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Battery Drain after Android 12 Update

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Senior Member
Oct 27, 2010
HTC Desire
HTC Wildfire S
I've promised myself not to root my pixel NOR install custom ROMs or kernels over the stock and for 1 year almost I kept the stock ROM on. It feelt wonderful to find a stock phone that was so smooth and an incredibile battery life then...

Well, then Android decided to update to 12 and I felt so confident ( usually I don't update software on old hardware ) and trust Google so much that i did the update bit **** starter to happen. Battery was draining faster then ever, with the same usage of the phone it went from 100 to 0 in 6 hours. Tried it for 1 week, factory reset twice and started from 0 with no apps installed but nothing changed.

Does anyone else had the dame problem with Android 12?

Btw, now I al on LOS + Sultan Kernel and in 13 ours of usage ( the same ad always, i don't use the phone to much ) I still have 77℅


Dec 7, 2021
I have the same issue as you! Besides that, A12 works randomly face id on my phone. Then I decided to use LOS


Senior Member
Dec 5, 2010
The Woodlands, TX
Glad you found a solution, but I have no issues with battery on A12 running the stock ROM. That being said, Google has replaced my phone twice due to defective batteries. My current phone shows 3,860 mAh capacity which is 104% of the design capacity of 3,700 mAh. I have used Accubattery for years (after the 6P battery debacle) and when the battery capacity dropped below 80% on the P4XL I was on the phone with Google straight away. Most of my problems on the previous P4XL's were from using wireless charging continuously and leaving the phone on the charger all night, charging to 100% every time.