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Aurora S6/S6E Port V4.1 [Discontinued]

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May 1, 2013
Making our phone more awesome!
Aurora S6/S6E Port V4.1 [Discontinued]

To all devs: You're not allowed to take files of the ROM without my permissions

Principal Features
- Base on S6 G9200ZCU1AOFE/I9500ZCUJOH2 (Chinese Base)
- Stable and Faster
- Rooted / Deodexed / Zipaligned / Busybox / Deknoxed
- Stock kernel, init.d and battery tweak
- Multiple Languages and downloadable keyboard languages

ROM Features
- S6 Accuweather
- S6 TouchWiz Home with Themes Support
- S6 Message App with floatting message support
- S6 Settings

- S6 Keyboard
- S6 Health
- S6 Smart Manager
- S6 Gallery
- S6 Photo Editor
- S6 Email
- S6 Dialer and Contacts
- S6 Camera (Remplaced by S4 for stability)
- S6 SystemUI

- S6 My Files
- S6 Music
- N5 Air Command
- S6 Calculator
- S6 Calendar
- S6 Galaxy Apps
- S6 WallpaperPicker
- S6 S Browser
- S6 Clock
- S6 Video App

- S6 Memo
- S6 Voice Recorder
- S6 S Voice
- S6 Theme Store
- S6 Theme Center

- More!!

- None

Installation Steps
- Download and install the latest version of CWM or Phliz Recovery or TWRP
- Put the ROM in the phone "internal memory" or "external memory"
- In Recovery Install (TWRP)/Install from zip file(CWM or Phliz)
- Select the ROM and install
- Wipe Data/Cache
- Restart and enjoy :)

V4.1 [20/12/2015]
Aurora S6 Port V4.1

@darkera13 For some mods and help
@Albe95 For all the tips and help
@Martillero For some bugs fixes and all your help

XDA:DevDB Information
Aurora S6/S6 Edge Port I9500 , ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S 4

alemtro, yuguo0522, Aurora Team
Source Code: http://weibo.com/AuroraROM

ROM OS Version: 5.0.x Lollipop
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
ROM Firmware Required: Custom Recovery
Based On: Stock Samsung Firmwares

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: V4.1
Stable Release Date: 2015-12-20

Created 2015-03-24
Last Updated 2016-01-29
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May 1, 2013
Making our phone more awesome!
1) Why my backlight keys dont turn on?
You need disable powering saving

2) I try to install the ROM but I dont boot (no samsung logo)?
Be sure that you use the latest version of your recovery (Recommended install with TWRP)

3) This ROM is compatible with 11GB pit?
Yes, the ROM is fully debloaded, remember that 11GB pit have limit system space

4) I have some FC after to make a dirty installation, how I can fix it?
Clear Data/Cache of the app that give FC, recommended make a clean installation

5) This ROM support Viper4Android (V4A)?
Yes, but you need flash the kernel that have in MODS page and after install the app and the driver and finally reboot

6) Where I can update my modem and bootloader in the latest version?
Here you can: update your Modem and Bootloader in lollipop, recommeded have updated your modem and bootloader if you use lollipop custom ROMS

7) When is the next version?

8) This ROM will work on GT-i9505?
Sorry, only work on GT-i9500

9) How I can install Xposed?
Make THIS tutorial

10) I lost my Pattern and PIN lock screen in every reboot, How I can fix?
Probably u wipe data AFTER to flash the ROM zip, only flash THIS zip

11) I have chinese letters in some apps like Messages and Dialer/Phone, please fix it?
For remove first go to Aurora Settings, then go to 'Call Advanced Settings' and uncheck all the options that say 'attribution' and finally close all apps from recents apps
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