Backup stock revovery before installing custom recovery

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Sep 21, 2016
Hi all.

I have a couple of SM-T813 tablets with Nougat stock firmware.

I want to install Lineage OS on these devices. According to official installation instructions ( I have to write a custom recovery using heimdal.

I know that with a custom recovery i can backup the rest of partitions before installing Lineage OS, but I want to know if is it posible (and how) to backup stock recovery before overwriting it with custom recovery using heimdail.
How can I backup stock recovery before install custom recovery?

Thank you and regards.


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Mar 8, 2014
....How can I backup stock recovery before install custom recovery?....
You can pull with adb the recovery partition as .img to your SD card.
Have to know mount point of course.
Good description here:
Perhaps you gotta install adb root as well.

But there is no real need to backup stock recovery as it will be revived automatically, when flashing stock ROM.
Just make sure you have the stock ROM downloaded before you start flashing your recovery (multiple part stock is preferred).
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