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General AUG4 - July 2021 | GALAXY S21 Ultra 5G | Official Firmware (SM-G998B) | 7th July 2021

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Senior Member
Feb 18, 2012
So if you plug it in, does Odin recognise it? If it does, get the firmware version you already have running (not the new one you want to update) and push that to the phone. This has happened to me twice before and that's how I fixed it.

if Odin doesn't see it then, might be no other option but to send back to Samsung.
Tried that already, odin sees it but after i put the files in their place and click on start, it gives error. The problem is that no matter what i tried i ended up in emergency recovery mode.

Even after phone discharged, i pressed volume up and down at same time and plugged in the charger, same story, still in emergency recovery mode.

I cam back 1 hour ago from samsung service, they said the motherboard and another piece are bricked and they are going to replace them , it should take 1-2 days. The bad thing is that i lost all my data which was not saved in google drive.

I asked them how is it possible but they were clueless. I mean using samsung own app and trying to update softare resulted in a bricked phone, wtf....


Senior Member
Jun 11, 2012
United Kingdom
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
It's showing up on the firmware checker app so should be available soon.


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Aug 31, 2012
It seems that you can trigger the update via smart switch ..... I just tried to do that and it's stuck at 76% for several hours now.... tried another cable, tried to cancel but stays stuck. Anyone had the same issues ? apologies, if it has been already reported on previous topics, i didn't read through all the pages.

EDIT: OK just read a few posts back. It's been 3 hours stuck at 76% now ....

EDIT #2 : found the culprit : DO NOT USE THE THUNDERBOLT PORT on your PC . Took me the whole day to figure it out.
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Feb 18, 2012
Today i picked up my phone from samsung service, they replaced the motherboard.

So , yeah, DO NOT UPDATE YOUR SOFTWARE VIA SMART SWITCH, that software is a pos regarding updating software.
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Senior Member
Mar 23, 2009
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
I am on latest AUF6/AUF6/AUF9 ROM and I just noticed that the phone overheats during long camera usage so the warning pops out and camera app exits. Anybody else experiencing this? I had never experienced this on previous builds, although now it is quite hot outside (30°C - 35°C).

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