"Basic Daydreams" feature

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Feb 11, 2019
Hi All,

Like a number of us, I have been looking for work-arounds for the P20 not having an Always On feature. I have tried the "Always On AMOLED" app with mixed results.

If I go into my Settings->Notifications management, I see an option called "Basic daydreams". It doesn't show up anywhere else, even if I search my phone contents. The internet tells me this is a screensaver function. I am assuming it is disabled in the P20 or we would be able to access it and have an always on screensaver function, yet it appears in the Notifications tab. I tried downloading a Daydreams app from the Play store ("Clock plus") but didn't seem to be able to make it do anything.

Has anyone gotten use out of the Basic Daydreams function, or knows how to work with it?

Thanks in advance!