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Apr 21, 2021
Hello guys this is my first time to post here I need some help and I believe you guys have the enough skills and experience to help me out.
I downloaded this app called Back button - everywhere from the playstore
It's working fine and everything but I was wondering if someone could increase the size of the box "button" or maybe edit the dimensions so it becomes a bit more like a rectangle button or something..
The thing is I'm not using this app for the same thing it was made for, I'm only using it to hide a specific part of my phone screen just to avoid touching that part. So yeah if you guys have an alternative to it I'd appreciate that I have been trying to find anything similar but unfortunately I couldn't, most likely it's the only app that fits my need. I can set it to "do nothing when clicked" also the transparent background is what I love about so yeah
In the photo these are the options I can edit the size but it's limited to that particular area (red box)
Could someone help just make that box a little more bigger? That's all I need thank you
Edit : double it's size horizontally would be perfect. Like.. two boxes next to each other that's the size I need thank you


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