Auto Night Sight & Night Sight Portrait Mode [PARTIALLY] working on Pixel 4a 4G with latest BSG GCam port


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Dec 19, 2015
Out of curiosity I installed the latest BSG GCam port on my Pixel 4a, just to see if the auto night sight and night sight portrait mode features (currently exclusive to the Pixel 5 & 4a 5G) would work.

Link here:
If you wish to install this, make sure you download the 2nd .apk file: "MGC_8.0.018_A9_V0j_Clone.apk"
The non-clone one will most likely fail to install on your device.

Let's cut right to the chase.

Auto Night Sight

Auto night sight in normal "camera" mode DOES WORK without any major issues. Proof in screenshot below. I put it in spoiler, because the screenshot is kinda huge. As you can see, the "A" icon with the crescent moon is present. It can be turned off if you wish, too.

I got it to work by going into the settings and setting everything like on the following screenshot:

Setting the interface to Pixel IV 5G Bramble and HDR+ device to Pixel IV 5G Bramble, should work as well. I don't recommend changing the picture configuration and RAW format, as I encountered crashes with different settings. YUV & RAW10 seems to work well, for me at least.

Night Sight Portrait mode

This one isn't fully working for me. It basically only works when taking portraits of people. Not working with objects or animals, unfortunately. I know this always happens with GCam ports on non-Pixel devices, but I thought it would work correctly on my Pixel 4a. Portrait mode on @cstark27 's PX Cam ports does blur the background even if the subject is an animal or an object. So not really sure what the problem is here.

But it's still early, VERY early days for the GCam 8.1 port. I think it's amazing that we have a Google Cam 8.1 port that's working on so many devices already. Great work by the devs, for sure.
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