Aussies - Can't root Chromecast (serial 4711----) w/ Hubcap root method

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Oct 26, 2010
Hi guys,

I bought my Chromecast new in box from **** Smith a few weeks back when it was on sale. I had troubles following the HubCap root method. Through some help I have found a solution:

1. I first plugged the CC into my TV, connected to it via smartphone (over WIFI) and disabled my home internet in my router (to ensure no updates are installed), to confirm my firmware was 15098, which I am told was ROOTABLE
2. Instead of following precise instructions - such as using the Teensy 2.0 with the CORRECT corresponding HEX file for "new in box" (regular_12940.hex), I was told to use the other file, which you would only OTHERWISE use if you've played with it, installed updates (used; that file being 'regular_16664.hex'). If you use Teensy++, these are the wrong files...
3. Resumed following the documented procedure (confirmed by watching a couple of YouTube videos) and the good news is the light on the Chromecast NOW blinks when the Teensy flashing is done. Also, my USB flash drive (which has its own inbuilt LED) as well as Chromecast LED also look to flash as they communicate with each other I click the final button on the Chromecast.

From there, I was good to go!

Bottom line? Update the main thread to only use the 1664.hex files, as the others seem to be a blatant waste of time. Guide needs to be updated

I may be the only spaz, but hopefully it helps someone.

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Apr 16, 2011
The serial number is irrelevant at this stage, it's the firmware that matters and you're on a rootable firmware, just because you're doing it wrong, don't post it as fact.