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Automate device care optimize now button

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Oct 16, 2021
Guys, i want to know if we can automate device care optimize button to run every 1 hour or 2 hours using a program?


Senior Member
Jun 23, 2020
You probably can but it will likely eat battery to a greater or lesser extent. Overkill.
A direct homepage Clean Now shortcut button be nice but I never got that to work.

Simply close open apps when done.
I use Clean Now or Optimize once or twice a day to clean log files etc. I generally use Clean Now. Troublesome apps need it after they're closed. Sort them out. I generally keep Google play Services disabled unless needed, it's a known offender.
Use Karma Firewall to block their internet access if they don't need it.
Scan with Malwarebytes occasionally or as needed.
Clear System Cache occasionally or as needed.

My current OS load is over 1.5 yo, still fast and stable. This is all I do.
If you are having speed or stability issues track down the root cause(s). This should be a fast running device as is.
If your SOT is higher than 12%@hr at 50% or less screen brightness, something is eating too much power.