"Back" button function as "back" in web browsers. Possible ?

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Aug 9, 2014
Here is what i noticed and what annoys me.
When i click on the link and during loading website, sometimes its a second , sometimes a lot longer (like this forum) i wanna abort loading page and go back to previous page when i clik back button (soft keys/navbar) it in forst place abort loading page and then going back which means its 2 steps. I can do the same with, for example Opera browser. But with opera its 1 step. Pressing "<" button gets me to previous page immediatelly. It aborts loading page+gets me back. Can i give....hmm how to say it a "power" of back browser button to softkey "back" ?
Its easier for me to use navbar keys to navigate in internet. I just dont want to double click "back" button to actually get back 1 step