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Oct 12, 2011
Huawei Mate X2
No noticeable change on new firmware. Same camera version. Only March patch from what I can see so far. I'm sure they've done other things but they're not telling us
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Mar 17, 2013
tenbury wells
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Finally uk EUX/VOD


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kevin feng

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Mar 10, 2023
I have model S918N got from South Korea (SIM + eSIM). May I flash model S9180 firmware to my phone (dual SIM) ?



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Nov 10, 2014
I remember on my Galaxy S20FE that the Switzerland AUT ROMs were incredible. On the s23 Plus it's the EUX ROMs right (no more AUT)? If so, how is it doing, is it well optimized or you guys miss when it was local region only?


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Jan 12, 2022
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Little update about... The update... After doing a Geekbench 6 test, it seems the S23U achieved one of the most performant results since I got it.
Single core: 1970 (average: 1923)
Multi-core: 5216 (average: 5071)

The usual and generic "various optimizations" might have been true, on this one.
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Nov 10, 2014

what is the best CSC to use - purchased direct from Ssamsung
I agree with @Jaxom84, just flashed the EUX ROM (and i don't even live in Europe) and everything work fine. 5G and LTE, Samsung Wallet... System seens fine, the same as the last patch on ZTO ROM (so no new lag), benchmark seens the same too.
But it's up to date and i have a feeling that as EUX ROM is made for first world countries with high expectations, it is well optimized, maybe even better then some for other markets.


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Oct 29, 2015
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The USA t mobile update just arrived and it does seem that the device went back to the fluid and smoothness even more so now the when i got it. Its flying to say the least and compared to my other devices that are a generstion older i can finally see the difference in animations very smooth!

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    Thailand got 2nd firmware of May (Just Security Patch only not camera update). (S2AWEA)
    And new bootloader... before S1AWD1
    Now S2AWEA

    And is for Thaïlande THL
    Not iet universal EUXScreenshot_20230526_162830_Bifrost.jpg
    Thailand got 2nd firmware of May (Just Security Patch and new bootloader not camera update). (S2AWEA)
    If i want to check new Firmware with Frija, no Connection. SM-S918B EUX
    (Error 102 Unable to find Firmware)
    I have download it with bifrost with informations
    SM-S918B THL
    Flashed and life goes on...
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    In this thread, you can discuss and share the Mega links of new firmwares (OFFICIAL STOCK) for the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G!
    NO CUSTOM ROM's and/or ROOT-talk

    How to flash the firmware to your phone:


    1. Extract (un-rar) the firmware file (i.e. to folder C:\Odin) ***
    2. Download Odin v3.14.4
    3. Extract the Odin ZIP file (i.e. to folder C:\Odin)
    4. Open Odin
    5. Power OFF your S23 Ultra 5G
    6. Reboot Phone in Download Mode: Connect USB-cable to your computer. Hold down "Volume up" and "Volume down" at same time. While holding down, connect the USB-cable to your phone. Or use the command "adb reboot-bootloader".
    7. Wait until you get a blue sign in Odin
    8. Add the firmware files to their designated slots (AP in AP, BL in BL, CP in CP, HOME_CSC in CSC). USERDATA stays EMPTY!
    10. Click the start button, sit back and wait few minutes for the device to automatically restart.

    *** You can always find the LATEST firmware in message #2

    I have taken over these threads and they are dedicated to the memory of Henk, you can read more about him here:
    Waiting for the comment that complaints about worsened battery life and overall performance
    I will be doing as I did with the S10+ and S21 Ultra and recording updates!
    Latest firmware for the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G

    This is the latest ROM for Multi-CSC OXM and can be used for ALL CSC's mentioned in Multi-CSC OXM!
    This is an official Samsung ROM so KNOX will not be triggered!


    What's new:
    * May security patches (Samsung Android Security Updates)
    * Device stability improvements, bug fixes.
    * New and / or enhanced features.
    * Further improvements to performance.

    Model SM-S918B
    Model name Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G
    Country Multi-CSC OXM
    Version Android 13
    Security Patch Level 2023-05-01
    Build Date Thu, 13 Apr 2023 06:07:45 +0000
    Changelist 25800099
    Multi-CSC OXM

    Details for download with Frija:


    Unzip the archive and place the files in the designated slots in Odin 3.14.4

    HOME_CSC_OXM -> data will stay intact
    CSC_OXM -> device will reset to factory settings

    Full download also available: