[Audio Mod] eXtremeBeats Aural Maximizer™

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Oct 17, 2017
hopefully this wasnt ditched and im replying to a entirely dead thread that wont be looked at (sorry if i am, there also seems to be a glitch with the pages... the page lists that there is 551 pages yet i only get to 549 and the page just goes back to 549 if i go higher) anyway...

i installed the mod and am just wondering if there is an app for it or is it all just auto stuff?? also i have android q and im not sure if it will even work, the mod installed in recovery just fine though
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    â–º Via extensive EQ techniques Beats Audio increases the bass frequencies for a more fun and exciting listening experience
    â–ºBeats Audio can enhance high frequencies to add definition and detail​
    â–ºVocals now become warmer, and cleaner due to better EQ settings hand picked by me

    â–ºSpecial equalizers and filters built into PureAudio can re-sample 256KBPS to 320KBPS
    â–ºSpecial EQ settings edited by me make audio warmer, and somewhat more open, clearer and cleaner
    â–ºSoft frequancy scaling ensures that track noise is minamized
    â–ºBoosts call quality and dynamics
    â–ºWorks in tandem with SRS to further enhance low frequencies under 60Hz

    â–ºBy adjusting the left and right channels of audio SRS can add spacial emphasis on audio
    â–ºSRS TRUBASS dynamically enhances ultra low frequencies such as sub bass, and smartly adjusts them for super low bass
    â–ºSRS Definition de-muffles lackluster quality audio and can add detail to higher quality audio
    â–ºListening to music in your car? SRS Focus has your back. This technology elevates audio to sound like it's at your ears not feet
    â–ºAdjusting some mid tones SRS can bring vocals forward, almost as if they were being perceived from a center speaker

    â–ºSony's xLoud boosts certain frequencies for a higher perceived volume level throughout your phones speaker
    â–ºxLoud dynamically adds volume to your headphones by boosting certain mid tones to make sure listener fatigue is minimized​

    New to Aural Maximizer 2 - eXtremeTweaks. Info coming soon.


    This mod will work on almost any device, and has been optimized to run on Jellybean, Kitkat, Lollipop, Marshmallow and Android N. I strongly recommend you to create a backup of your system, as it's difficult to make a audio mod that works for all and you may run into issues. I can assure you however, you will NOT get a hard brick via flashing this. However if something is to go wrong, i'm not responsible as per usual. You will also need at least 10MB free system space to flash this. Remember to give me a thanks if you enjoy this mod. And please do not ask if it works with my device, just test it yourself... Aural Maximizer 2 supports Nougat.

    How to install?

    Boot into your favorite recovery mount system and data then flash zip, it's as simple as that! If you experience issues try wiping your davlik/art cache and normal cache after install.


    @guitardedhero - updater script
    @Jeeko - Pure Audio, Beats Audio and xLoud @aki_007 - DTS/SRS
    Me - Made this mod

    You can also find credits while you install this mod in your recovery.

    Documentation For Aural Maximizer 2 APK or PDF.

    Outdated Versions + Viper Presets

    Want to donate?

    My work is free, and for the most part it always will be. But if you enjoy my work, and wish to contribute to helping me keep motivated you can gift me on paypal.

    Ensure you use this email to gift to: [email protected]

    Thanks :)
    Update to Aural Maximizer 2

    eXtremeBeats Aural Maximizer 2 is out!

    Aural maximizer 2 is a aural maximizer original refresh. It includes the all new eXtremeTweaks engine and an updated SRS configuration for better audio reproduction.

    Changes include:

    - Updated SRS/DTS settings. More bass, more clarity and a much wider stereo image. Increased following parameters by 200%

    - Decreased mid bass in favor for sub-bass 80-60HZ to 60-40 (headphones, bluetooth, line out)
    - Changed SRS TRUBASS frequency of speaker up to 500HZ @ 250hz Analysis (warmer speaker, slightly less punch, mileage may vary).


    - New eXtremeTweaks. Updates your build.prop with the best hand picked audio parameters Included in eXtremeTweak:

    Better re-sampling
    Sony Enhancements
    HTC Enhancements
    eXtreme ClearVoice

    Tested on a Nexus 6 on 7.0 Nougat. Results over last version, were improved bass response and much wider stereo image when watching movies or listening to music on both phone speaker and headphones.

    For further documentation download the APK or PDF documentation guide.

    Edit: Enjoy, and Merry Christmas :)

    EXB AM 2
    The new eXtremeBeats will be within the next few days. Just finalising the ZIP now. The new version will now use around 60MB of system space, but the zip will still remain small (About 20MB). haven't thought of a new name yet either.

    I'll keep you guys posted on more stuff as it progresses.
    Hey @Ben Feutrill, I have perfected your version with everything I can see to do.

    The /extras folder is now utilized which only includes the beats.lib's which will be installed on any HTC device.

    The other two files that were originally in /extras are now placed in /system/etc to be installed to all devices along with the rest of the files.

    /vendor is added for devices that use the /vendor partition instead of /system/vendor.

    tweak.prop support is built-in for users with a prepared /sdcard/tweak.prop to add any desired entries to their own /system/build.prop. The /system/build.prop will NOT be touched unless a user has an existing /sdcard/tweak.prop.

    Feel free to use this as your official eXtremeBeats™ Aural Maximizer™ zip. I've prepared the scripts to do everything needed to utilize all contents and to look very sharp as well. When looking at the contents, it may seem that some stuff has been added. Rest assured, absolutely nothing has been added except for proper scripts to maximize the installation potential and a copy of /vendor outside of /system for the newer Nexus devices. :good:

    I have added these same changes to the ViPER4Android Edition which only adds the app and its Super Quality driver to eXtremeBeats™ Aural Maximizer™. All five known audio_effects configs will be patched with the necessary entries while also avoiding duplicate entries as well. This is perfect for many that have issues with ViPER4Android being able to patch the necessary file on the device or even at all.

    A JellyBean and KitKat version is also available that has the unnecessary /vendor partition folder removed. :good:

    And finally, here's the full ViPERAtmos 4.8 Sony Beats with the current revision of eXtremeBeats™ Aural Maximizer™. :good:
    2nd Edit:

    Just finished the new version, going to release tomorrow :)

    Merry Christmas Everyone