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Jan 30, 2012
Hi, I just got an OnePlus 9 Pro and is rather confused as some real life comparisions with my old phone (Mi 10 Ultra) has showed Oneplus 9 Pro to be slower, in some cases significantly. This really surprises me as the 888 SoC should perform better than the old 865.

To be concrete (regarding the differences):
* When I do the tests in Kinemaster that tells me what the phone is capable of: Oneplus 9 Pro gets IDENTICAL scoringin both 39,6 Mpixel/s and possible resolution.
* When I try in Vivacut to export a 4k file: On my Mi 10 Ultra I CAN export it, on Oneplus 9 Pro, the phone refuses to export it in any higher resolution than FHD. Ironically enough, if I export the SAME file, it takes longer time for OP9P to export it in FHD compared to letting Mi 10 U export it in 4k

I have made sure that all settings are the same in the apps and I have also done a total reset of the whole phone (the Onepluis 9 pro) but the problems persist.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or is there anyone else that has run into things like not beeing able to export 4k from VivaCut on the OP9P??



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  • May 24, 2008
    Razer Phone 2
    Motorola One Action
    I've not run any benching software on it yet, but under normal daily usage of Apps and Games I play, it does significantly feels a lot faster and smoother than my old Razer Phone 2.

    I got the 1+9 Pro to replace my dying RP2 as my gaming device, phone, organizer, etc...., and so far it's doing an excellent job at it, by that i mean really speedy and smooth.

    The only thing I did noticed that is not very satisfactory are the battery consumption and the speakers, my old RP2 has waaaaay longer battery life for several straight hours of gaming.
    The 1+9 Pro doesn't long half that long, but with the ability to get almost a full charge 90%+ in 15 min, i can forgo that minor issue.

    The speakers thought, I can't really ignore, simply not loud and clear enough compared to the RP2.

    Back to the performance point, I don't trust on synthetic benches, I go by real world usage.
    That's why I've been comparing it to my old RP2 which had excellent performance, it was too bad the battery is dying.
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