Battery Drain on Android Pie?

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Dec 14, 2013
Google Pixel 3
Google Pixel 4 XL
Wife's Pixel began running battery down too quickly after Pi update. Stock, not rooted.

Upgraded Wify to Pixel3, reset Pixel to default, performed latest October 18 update gave it to Son. Son reports 100% to about 50% battery in just over an hour. Hope Google fixes this before they abandon Pixel updates (EOL).
I hope this isn't Google's kiss of death for the Pixel OG:
Google will guarantee software updates through October of 2018 (no guaranteed major updates after Oct18, Security updates should continue for another year).


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Oct 4, 2012
They just released the November updates today, and both Pixel & Pixel XL are not included. It looks like there will be no more monthly updates, unfortunately.

FWIW, many of us, myself included, have not experienced the same battery drain, so it should be solvable. Maybe try reflashing.


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May 3, 2017
Google Pixel 7
You can try different Kernels, I been using all of the ones for Pixels. The default Governor which is schedutil which from my experience really biased toward speed of gestures, screen updates. In Deep sleep mode works well, but with screen on a battery % killer. So trying different kernels with Governor options "MAY" help. I have a new battery on hand, but need a new screen tape and luck to change appears the display cracks from disassembly in a lot of cases. A monthly update will be out, even my old Nexus 5x has a Nov build.

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    Wow, that is not normal. Stock android 9 with root and elemental kernel.... I go back to android 8.1.0 and wait for feature releases
    Hi All--

    I've been on the Android P Beta for a while.

    However, starting with the final beta that was released (and now on the final version of pie) I've been experiencing really quick battery drain.

    Tried a total wipe and restore, and the same thing. My wife (also the pixel) isn't having those issues at all.


    (nothing shows up in the battery section)
    I had used up 50% with only 21 minutes screen on time.
    I noticed the app Device Health Services, was constantly active in the background.