Question Audio - no bass on Adroid

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New member
Oct 15, 2021
Hi Crew I have recently purschased YT5760L XY Audio: 1.68 (AC8259). The problem I have is that when my unit boot/start up there is no bass going out to external amplifier but when I drive for around 15 - 20 min and I swith off the engine and unit turns off , then after the engene start again and unit wakes up (without booting/starting up) the bass is going to my external ampliefier. Also there is litlle speaker icon on menu when you slide from the top of the screen ( where WiFi icon is displayed ). I believe this should turn on/off bass or external amplifier but doesnt do nothing. Anyone came accross this issue please?

jack lamters

Jul 1, 2021
Bass speakers need to be huge to deliver good bass. If you have a 1mm wide drum it will sound bad, but if you have a normal size drum it will sound good. Try to explain it simply