[BAH2] Guide Install A11 From EMUI 8 (+ Fix Audio)

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Jul 10, 2016
Welcome guys ! Today want share this guide, particularly since this tablet model had a issues flashing GSI ROMS. In my case and other people's, the Audio don't work (In my BAH2-W19 Or However thanks to @AltairFR the which developt a new patch and was possible create fix it.

I going to quote and modify the post of @AltairFR -> LeaOS18.1 by Iceows for this guide.

Pre-requisite :

You must have TWRP installed, use this one (make sure to have the unofficial Android 11 one ! ). To install follow this guide "How to unlock Huawei P8 ligt 2017 (en).pdf" or french version "How to unlock Huawei P8 ligt 2017 (fr).pdf"

Installation (crypt or uncrypt)

Update (crypt or uncrypt)

Source Code:

ROM OS Version: Android 11
ROM Kernel: Linux 4.4.x (stock 4.4.23+)
ROM Firmware Required: EMUI 8
Based On: LineageOS (AndyGCYan)


And all the others who tested my patches and helped me improve this ROM

[Fix] Font BLUR​

if you have problem like this.

You could solve easily

Go to System > Display > LiveDisplay > Color Calibration
Now you can set in 99% a color like Blue. See image:

In this moment the blur font should had been fixed

Special Thanks to the Iceows (@AltairFR) for dedicates to helping us and build these codes

If need help, ask in the Telegram Group
LeaOS official group
Release channel: @leaos_group


  • 8-Huawei-BAH2-FixPreav-A-v1.1-signed.zip
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  • 14-Huawei-BAH2-FixAudio-v1.0-signed.zip
    11.6 MB · Views: 48
  • twrp_0.5.img
    24.4 MB · Views: 14
  • safetynet-fix-v2.3.1-ForMagisk.zip
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  • MinMicroG-NoGoolagX-2.11.1-20221115192958.zip
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Mar 10, 2017
After some problems the installation worked.
Can i also use a A12 GSI-Rom with this workaround?


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Dec 4, 2022
Wow this worked! Thank you so much!!! It's breathed life into this older, but perfectly functional, tablet.

Does anyone have a guidance then can give me on how to set the kernel to 'permissive'?

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