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May 16, 2011
I have version with google services working perfectly. wanted to upgrade to to get fast charge and usb. but only appears to update Is it safe if I later need to downgrade to re-install google services?


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Sep 23, 2007
Huawei P40 Pro
I have version with google services working perfectly. wanted to upgrade to to get fast charge and usb. but only appears to update Is it safe if I later need to downgrade to re-install google services?
You have no alternative. You can downgrade to and after that to The good news is that it is not necessary to downgrade to solve errors.


Apr 22, 2015

a notification is saying 'Registration expiring: Google apps and service will stop working in x days. Tap to learn more.'

What should I do to this?


May 31, 2022
hi, can you help me i can't dowgrade my p40 pro to 10.131 whith hisuite proxy when i arrive in 99% i have this mesage error update fail, i try with many versions stop windows defenseur and antivirus the same problem can you help me please


May 31, 2022


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Dec 14, 2008
Hi @ All. If anybody use android auto and have the weather and news app there? I don't have it, on my galaxy s22 Ultra it will show.
After I install for example Amazon Music after Android Auto it will also not shown. I must whipe data from Android auto and than it was able to use. If there another way to become apps after install android auto shown there?

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    It is not important to me. After that, I use my (paid) procedure to fix any errors. For you...I dont know.

    LE: I never installed GMS with googlefier.
    Successfully installed GMS and upgraded EMUI to latest version and fixed some issues mentioned in previous comments. For now it works without any problems, updated also GMS to 21.24.56. Also Android Auto works now after requested app update.
    Thank you @badmania98 for your help and clear instructions for every issue.
    Hi badmania98,
    Thanks for your thread - a lot of great info here. Currently I'm on and I'm thinkg about downgrade to the oldest firmware that was ever released (I guess it's ELS-LGRP4-OVS, install GMS and update through OTA.

    I can use Chimera Mobile Phone Utility or SigmaKey (have you heard about them?) to allow downgrade by the "Disable FW version and compatibility check (enable downgrade) function under "Modify Oeminfo" tab. Didn't try that yet but I'm desprate to install Google Services on my P40 PRO.

    I read many of your posts but still have some questions:
    1. Which is the best method to install GMS on
    2. Can I update through OTA to the newest EMUI12 build or should I stop at some point?
    yes, i find only in this payed sites. but i dont trust them...
    OK. I did. It was no problem.
    Google search for ”Google Play store apk” or go to www.apkmirror.com and search for Google Play Store.
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    Because I answered to the same questions on different threads, I decided to create this thread, where I will provide my experience to you, in one place.

    The followings messages (2-7) contain all major info and tutorials links from this thread.

    All solutions/tutorials are related to the EMUI version that is installed on your phone. Before you start using this phone and upgrade/downgrade the firmware, I suggest you to read this message and after that you can continue reading the thread.

    I am waiting for your questions. I hope that I can help. I will not answer again if I already answered and you haven't read first 7 messages of this thread. I don't like people who are more lazy than I am. :devilish:

    My Phone: P40 Pro C432 EMUI12, push notification fix installed.

    Best regards,

    LE: My support on XDA is free of charge. I will provide/mention free solutions. If you find something interesting on my messages you can provide a Like.
    On PM/Telegram I could provide different solutions that could be not free of charge.


    0. 20220315: Downgrade from EMUI12 is working with HiSuite

    For P40 Pro C432, to downgrade:

    a. from stable EMUI12 to EMUI11 ( P40Pro C432), use the newest original version of HiSuite. At this moment is HiSuite_11.0.0.610_OVE. No proxy has been used.

    Captură de ecran 2022-01-30 163716.jpgphoto_2022-01-21_20-02-18.jpgphoto_2022-01-21_20-03-20.jpg

    b. from ELS-LGRP4-OVS to EMUI11 ( P40Pro C432) you can downgrade using the solution described here.

    1. How to solve wrong downgrade+fix USB connection to computer (P40Pro+ firmware on P40 Pro / N39 on N29)
    Here is my guide: - here.

    2. EMUI downgrade procedure chart - here.

    3. from EMUI version
    < to EMUI10.1.121( P40Pro C432) EMUI downgrade tutorial - one step : here The procedure is the same for all Huawei phones and regions. You have to use the specific files for every region and phone type. Ask on thread if you dont know what files you need.

    4. Firmware Downgrade with HiSuite proxy and Offline Packages: here (AVOID IT).

    5. HOW TO flash DLOAD FW guide: here

    6. The transfer files between Computer and phone is available on the downgraded firmware (10.1.x.x) when you use a certain USB-c to USB-c cable. In this case a UGREEN, US355, USB-C To USB-C, 3.1, Gen.2, PD, 5A, 100W, 4K, 10 Gbps cable has been used. In the same time, using the original USB cable or other ordinary USB-c to USB-C cable have not activated the file transfer.
    Harmony TP cable works also, in case your computer/laptop doesn't have USB-C port. You can build/make one (search the procedure on YouTube).

    7.In case you get internet connection issue see here.

    8. HiSuite Proxy v3.xx Virus Alert : here.

    Note: 2022.01.01 Where is mentioned https://www.firmfinder.ml/ use https://professorjtj.github.io/
    Hello everyone,

    I want to share my experience here.

    I posted earlier a problem on xda "Can't downgrade P40 Pro ELS-N29 C432 from to"

    I tired many solution for several days and nothing worked!
    Then I contacted badmania98 and he gave me the right and only solution to downgrade my P40 Pro from to EMUI 10.
    He provided me with the corresponding links and gave me a step by step procedure, shown in pictures that are highlighted by numbers..
    " 1. Press this 2. insert that 3. etc... " and then he doubled check my work before I proceeded in Hisuite Proxy to make sure that the filled info about base, Cust, Preload and the software are 100% accurate.
    I was able to downgrade my P40 Pro to EMUI 10 😁

    Now here's the best part: He gave a private service and installed GSM on my phone using TeamViewer. He used his own files to install GSM on my phone... This service allowed me to have Google Push notifications working on my phone without disabling the Google Play Store 😁
    Google service is working, maps, push notifications, everything related to Google is working now as if this phone originally had Google Pre-Installed in it 😁

    It was a great service!

    Thank you so much
    Google Suite Install/Errors etc. ( Play store, Google Play Services, Google Account, etc.)


    1. Play store error
    a. It can be opened but cannot be used

    If you receive just this message try Clear Cache of Google Play Store + Force stop, then start Store again. Do not clear data.


    b. 20211113 Errors: If the previous doesn't work try this (read below first).
    1. V1 - EloYGomeZTv
    2. V2 - Renz Dagz TV ,
    3. V3 -System Hacks
    4. V4 - GSM Fix/ ictfix

    Many phones with GMS installed have now ( since 20211113) that error message when you open Google Apps. Many of you think that a downgrade of EMUI and a reinstall of GMS is needed. No EMUI downgrade is needed. In previous links (V1-V4) you will find 4 solutions to have a GMS working. Unfortunately they use old versions of Google Play Services. The newest version is used in V1. Some apps (Android Auto, etc.) will need a newer versions of Google Play Services than those presented in tutorials. I tried different solutions and files and I have to say that the last version of working Play Services is:
    - for MateXS: 21.15.13
    - other phones: 21.24.56
    Using a newer version will get the error.
    Also a simple clear data/force stop/update or other changes made on Google Play Services file could get future errors.

    c. The fix A.3 from here solves all this problems and solves also many incompatibilities.
    My phone has not been affected: Demo

    2. Change/add Google account/password after GMS install - files in description: Tutorial - EloYGomeZTv

    3. Googlefier on 2022 - solve step 1 error : here.

    4. I used this method to install GMS: here.
    You can use any other method. YouTube is full of them. One of them is Googlefier.

    5. A new alternative to install GMS here.. In video it is used on HarmonyOS 2.0 phone, but I think it might work on EMUI10 (that allows GMS install) too. It seems to be more simple than Googlefier and it has fixed also te year 2022 bug of Googlefier.
    I have to mention that on the @MiszczOszczy44 I have installed the most advanced push notification fix (paid version). This procedure will fix push notifications and other/many incompatibilities.