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Backing Up Custom ROM State as img?

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New member
Jul 1, 2019
Hi there,

I hope this question belongs here but if not just let me know i'll move it to the appropriate place.

I'm currently in the process of testing custom roms. Just installed lineage OS and enjoying it although noticed a lot of my blacks have this weird blue tinge to it and not sure if it's lineage OS or not but regardless I would like to test a few other custom roms.

I would really not want to keep installing all my apps and setting everything up once I've tested and decide I want to use a specific rom and I was wondering if there's a way to back up your entire rom as an image so I can just reflash and away I go with google set up and logged in and all my apps etc. That way if I wanted to go back to LineageOS for example I can just flash this img and I have gapps set up, my apps are alreayd installed and logged in and everythings customised the way it currently is.

I've heard tianium backup does something similar but not sure if it's what I need. I also know I can do a NAND backup but not sure if that'd technically cause issues with things being modified.

Greatly appreciate any and all help!


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    If device's Android is version 6.0 ( and higher ) and is rooted you can dd or tar each existing partition.