4.0.0

    - Flash the Harman/Kardon function of the Harman/Kardon Sprint M8 to stock GSM, VZW and Sprint phones
    - Flash the BoomSound function back to all phones, make the Sprint H/K Phone a BoomSound phone (not sure this works right yet).
    - Both functions being selectable in a neat Aroma UI, flashable via recovery.

    - S-OFF is mandatory - do NOT try to flash the ADSP to S-ON Phones - the risks are unexplored. Damage might be inflicted!

    • Updated to Android 5.0.1 and latest ADSP’s for both HK and BS.
    • Updated BoomSound files to 4.16.401.10, HK files to 4.20.654.10
    • Replaced Verizon HK and BS Settings with mod from @santod040 (THANKS!)

    Tested on ViperOneM8 4.0.0 (4.16.401.10 base), both directions!
    Tested on Stock GSM and stock VZW both directions

    NOT TESTED on SPCS! Please do report!

    Some release notes:
    The problem with a non-functioning BoomSound on the HK ADSP went away. You can now - like you could on the pre-KitKat versions, flash the HK ADSP once, and then never look back. No matter if running BoomSound or Harman/Kardon - you only need that one ADSP and you also do not need a Sprint Kernel for that anymore. We consider this a huge improvement. Thank you, @HTC!

    The BS ADSP (V48.2.2-00564-M8974_FO.1211 i think) seems to be decoding HD Audio testfiles from linnrecords as well now, if only the HK libs and config files are inserted - as a matter of fact, this way, S-ON phones can have sort of a fake Harman/Kardon experience too. This needs some further investigation. People with good ears preferred. Or studio gear to measure actual sound differences.

    A little disclaimer:
    We take no responsibility for any damage done to your device following a flash of the ADSP image with our flasher. You are aware that flashing firmware partitions always carries a risk of damaging your phone. You agree to not hold us responsible for damage arising out of you yourself deciding to flash this after we have clearly pointed out the attached risks.

    Go to everyone who contributed on this thread, the old one and elsewhere. I wish to express my gratitude for this community effort. Some names that stood out most and whose work was directly or indirectly put into the Aroma version of the mod: - for maintaining the original mod - THANKS!
    @Steve0007 - for digging through the files and finding stuff
    @santod040 - for the modified Settings that works for all carriers - THANKS so much!
    @benny3 - for providing files
    @O.M.J - for providing files
    @EarlyMon for scripting
    @Captain_Throwback - universal wizardry, know-it-all, professional attitude
    @baadnewz - the great initiator
    @lyapota - the great initiator part two
    @ivicask - for the idea and being a very capable file monkey

    Thank you, Guys!

    HK/BS Switcher MD5: 465CF9C34DF5B7C9CA61CE3057CAD9E7

    Available through HERE (Download Link) as well as on Team Venom's HUB.

    This is a universal installer, suitable for stock Sense ROM's as well as ViperOneM8.

    • 4.4.3 based Sense ROM, any carrier (No CM, AOSP, AOKP, PA, GPE or whatever nonSense!).
    • ViperROM needs to be 2.0.0 or higher
    • Phone NEEDS to be S-OFF!!!
    • Recovery needs to be TWRP 2.8.x.x or @Captain_Throwback's universal TWRP (preferred)

    1. Download from here and flash in recovery
    2. Pick HK or BoomSound
    3. Pick Your Carrier option for stock or stock-ish ROM's, or Viper - ALL for ViperOne ROM.
    4. Pick Flash ADSP YES if its the first time you do this, or after a firmware update. NO if you had flashed this before.
    5. Flash, reboot, enjoy

    Change Log:

    • Visual Changes to Device selection screens to make it easier for the analphabetical.
    • Added additional files identified by @Steve0007
    • Changed ADSP flashing method.
    • Reworked Aroma for better selection of carriers and mods.
    • Reworked updater-script to better reflect the file logic - restores BoomSound properly now.
    • Removed standard-ADSP, not required in any scenario. BoomSound runs on the high-quality DSP just fine.

    Thanks to the following people
    • @baadnewz and @lyapota for starting the groundwork and getting the first 3 versions off the ground HERE
    • @benny3 and @O.M.J From BadBoyz ROMS for supplying Sprint files!
    • @EarlyMon for helping update the install scripts to make this less painful for everyone involved!
    • @Captain_Throwback for safer scripting method of ADSP!
    • @Steve0007 for inclusion of additional audio files!

    Fair Use
    • You can use these files any way you see fit.
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