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Jul 11, 2022
Sorry to confuse you. Here is the bullet points of the Australia S22 Ultra model S908E
  1. Processor - Snapdragon
  2. SIM Slots - 1 Physical SIM and 1 eSIM
  3. Region - XSA
  4. Model - S908E
  5. Caller ID & Spam Protection - Available. This feature is there in S-series from S20 Ultra onwards

As far as I know S908E is different than S908E/DS. I would suggest not to flash XSA rom on that phone. If you want to do try for educational purpose, please go ahead.
I have the SM-908E Aus model, are we able to make it a Dual Physical Sim somehow, do you know?

I'm having an issue obtaining an E-sim ATM.

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    Ordered mine from Samsung website after confirming S22 Ultra equips Snapdragon processor.

    Ordered Phantom Black, 1TB
    I always do a clean install, and only restore SMS and call history. EVerything else setup fresh. It's the best way.

    A lot of apps have their own builtin backups, so I use them for some things, like Tasker, Sleep As Android etc.

    I even do clean installs on every major OS update. Doesn't take much to get everything how I like it.
    Here you go folks 9Hrs 5 m SoT with 5% left. Never got this much on my s21 Ultra prior!! Time to plug in. Very Happy!!

    Screenshot_20220306-202511_Device care.jpg
    S22 Ultra - day 3 WHQD+120HZ, Max processor, Bluetooth always ON - Galaxy Watch 3, 4G only, WiFi always on. Amazing SoT compared to my S21 Ultra!
    Finally, got the tracking details from AusPost app. Now I am confident that I would get mine by Monday. Fingers crossed
    Mine's coming from Samsung too, Black 512.

    I also got this email today...

    Greetings from the Samsung Australia Online Store.

    We’re reaching out in regards to your Galaxy S22 Pre-order, AU*********

    Thank you for your interest in our greatest range of Galaxy mobiles yet.

    As a special surprise for our top Samsung Fans, we’re delighted to announce that your pre-order is shipping out early!

    Your order will be shipped out in the coming days and you will receive an SMS with tracking information from Startrack.

    You may find that some accessories purchased with your Galaxy S22 device are missing from this shipment, please do not worry as these will be shipped separately at a later date with further tracking details to be provided.


    I also received my OtterBox Defender and Whitestone dome today, so I'm so set!