Question Battery Charging too slow new watch 4

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Feb 3, 2008
Hi All,

its been 3 days since i bought the watch 4 44mm, it works great but the charging rate seems to be too slow, as per reviews and such it should take max 2 hours for 0 to 100 but for me its too slow from maybe 25 to 100 it took 4 hours or so, its crazy and the watch is very warm and yes the ambient temp is indeed high in my place but 4 hours for charging??. I have tried two charging blocks 12w charger, and 1 QC 3.0 charger , both seems to be slow only, what block are you all using, I am not sure if my watch is defective

today I checked and found that it charges only 8% in 35 mins

Any suggestions


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Aug 14, 2022
Realme GT 2
Did a Reset change anything?

Either way i wouldn't gamble with a new device, you are just 3 days in, so i'd suggest getting a replacement. Excessive heating is bad for the device, it could shorten it's lifespan anyway, and battery is max. 2 days with saving as is.


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Oct 2, 2009
Put it on a cooling pad and you will see the difference. Install Aida64, you can see the charging rate and battery temperature with it. Keep it below 40 degrees Celsius but not too low either. Perfect would be about 36-37 degrees Celsius while charging.
The charging itself heats it a lot and a hot climate simply adds to it. The system just prevents the battery damage as much as it can, so go with a cooler and aida64 for temperature monitoring.